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Raw Footage || Obama and Brewer Smackdown

I thought you might want to see actual footage of the confrontation Wednesday between President Obama and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R).

Obama was protesting passages in Brewer’s recent book that say he was condescending during an Oval Office meeting. The White House says she is lying.

Obama sought to minimize the exchange, but in doing so added a little insult to injury by suggesting Brewer was hyping the matter for political purposes.

“I think it’s always good publicity for a Republican if they’re in an argument with me,” Obama told Diane Sawyer Thursday.

You’ll notice Obama’s limo partially obscures the nastiness. I doubt he would have gotten into it with her if the cameras had a direct shot. I’m sure he was aware of where the cameras were, and I wouldn’t completely discount that the car’s positioning was staged so he could give her a piece of his mind.

This is the only video I could find that shows the full encounter right up to the point where Obama started walking away while Brewer apparently was still in mid sentence. The quality is not perfect, and title of the video is not mine.

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  1. I thought governors and mayors usually schedule root canals when Obama comes to visit ;)

    Glad to hear this morning, Gov. Brewer’s book climbed from #80 something to #10 in 24 hours. Amazon saying it’s the fastest a book has ever moved up ! I may go order it as a thank you :D

    • our local CBS affiliate reported yesterday that Brewer’s book sales increased 1.5 million% and ranked #21. So happy she’s up to #10 today! woohoo!

  2. Thanks for sharing this video Keith. Yes, it is hard to tell what is actually taking place, but just by watching the noding of the heads it is obvious that there was an exchange.
    I am glad that what ever the exchange between them was, that she stood her ground and didn’t let him get over on her. Typical Alynski progressive tactic to talk over a challenge and even walk off.
    I hope her book goes to #1. Good for her.

  3. Did he even bother with the phony show the ivories smile? I wonder who packaged up that excerpt for him–he was up in her grill–violating her space…I did see that… Reactions here are mixed–one do-goody columnist is trying to tag her with the name Miss Temper Tantrum–it’s all getting stupid. Or stupider. It sounds like he started it–was loaded for bear. Now they are contrasting her with Giffords, who is to epitomize class and maturity in this scenario. Ack. Can’t we leave Giffords out of anything?

  4. You are right about the limo placement Keith. I’ve rarely seen the beast that close to Air Force One unless the weather is bad. He planned to rake her over the coals to influence the Hispanic vote. Looks like it back fired. ;)

  5. When a President flies into the state capitol of the very state that he directed his DoJ to sue after the same DoJ used that state’s people to sell illegal guns that killed 2 of that state’s residents and that state’s Governor gives him the wagging finger, what kind of reception did he expect to get?

  6. “I think it’s always good publicity for a Republican if they’re in an argument with me,” Obama told Diane Sawyer Thursday.

    What an ass. He makes it look as if SHE started the argument.

    Which is interesting because the race-card-waving semi-illiterate who commented on this site a few threads back also had it wrong that Brewer had started the argument.

  7. If it weren’t for those obfuscating yokels in flyover country who “bitterly cling to their guns & religion”, we could truly admire our Dear Leader in His complete radiance. Shame upon the Governor for her failure to genuflect. :D

  8. this video doesn’t tell me much of anything. neither does the youtube one someone posted the link for below. but thanks to both of you for sharing them! I can’t help but believe Brewer. she’s a straight shooter. and we already know Barry doesn’t mind spinning the facts, so why should we believe him anyway?

    I’d like to see the “body language lady” on Bill O’Reilly analyze these tapes; I wonder what she’d have to say.

    • First, that woman is pretty pro-Obama, in my not so humble. And O’Reilly already had two women on about this–of course, it’s a woman problem, don’tcha know. They blabbed for a while but neither really took his side. Bill said talking about some book made him look small…or that was the gist. Look–I am not a Brewer fan, she has done things I abhor–now all of a sudden we have a budget SURPLUS after knocking handicapped people off the rolls, etc? But in this case, the president got in her darn FACE. Our letters to the editor are split–oh, she should be respectful or hey, she stood up for us. So I call it a draw–now…can I have my time back?