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Obama Afghan Retreat Plan Gets Results! Bad Ones!

Wow, this is really working.

A new NATO report leaked to the BBC says that our allies in Pakistan are basically running the Taliban war against us in Afghanistan. Here are a few excerpts:

The leaked report, derived from thousands of interrogations, claims the Taliban remain defiant and have wide support among the Afghan people . . .

The report alleges that Pakistan knows the locations of senior Taliban leaders . . .

It quotes a senior al-Qaeda detainee as saying: “Pakistan knows everything. They control everything. I can’t [expletive] on a tree in Kunar without them watching.”

“The Taliban are not Islam. The Taliban are Islamabad.” . . .

In a damning conclusion, the document says that in the last year there has been unprecedented interest, even from members of the Afghan government, in joining the Taliban cause.

It adds: “Afghan civilians frequently prefer Taliban governance over the Afghan government, usually as a result of government corruption.”

The report has evidence that the Taliban are purposely hastening Nato’s withdrawal by deliberately reducing their attacks in some areas and then initiating a comprehensive hearts-and-minds campaign.

This is the result of President Obama’s Afghanistan strategy, which amounts to announcing our retreat and then following through by starting to remove troops.

Obama, the Taliban has correctly reasoned, cannot be counted on to fight. But he can be counted on to withdraw.

Obama said the intention of his decision to actually broadcast the limit to U.S. time in Afghanistan was to get the Afghanistan government to shape up. Instead, he’s done EXACTLY WHAT I PREDICTED almost two years ago, which is to embolden the Taliban. Instead of reforming and becoming a model warrior-government worthy of Sparta, the Afghani fiefs are trying to figure out how to end up on the side of the eventual winners.

Obama Rose Garden
Trust me. I know what I'm doing.
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What’s more, Obama has utterly failed to leash Pakistan, which gets $1.5 billion in annual U.S. aid. That means every man woman and child – yes, including the infant you saw in the park the other day – is sending five dollars each year to Pakistan.

I’m, sorry, let me offer the correct pronunciation, like our president is always so careful to do.



The parents of our boys and gals fighting in Afghanistan are paying taxes so that Islamic extremists can kill their children.

I understand that Pahkeestan plays us along and throws us some bones on the al Qaeda front. But at some point, certain basic principle have to come into play – like common sense, for example – and the Pahkeestanis have to get the message that we’re finished with their nonsense.

That is, cut them off.

If you want a good laugh in the morning, read what our Senate Democratic foreign policy maven – and possible second term Obama Secretary of State – Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) said about Pahkeestan nine months ago, in May 2011.

All of that, I believe, can change. I’ve had some early conversations with high level officials of Pakistan. There’s an indication to me there is an enormous amount of introspection going on and some very deep evaluating within Pakistan. I know for a fact they are thinking of a government inquiry outside of the military. For the first time there is major criticism in Pakistani papers of the intelligence network and military in Pakistan.

So I see this as a time for us to be careful, to be thoughtful, to proceed deliberately but determinedly in order to lay on the table the things that we know have to change. The relationship with the ISI, the double dealing, the attitude and frankly wastefulness of resources towards India. The question of cooperation with respect to Afghanistan.

I see opportunity in all of this to sort of punch a reset button and frankly serve our interests and theirs much more effectively.


When will people learn? There’s been a fire sale on reset buttons since September 1938, when Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler stood joyfully side to side and pressed away together.

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  1. Oh, the lovely Talibans. Yesterday I read in my morningpaper that an Afghani man killed his wife bacause she had the impudence to give birth to a third girl. His mother helped him. Just imagine the life of the other two little girls.

    • How ironic, given that it is the male sperm donor that basically determines what gender the child will be. Women have two “X” chromosomes, while men have both the “X” and “Y” chromosome. So it is the father’s fault that this family has had three daughters. Maybe someone needs to bring about a “western” understanding of science, rather than counting on the Koran for answers to everything.

      • Shofar, yes please, more education and less Koran in Afghanistan but I guess the country is lost now. The Talibans will rule. Poor girls. Poor women. And poor boys and men with normal mindsets.

      • You don’t expect them to pay attention to Western propoganda that would lay fault at a man’s feet do you? Islamic men are Gods themselves, they are never responsible for any misdeeds that happen, it is always a woman’s fault. You know, like if you show me your ankle and I rape you, it is your fault that I have no self control. If you happen to glance in the direction of another man and I kill you, it is your fault I have no self control. If you do anything I don’t like and it angers me and I kill you, it is your fault I have no self control. But Islam is a peaceful religion…

  2. This policy along with the majority of this administration’s policies is a disaster. They don’t seem to have the experience to think decisions through and envision the unintended (or intended) consequences. Everything this man does is politically motivated. Fail.

  3. The ‘charm offensive’ continues …from the head ‘snake charmer’ and his cohort, Jim Clapper.

    U.S. intelligence officials acknowledged Tuesday that the United States may release several Afghan Taliban prisoners from the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as an incentive to bring the Taliban to peace talks.

  4. 25 American soldiers were killed in January which is tied for the 2nd worst American death toll in January of the entire war. Only the 1st month of 2010 was worse. By comparison, it wasn’t until the middle of May in 2008 when 25 American soldiers had been killed for the year.

  5. Unfortunately this is how a community organizer and his syncophants would run a war. Why should this come as a surprise? Obama is being played for the fool that he is.

  6. You’re absolutely correct, Keith. This was all so predictable. Pakistan and the Taliban have been playing us for fools and $$$ ever since Obama announnced withdrawal. Pakistan IS the Taliban.

    My only question is how much $$$ did it cost us to have the Taliban close their eyes for a few seconds while the SEALS went in to take out Osama so that Obama could have something to campaign on!

    Still waiting for pictures of a dead Osama!

  7. I don’t care if foreign governments and peoples love us or if they have a democracy. I just want them to be unable to harm us and unable to destroy our democracy by attack, infiltration, or immigration and litigation jihaad.

    • Lots of people with anti democracy ideas are working hard to destroy what we have here. And “We the people” are letting them by being more concerned with Brangelina and Snooky than what is happening in our country and around the world. But that is part of the plan, dumb the sheeple down enough so they never see it coming. It is like the frog in a pot. If you put a live frog into a pot of boiling water it will jump out. If you put a frog into a pot of cold water and slowly turn up the heat the frog will boil to death and never attempt to jump out. The heat is on high…

      • The writing was on the wall long ago. Western civilization, after abandoning Christianity and adhering to the atheistic humanism that despises humanity, is a suicidal society. The Communist Manifesto has pretty much replaced our Constitution as our real principles and values.

        • Lanie, I mentioned the same thing in 08 to my FB “friends”-that if you read the Communist Manifesto and Obama’s promises, they were pretty well in line, just with softer language. Of course, I was just a “dumb conservative that hates everybody else” and not someone who had actually read what both Marx and Obama wrote and said. This is the outcome of the educational system for the past 50 years-dumb them down to non-thinking level pullers who will vote for the one offering the biggest “reward.”

  8. “I’m always worried about using the word ‘victory’ because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur.” — Barack Obama

    What did you expect?

  9. Shocking! A soverign nation of goat herders and stone-cold killers, led by Islam radicals who are corrupt and devious, doesn’t like pushy Americans who are killing their citizens and bombing their infrastructure in the name of “peace”.

    • Pushy Americans who had 3,000 people killed in one day. Terrible to suggest our soldiers are causing death because we are “pushy.” We sure are doing this in the name of peace, of which there will be none for the Afghan people or us once the murderous Taliban are back in charge and we’ve been defeated in the eyes of the world.

      • My intent wasn’t clear enough, sorry; it’s the Afganis who see us that way, not me. They hate us, hate who we are and what we stand for, and don’t care that innocent Americans were killed by their brethren.

  10. Again, one of three countries in the world that has never been conquered. The would-be masters leave. The Taliban LIVE there–they are staying. The math has always been the same.


    Yes, and we are also paying to ship our jobs overseas (‘stimulus money’ used to move production to China). That’s why voters almost always vote for the candidate who promises (most convincingly) to lower taxes. Somewhere there is a sub-culture of voters who know that the gubmint is inept at handling our money. Unfortunately, if these morons don’t have enough cash to destroy us, they just borrow it from China, which, is destroying us. We’re screwed. Royally.

  12. As sickening as this news is, Keith, thank you for informing and reminding us. And fellow readers, thank you for your common sense. Just knowing you are there makes me feel a little better. Getting rid of B.O. would make me feel a LOT better!

  13. I believe it was just yesterday I posed the question “will the Taliban once again govern Afghanistan?” Obama’s angst to get out of Afghanistan is going to put the Afghan people in serious jeopardy. Of course I want the troops to come home but I want our having been there to mean something. The Taliban are the most vile, disgusting murdering scum that exist on the planet. They are the worst of the worst. Leaving Afghanistan prematurely would result in mass murder of the civilian population.

  14. I believe it was just yesterday I posed the question “will the Taliban once again govern Afghanistan?” Obama’s rush to get out of Afghanistan is going to put the Afghan people in serious jeopardy. Of course I want the troops to come home but I want our having been there to mean something. The Taliban are the most vile, disgusting murdering scum that exist on the planet. They are the worst of the worst. Leaving Afghanistan prematurely would result in mass murder of the civilian population.

  15. Disgraceful — War is hell and even more so when CIC is commanding you to fight while his Admnistration announces withdrawal and retreat on a time table.

  16. typical. . .OBAMA releases his terrorist buddies from guantanamo, they slip their guards. . .or simply kill their “controllers” and it’s a first class ticket to America to coordinate attacks on AMERICANS should OBAMA LOSE THE ELECTION. the Intelligence community has told our muslim fanatic/facist dictator how Pakistan is playing us. . .OBAMA rewards them with TRILLIONS of dollars borrowed from HIS Commie buddies in CHINA. . .the only ones who LOSE are the American Tax Payers. but that’s o.k. with OBAMA. . .just makes it easier to render our Military inoperable thereby making conquest of the United States a foregone conclusion.