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Ag Secretary Revealed Obama is the Food Stamp Prez

In the raging debate over who is the Food Stamp President – Obama or George W. Bush – Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack a few months back cast a vote for his boss.

Newt Gingrich of course raised the issue by labeling Obama the Food Stamp President, citing the skyrocketing number of people participating in the welfare program under his stewardship of the nation. But in an interview a few days ago with Diane Sawyer, Obama pushed back:

First of all, I don’t put people on food stamps. People become eligible for food stamps. Second of all, the initial expansion of food-stamp eligibility happened under my Republican predecessor, not under me. No. 3, when you have a disastrous economic crash that results in 8 million people losing their jobs, more people are going to need more support from government.

Enter Vilsack, who in an interview last year touted Obama’s Food Stamp President qualifications, asserting that Food Stamps are part of the Obama economic stimulus program!

So, let’s work with the logic here. Enlarging the culture of dependency by assertively expanding a welfare program is good for the economy. It’s not a necessary evil. It’s pro-growth economic policy.

I would say that makes Obama the Food Stamp President.

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  1. Orwellian logic. Nancy Pelosi says the same thing about unemployment checks.

    I can think of lots of examples where jobs are created by certain dubious activities:

    Smash and grabs: New store windows and merchandise

    Car thieves: New cars sold

    Assault and batteries: EMT jobs, surgeons, hospital utlization

    Poor government schools: tutors, remedial progarms

    Complicated IRS forms: Tax preparers

    • Remember when Arne Duncan said Katrina was “the best thing that happened to the education system in New Orleans”? Same Orwellian logic…

    • Jan, I was thinking more about even darker stuff when things get really tough (we haven’t seen anything yet)…

      Real estate markets will get a boost with all the new cemetaries that will be needed with all the civil violence resulting from the class warfare O created, and title transfers for victims who still have families.

      Funeral homes, flower shops, black dresses…

      And home security systems as well as guns will fly off the shelves as the anarchists (formerly occupoopers) run wild in the streets.

      English to Chinese dictionaries will sell like hotcakes when China decides to foreclose on “China West”.

      And, of course, lobster sales will continue to float the high end restaurant industry wherever O and Mooch decide to go.

      Yeah, the economy will be stimulated as a result of this administration’s actions.

  2. This is absurd. We have food pantries in my area — are they harming the economy because volunteers are picking up the food and driving it to the pantry and filling the bags to be given away?

    I suppose the real economic assist in the food stamp program expansion is that people who don’t really need it but barely qualify and get on the dole then have money for cigarettes and Obama campaign t-shirts.

    And let’s not forget the many people, Americans and illegal aliens, who lie about their income, get stamps, and work as much as they like under the table. Helping the illegals accrue more money to send to Mexico or some ther country helps our economy — not.

    Yes, Buh-ROCK (as MoochMORE so charmingly pronounces it) Food Stamp President Obama.

  3. Agree with you and Newt, Keith. He is the Food Stamp president. We’re never going to fix things with Keynesian’s like this joker in charge. SNAP and food stamps act are economic stimulus? Only in “Ameritopia” does that make sense…

  4. Was it Jefferson who said “anything government gives you, it can also take away.” I know the reference was to “rights” but in the era of HopeyChangey that could also apply to ground beef and Cheetos.

    • no, no, no! not food stamps it’s been renamed SNAP for supplemental nutritional assistance program. my new program is called CTCB or cut the crap Barry.

  5. You can disparage, but I am darn glad to have food stamps. And it’s very complicated to get on, yrs of tax forms, bank acct printouts…and they just cut us because of the increase in SS. So go ahead and say everyone on them is a big slime, I know it’s not true.

    • There is tremendous abuse in the SNAP program. It’s riddled with fraud and corruption. The WSJ just had an article about it. You must live in a state where they actually verify your eligiblity. Most states don’t.

      EBTs are used as barter for drugs, alcohol, prostitution and all sorts of illegal activities. College students are the newest recepients.

      The post is about EBTs as economic stimulus. It isn’t. No one is against legitimate aide to people who need it. I’d wipe that chip off your shoulder.

      • It’s not a chip, Granny–it’s reality. Sure, some people cheat–as far as I know, this is not no questions asked in ANY state. I remember all those Welfare Queen stories during Reagan. Sure, some people sell them, etc. There are isolated stories of rich people for some reason going to the trouble of getting them–but this is a small minority. In my opinion. As I said, I am darn glad to have them since I can’t get work. If this president would like to improve the economy so people need more marketing, more brochures, magazines decide to reverse the pay slide, etc–I will be so glad to give up the hassle of stamps. So happy! Elated! Maybe the next president…

    • Star — I was on food stamps, too, for a while. I spent the money carefully and thriftily. My view was that the program was in place to help people like me who had hit a rough patch and I felt no shame about it. As soon as I was working again, I got off the program. The time I spent on it, I reminded myself that I was spending other people’s money — and I was grateful like you for the help.

      However, it would be naive to believe that many people aren’t looking at Food Stamps as a game. The replacement of stamps with a swipe card was done partially to make more difficult the illegal giving away or selling of stamps. See the video “It’s Free! Swipe Your EBT” to see how food stamps are now legal tender for fast food in California. This is not survival food or simple homemade food, it’s fun food as a right.

      So, while I agree that many on the progam need the assist, I think it’s valid to point out that many do not — and an aggressive campaign to sign up people who never thought they needed government help is something worth wondering about. Why is Obama pushing this? Simply to help people? Somehow I doubt it.

      • Illegal aliens, too, get food stamps through their anchor babies and then work under the table to gather more money to send back to the home country.

        Wealthy welfare queens are the exception, but there’s plenty of illegal stuff going on among people who are not “queens” or ordinary citizens in need of a lift.

      • I am saying publicly that this helped me–and I don’t see why we should be judging and castin asperions on our fellow Americans who need this. Sure, therer is abuse, there is abuse of every program, and yes, some states may push this, but it’s darn hard to “get on” here and I am not comfortable with judging people who need and use this form of help. I never thought I would, but it happened. .

    • The issue at hand is that the food stamp program is exploding as Obama drives as many private businesses as he can offshore or into the grave. It’s a symptom of O’s marxist policies. He’s driving us further and further from being a healthy force in the world. The fact that people cheat to get free $hit is a result of bad parenting, which is also exploding, in my opinioin.

  6. AG Secretary Vilsack responds to the record number of people on food stamps by saying, “The reason why these numbers have gone up is we’ve done a pretty good job of working with states that had done a poor job in the past in getting the word out about this program. States like California, Florida and Texas under-performed.”

    So Obama tries to distance himself from being the Food Stamp President while his Ag Secretary that he appointed is aggressively promoting Food Stamps because states have “under-performed” in signing people up for the program.

  7. “First of all, I don’t put people on food stamps.”

    I just tell my Secretary of Agriculture to put people on food stamps.

    Parsing the words like the thin-skinned tarmac attack doggie that he is.

    • Actually, you did not hear what he was saying! He said, That under Pres Bush’s reign that all these people signed up for food stamps but the big bad states ignored them and it was only when Obama was elected that the applications went through so it was Bush’s fault! (sarcasm)

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