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France Discovers People Get Killed in War

You have to hand it to the French. They’re consistent.

Four of their soldiers were killed a week ago in Afghanistan. And now they are withdrawing their troops from the country a year early, and we apparently are OK with it. The State Department congratulated the French on not being “precipitous” about it, claiming this is all part of a “managed effort” to get out of Afghanistan.

But the reality is that the French, who decades ago withdrew their troops from NATO but still expected to be defended, who refused to back the United States in the 2003 Iraq War – even rhetorically – are fleeing in the face of danger. Sarkozy is making a politically popular move as he faces a tough reelection effort.

We've had it with Afghanistan. You do it. I'll send you a soufflé.

Of course, President Obama made the French retreat much easier by setting a 2014 deadline for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. If we’re leaving anyway, the French must be thinking, why not now? It will all end up the same catastrophe in the end.

Comes another headline today, also the direct result of Mr. Obama’s policies. “Emboldened Taliban Try to Sell a Softer Image,” writes the Wall Street Journal.

They’re pretending to be moderate, like all revolutionaries do until the seize power.

And why are they emboldened? Because we announced we’re going to leave instead of announcing we’re going to win.

Which is why the French were emboldened to act like the French.

Not only will we carry the burden in Afghanistan a little longer than France, but we’ll keep on hunting down terrorists for them. The French must be aware the evildoers could strike in Paris as easily as the could New York.

And we’ll keep the world’s shipping lanes open, so that oil can get to Paris and keep the cafés warm in winter.

And we’ll spend billions on foreign aid, so the world’s despondent masses will thrive a bit  more and hate the West a bit less.

Someone, I can’t remember who, wondered a few years back why we always expect the French to fight with us. The French, as they have demonstrated time and time again, are good for many things, but not fighting.

They’re good for preparing dessert, for example. They make excellent coffee. But please, not war.

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  1. The French were our great allies during the American Revolution and we can’t shake this feeling that they are our friends.

    But they are self-interested and have learned that other people will do the work for them.

  2. The French have always been known to retreat and hide behind the protection of other countries….while maintaining their snobby attitude toward the rest of the world.

  3. this was mostly an excellent column, but I have to take issue with you saying that the world “hates us a little less” when we give them money. I respectfully disagree, Keith: the world has more contempt for us than ever when we give them money. we are the weak horse.

    btw: the last time I was in France was Oct. 2008, just as McCain was rushing back to Washington to save the economy. they told me “We French like you Americans. it’s the Brits who don’t care for you.” THAT was an eye-opener! leaving aside the anti-west/anti-Israel Left, the French do love America, and they know they’d all be speaking German if it wasn’t for us.

    France: great Resistance work, but as Keith says, leave the wars to us.

    1. I think the Foreign Legion is pretty tough…also, the Resistance was incredible, as mentioned. I think they are wondering if this is their fight–if these coalitions are in their interest… No argument on their desserts, tho.

      1. my Parisian sister-in-law confessed that her favorite dessert was the hot fudge ice cream cake at the Bob Evans restaurants. she said you couldn’t get desserts that sweet in France. I always thought that was hilarious. God bless America!

        yes, Keith, I think that “snooty Frenchman” stereotype is no longer true, if it ever was. my experiences in France have always been positive. even in Paris people were friendly, but in Normandy they were amazing; I always felt very welcome.

        when my friend and her family moved to a small town in Burgundy a few years ago, the Mayor arranged a parade and a welcome celebration in their honor. he spoke about what a debt the French owed the Americans for WWII. she said it was very moving. as Star points out, we like to joke about the French–“it’s not a real World War until France surrenders” is my personal favorite–but they can be pretty tough when they want to be.

        my brother, who lived in Paris for 6 years, says the French are “conflicted” about Americans. they love our culture, our music, our slang–but they also resent us for being so successful.

  4. Excellent article Keith. I can’t blame the French for retreating. Obama has been a total failure in foreign relations by kowtowing to radical islamists disguising themselves as moderate muslim brotherhood groups. As a result, his so-called Arab Spring will eventually evolve into an islamic caliphate. None of our allies trust this administration to fulfill the pledges we made. Obama is more interested in the perks and pleasures of the office than his responsibilities as commander in chief. Just like the rest of us, Sarkozy can see the handwriting on the wall.

  5. So many jokes so little time it’s history repeating itself. They still know even if
    Obama is still in office we would still defend them. We can’t throw the baby
    out with the bath water the French have had their moments the Resistance for
    one saved many GI’s in WW2 and then the Foreign Legion who were part of
    the Gulf War. Oddly the French Foreign Legion requires you to not be French.
    Sarkosy reminds me of DeGualle who hid in England during the war and only
    came back after we had done the heavy lifting. Regardless however weak the
    French look we aren’t far behind with Obama.

  6. Stupid is as stupid does! .. My, how far we’ve fallen as a nation.. void of leaders who carry actual gonads. And a vast majority of Americans still think the Emperor wears beautiful clothes and speaks just enough to tickle their ears.
    looking for my barf bag…

  7. No matter how modern our armament, how well-trained our troops, we can never win a war against an enemy that wears no uniform, has no discernable leader or most important, believes their cause is divinely inspired. The French acknowlege this fact, and the sooner we leave this damned country of 4th century goat herders, the better.


  8. “Going to war without the French is like going to war without the drummer boy”

    Can’t remember who said it, but if no one knows I’ll take credit. French are pu**ies anyways. We have saved the ENTIRE conitinent’s ass TWICE and they act like we are trash. This time let them take care of themselves. Japan is the only country we should back-up, they haven’t turned into PC puss’s yet. (I don’t think they did anyway)

    Hate mail can be sent to minem60(at)yahoo(dot)com

  9. You can condemn the French government, but do *not* condemn her soldiers.

    From 1946-54, 94,000 French, French Union, Foreign Legion (Legion Etrangere), and loyal Vietnamese soldiers fell in battle fighting the onslaught of Communist tyranny. Well before our troops entered Indochina, France sent thousands of her sons to take it back from the Communist horde, led by China’s Mao and the North Viet Communists’ Ho Chi Mihn. The French paid dearly in Vietnam. The fight for Indochina was the opening salvo in the Cold War (1945-1991) and French blood is spread from the upper Viet Bac to the Mekkong Delta, defending her colony and the future of a free Vietnam.

    In WWI, WWII and in Vietnam, France’s soldiers have fought side by side with us, their blood splattered next to ours. In WWII, the “Fighting Free French” under General LeClerc marched up from Chad to take the fight to the Germans; Juin’s Moroccan and Algerian mountain troops bested the Germans in Italy and French soldiers fought beside our troops in Normandy.

    Condemn her Socialist, inept, cowardly politicians, but France’s soldiers are fine fighters, dedicated warriors … and when it comes to ‘ Legion E’trangere ‘, they match us in spirit and elan, having some of the best fighting troops in the world.

    “There, in the far flung hills of Indochina,
    lie the silent remains of France’s loyal battalions,
    in the grassy marshlands, her trumpets lie still.
    We remember the fight: Dien Bien Phu.”
    -unknown Legionnaire, 13e demi-Brigade de la Legion Etrangere (DBLE)

  10. Let’s not forget that the U.S. would not be the U.S. if it weren’t for the French. Let’s go back into our history and remember that the French helped pay for the independence of the U.S. hence the gift that they gave to us, Lady Liberty. They only helped us because they hated the British so much for having a better Navy but they did manage to help out the U.S. even if it was for their benefit.

    The French has lost more than 4 soldiers in Afghanistan. They have lost a total of 82 but 1 soldier is too many in my book. We’re too quick to judge, there are no winners in any war…

  11. “No matter how modern our armament, how well-trained our troops, we can never win a war against an enemy that wears no uniform, has no discernable leader or most important, believes their cause is divinely inspired.”

    Sure we can. Nuke ’em. No fuss, no muss.

    1. Let me correct my earlier statement:

      ANY soldier who fights for the side of truth and freedom is a hero no matter his country. The point I was trying to make is that the people of the French and American govt are such PC pieces of shit that this world is crumbling around our heads and no one fights to keep our way of life alive.

  12. I suggest you two trips.
    The visit of the Verdun battlefield or The Kapisa Valley in Afganisthan when you can show to those Surrender Monckeys how to do their job.
    BTW I am french Vet of opex in Africa and central Europe and I dare you to call me “coward” in the eyes !

    1. Paul, I think many Americans are confused because they truly don’t understand and know their history. They also don’t understand the seriousness of what’s taking place in Afghanistan because many of them have never had to experience being bombed at. They only listen and hear what they want to hear on the news. I am an American but I do have family all over the world including France. France was there in Beirut helping out as well. I will always appreciate that!

  13. It will be interesting to see how many international goons and thugs begin to engage in mischief over the next eleven months knowing that Obama (aka, the “appeaser”) may be on his way out and this presents their best chance to secure illicit goals or to consolidate recent gains. Surely, Obama’s outreach to Assad (aka the “reformer”) is at least in part to blame for Assad’s recent reign of terror and his refusal to step aside. In the same way, the inflexibility of Hamas and the PA is a direct result of Obama’s “Blame Israel First” policy of initiating negotiations. Obama is virtually ignoring our sourthern hemishpere, at least when his Justice Department is not smuggling guns and laundering cash in Mexico, and this explains Chavez’s continuing beligerence and only God knows what he is allowing into our back door from Tehran. On a larger scale, Obama’s “reset” with Putin’s Russia has encouraged the US to essentially dismantle its nuclear capability and, once again, give up our missle defense superiority, while trusting Russia to dismantle a few of their obsolete and likely inoperable missles. China is building what may become the world’s largest military force knowing that an America addicted to deficit spending financed largely by the Chinese will not push too hard against its pusher. Obama’s foreign policy, if it may be called that, has made the world a much more dangerous place and the next eleven months will likely underscore this fact.

    1. Do you have any idea how many French words are in the English language? I’ll let you research and discover why the English language is one of the most languages to learn.

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