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Quote of the Day || January 31 2012

“Are you kidding me? They want to know if I’ve been shopping where for what?”

– Michelle Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

19 Responses to Quote of the Day || January 31 2012

  1. I think she might have gotten the stuff at cost — that would only be $25,000 — and was naive enough to think that the store wasn’t going to leak this news and get publicity out of it.

    But still, $25,000 on underwear?

  2. MO is scheduled to be on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” what are the odds he’ll have some lingerie jokes lined up but only to have them rebuffed by her Highness’ handlers?

  3. I was pretty sure Mooch did not buy $50,000 worth of lingerie from this company. They don’t sell plus plus sizes. Unless of course the Mooch bought them for light in the loafers Barry.

  4. The WH denies the story and the store is not making a comment as is their policy for “celebs and VIPs”, so that’s a yes she’s shopped that store? You’d think they’d watch her back and make a statement like “we’ve never had the pleasure of a visit from the First Lady, but would welcome her any time…”

    I really don’t care how much she spends, I just don’t want her to tell me to share the sacrifice :(

    • Denise- That’s exactly what my complaint is. I don’t care what she spends on undies for her or her husband. If I had the income to blow on $100 boxers I probably would (okay, maybe not, I am a tightwad) but it is his and her money to spend. As long as it is not being billed to the Treasury I could care less. It is her husband’s constant droning on about how we all need to share the “pain” and all the other claptrap that pisses me off.

      If you got it, flaunt it. But don’t sit there and judge or demand others to cut back, give up vacations etc when you don’t. Sort of like “put up or shut up!”

      • Eat your peas peasants – Mooch is planning her next 4 million dollar taxpayer funded vacation, with a seperate jumbo jet for her, momma, and the kids of course. The dog is still deciding if he needs his own jet, or will fly with Mooch or Barry.