As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

57 Responses to Live Stream || Obama at National Prayer Breakfast

  1. My prayer is he is resoundingly booted out of office. Just read about release of Taliban from Gitmo. What a nightmare this administration has been, and how long it will take us to clean up after B.O. is gone!

  2. Is it just me – or is Obama hung over? He’s talking in slow motion – barely able to stay awake! Must be the early hour – he’s used to sleeping til 10:00! And why in God’s name is he giving a campaign speech at a national Prayer breakfast??? What a pig!

    • To me he looks mulishly reluctant.

      He thought he could get re-elected without the mainstream votes. He was going to forge a group of marginal types and the white-guilt addicts and win. But it turns out that he needs the ordinary people, the ones who don’t belong to a special-interest “community,” and so he must get up on a platform and pretend to be interested.

      The old campaign speech will be out on every occasion. I’m surprised he didn’t mention the Republicans by name. And I wonder how many tv shows we will have to see The One and The Wife go on in search of that last vote that will get them four more years of power, fun, and expensive frolic.

  3. Oh my gosh! It must be campaign season!

    He sounds so angry — is it because he’s having to pretend publicly to be something as uncool as a Christian.

    Putting people back to work — giving to others — interfaith service (all the women wear head bags as evidence of good will — note, Keith’s lawyers said to say that this isn’t a quote).

    I wonder what freelancer they hired to read the Bible?

    • Notice that he didn’t talk about Rev. Wright. He’s got all those votes sewn up.

      He went to see Graham, imo, for the same reason that MoochMORE forced herself on poor, dementia-suffering Mandella so that they could talk about it for the rest of their lives. I think my grammar got scrambled on that last sentence — forgive me.

      How classy of that speaker to let us all know the state of his bladder — and people applauds. Perfect ending to an Obama religious event.

    • What gall he has to mention Billy Graham. The little tyrant had Franklin Graham banned from the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer in 2010 because of some unfavorable things he had to say about Islam.

  4. He claims he cares about the unfortunate, that he prays every morning, reads the Scripture and I don’t believe him. At all.
    May God have mercy on his lying soul.

  5. If you were able to find anything negative in this speech. Reevaluation of self may be necessay. Obama gave clear reverence to the God he serves and Christ his savior. Let us not be so foolish on these end time. Learn to set politics aside sometimes and try looking at the heart of man. I agree, the president was clearly a bit overtaken himself by this speech. But we all know that he is one of the best public speakers of our times! Be serious. You don’t really think he was drunk/sleepy. Use your common sense and stop allowing the wiles of this evil world foo you. Wake up.

    • I suppose.
      Do I really have to settle for his being “one of the best public speakers of our time”?
      Note to self: standards are slipping.

    • He looks angry and resentful to me. And given his disinterest in church and national prayer events up until this end-time-for-his-first-term, I think he’s angry at having to treat the Christian religion with respect.

      Don’t let your immersion in end-time thinking make you blind — I think you are already blinded to what is going on and willing to put aside important elements of what is happening in order to make Obama look better than he is.

      Wonder what reason there could be for that desire?

      • No need to wonder… Let me just tell you. I can care less about politics and various antics that inevitably apply to them…I’m not trying to make Obama appear any type of way. I don’t know him personally and can care less to find out who he “really” is. I listened to him speak today and found it to be quiet refreshing to listen to thongs that make sence in the larger scheme of things. I don’t want to/care to dissect the speech to find symbolisms or inferences etc. I don’t expect any ONE Human to save this world/economy…but what I can appreciate is someone who can humble himself for a minute and give God/Jesus/holy spirit reverence in the midst of this political warfare. I can care less of Obama wins the next election or not! I serve God who holds all power. And when the inevitable demise of man comes, I want to be ready. I have never commented on this or Any other blog bcuz Im not concerned with mysterious people that I don’t have physical contact with. But in my search for a replay of today’s speech, this is what I found…a group of people with a seemingly like minded negative opinion about a man that has minimal control over the things they feel so passionately about. Carry on…I’m just a passerby…

    • Hahahahahahahahaha, you’re funny!
      You said it, this is an evil world, but I suggest you transcript his speeches. I think he’s a good reader, but lacks the fire and the heart to be a great orator or an inspiring leader.

  6. As a Catholic to see him say fall on his knees while forcing the issue of his
    abomination of Obamacare to do something against everything I believe in
    almost makes my head explode. He’d have been wiser to skip the prayer
    Breakfast this year as he is such a phony and everyone can see it blasphemer!

    • …And forget the fact that he abmitted that only God is infallible…everyone should know by now that we shouldn’t judge one another….or state where he’s going in the end…be careful, don’t get caught up.

        • I hope not but if ur confident in what u believe nothing he said should bother u to the point that ur head would explode….and to accuse him of blasphemy??? Based on your previous perceptions of him or even his “failed policies”….may not be naive but definitely isn’t wise.

          • It’s simple he is putting his political beliefs in the way of my religion there is a separation of church and state which like the
            Constitution he chooses to ignore. Obamacare does not trump
            those rules and Ms Sebelious is playing God with those of us in
            the Catholic faith.

          • It’s not that simple. If it were, there wouldn’t be so much hate in the hearts if so many for one man. Hate that crosses every all religions. Lets cut the crap. Separation of church n state is not the real issue. So please, stop it. Obama did not portray himself as God, he said that he was an imperfect vessel as we all are. So stop allowing your inner feelings about this man take you away from your walk with God, it’s totally separate. No one I’d free from sin, including Obama…only God can judge… Stop bashing someone u don’t even know and start doing what God has called U to do.

  7. I hope not but if ur confident in what u believe nothing he said should bother u to the point that ur head would explode….and to accuse him of blasphemy??? Based on your previous perceptions of him or even his “failed policies”….may not be naive but definitely isn’t wise….

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  8. Well, I think in this thread we have an example of why Obama is suddenly playing the religion card.

    He’s hoping that some voters, for whatever reason, will ignore his behavior of the past few years and cleave unto the idea that he’s really humbling himself before the Lord, that he really does pray, that he really is Christian and therefore is ALL RIGHT TO VOTE FOR. Such people are called Useful Fools.

    Or people are being paid to suddenly appear on blogs and post all over threads urging the above points as proof of Obama’s honest Christianity. Of course, such people are called Paid Trolls.