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Romney Hired to Write Obama Campaign Spots

Breaking News: The Obama campaign has just hired Republican presidential primary frontrunner Mitt Romney to write and produce TV commercials for the Obama 2012 advertising effort.

Romney, who was found standing this morning in deep doo-doo, commented. “It’s an honor. Wait a second – ”

In applying for the job, Romney submitted this clip, which he cut this morning on CNN.

A senior Obama campaign official said Romney was hired immediately after campaign aides reviewed the video.

“‘I’m not concerned about the very poor?’ This is priceless material,” the Obama official said. “We’re going to run this again and again and again and again.”

Another Obama spokesman confirmed the new hire.

“We really feel that Mitt Romney brings perspectives to the Obama organization that we could never develop on our own,” he said. “Mitt has shown he has the skills and commitment to perform here at a very high level, and we look forward to having him do great things for the Obama campaign.”

UPDATE: Sorry everyone about initially posting the wrong clip.

39 Responses to Romney Hired to Write Obama Campaign Spots

  1. I lost interest in CNN’s childish explanation of “IPO”s. They must have been referring to Facebook’s upcoming offering that all the experts tell us won’t be available to the general public.

    Re MrRomney’s comment on poor people; I heard the whole comment, not the unfortunate sound bite. He said that the very poor already have safety nets for their benefit, but the middle class does not. Big difference.

  2. On Facebook–how does it make money? Am I an idiot? (Careful.) I don’t pay. Are there ads I don’t see…or am blocking out mentally? I know Linked In tries to make people pay. Of course, I don’t.

  3. Poor choice of words but his idea was correct…the safety net provided by the progressives is there for plantation politics…the rest of us do not have that.

        • Yes, just like Juan Williams suggested, we evil racist conservatives have taken to using our secret code language. Code terms like “entitlement society”, “poor work ethic”, “old fashioned American values”, and “founding fathers” are just a few Juan warned all guilt ridden white liberals to be on the lookout for when dealing with those disgusting conservatives.

          • In my opinion it means pandering to the entitlement society to buy their vote. Progressives know the more people they have dependent on government programs, the more they can count on their vote. Ben Franklin was right. “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic. “

          • I tried to look the term up–yeah, it sort of is the cradle-to-grave mentality like masters on the plantation–but overseers on the plantation were not black as a rule, and they weren’t paying the employees so had to provide housing etc. This seems mixed to me… Maybe it’s housing–big houses with columns for all? they used this term in DC when I was there bec the DC govt was mostly African-American and Congress controlling them was mostly white… It had a racial (not racist) overtone then.

  4. Unfortunate choice of words and I really don’t understand the ‘hundred bottles of beer on the wall’ MIDDLE CLASS speech every freakin’ time any of them get close to a mic. But Soledad O’Brien just did this same out of context thing to Col. West. So what?

  5. Romney is a committed Socialist as is Obama. The Republican Party machine has already determined he will be the nominee so the sheeple will have the choice of the lesser of two evils again (Bush II vs. Gore/Kerry). Not very conducive to a good future for this country.

  6. It’s not like this is his first rodeo – he should know better! Didn’t he learn anything after the “I love to fire people’ fiasco? He needs to hire a translator for all those unintended gaffes!

  7. I like (this is sarcasm) how Myth has to always go back to the starting point of the “thought” to finish it… Soledad interrupted him and he had to go to the start of the phrase to finish it. He’s kinda like those animated characters at Disney…only with better hair but not as life like and emotive.

  8. Mark Levin had the best take on this today. Although Soledad and her comrades are salivating over Romney’s gaffe, from *our* side of the aisle the main problem is that Romney is focused on the same thing as Obama, class warfare. A conservative would/ should have said his campaign was about smaller government, equal opportunity for all- not equal outcomes, reducing tax burden, unleashing free enterprise, etc – not well, I’m in this not to help the poor or rich, but the middle class [whatever that is]………………………………….

  9. yeah…I know…this sounds bad if you only play that part. and put together with his frequent off-the-cuff “Well, I’d fire that guy” comments, it’s not good.

    but seriously…if you listen to the whole sentence, what he’s saying is absolutely correct and we all agree with him. the poor already have a safety net; it’s the middle class that needs attention. that was his point. I get that Obama will try to spin that negatively, but I have to believe that at some point people will start being a tad more SUBSTANTIVE in their criticisms of the candidates.

    it’s a little frightening how capricious the election process is, especially this time. it’s too important to decide it by out-of-context sound bites.

    • Krautie said Republicans believe in lifting all–they do not “do” the class deal. I agree to the point that if they are so worried about people slipping out of the middle class into “upper poor” or something, then the poor better be considered–there will be, and already are, more of them. And along with that, juding somewhat from this site, people to disdain the poor for falling in the net.

  10. Any one who has a brain and watched KNOWS what Romney was saying…… The poor are taken care of by government already while the rich can and do take care of them selves. Do ALL liberals play to the dumb crowd by playing dumb them selves??? .