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Obama Raising $1M-Plus From Native Americans

President Obama this afternoon is in Washington raising more than $1 million from Native Americans.

Tickets “start” at $15,000, and about 70 people are expected to attend.

From the pool report:

In less than 5 minutes motorcade was at the swank Mandarin. This group of donors is the Native American Leadership Council; the pool is holding outside the ballroom and several men with beaded neck-pieces have walked past for the restroom.

Coming in the main entrance of the hotel, pool passed actor George Hamilton and a youngish (of course) woman walking out.

40 Responses to Obama Raising $1M-Plus From Native Americans

  1. Whoa, what? Didn’t he cut off their tax-exempt ciggie sales, which cost my favorite upstate NY tribe, Seneca Nation, millions (cough). I signed petitions and donated to their freaking cau$e to STOP OBAMA.


  2. I thought all/most Native Americans were drunk and poor living on the reservation in squalid conditions. My stereotyping ignorance…..

    • Just never thought of the Native Americans as rich with wads of cash to waste. Who knew? Gee, I guess Michelle could find herself a bunch of overweight tweeners sitting in a MickyD’s in Ethiopia.

      • Sorry – I’m in a foul mood – my husband (who has had a hard time finding decent work – mid-50’s) just got laid off from his job last night.

        We finally got the son thru college this last December (without debt or government assistance), and now again we have to worry about the mortgage payment. Things were just starting to come together.

  3. George Hamilton is a native Indian? Old coot must have something left from his acting career if he can still afford to escort “youngish (of course)” women.

  4. Didn’t the Choctaw in Oklahoma fight on the side of the Confederacy? I recall the Fourteen Flags over Oklahoma display at the state capitol some years ago included the pre-statehood Choctaw flag. Some of the local black groups bitched about inclusion of the flag, despite its legitimacy as an element of the colorful history of a great state, and it was removed. It is wonderful to remove the superficial manifestations of history without being responsible for answering the questions about history.
    “We learn from history that we do not learn from history.”
    George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel 1770-1831
    “Those who do not read history are condemned to repeat it.”
    Georges Santayana 1880-1951
    The more information that is available to us, especially about the abject failure of socialism on every level, has proven no influence on the mentality of people who have never had to work or genuinely achieve based on their ability and their preferred treatment based on their dubious claims of racial, sexual or character discrimination. America is the land of the lowest common denominator; good bye America.

    • Don’t give up on US yet. There are a whole bunch of Americans who still have a lot of fight in them. We’ll just have to move beyond the Obama acolytes who can’t communicate beyond an 8th grade level and save this country despite them.

          • I hear this beef–but I watch plenty of reality shows, sitcoms and cop operas and still know other things…but yes, I would say most people don’t know what’s what…I have highly educated friends who try to school me on how mean Republicans are–how they want people to suffer…

          • Highly educated people have just gone through 4 or more years of liberal indoctrination than others. I could carry on a civil political discussion with my brother-in-law before he became a professional college student. Nowadays he disassociates himself from us riffraff conservatives.

    • I don’t know about the Choctaw history, but the Cherokee tribe owned slaves. When the Civil War ended they were absorbed and were known as Freedmen with tribal rights. The Cherokee tribe held an election this past fall and rescinded those rights to descendents, but I think there’s some ongoing brouha over it.

      • Mini– This is what I read. The reason AfAms were kicked out of the Cherokee tribe is because now being a member of the tribe means getting $$$$$. When it was a matter of keeping the numbers up, the AfAm descendants of slaves were welcome. But the $$$$ made the Cherokee all interested in racial purity in their membership.

        Noble Red Man, indeed,

  5. Just who is the “Native American Leadership Council”. I’ve spent the last hour Binging…can’t find anything! What tribes? Who are these people?

  6. I had a 35 year old contractor in to give a bid on some dirt work. His second wife is the office manager and she came with him. Cute lil thing, blonde, blue eyes, perky and so on. I learned later that she is “part American Indian” and so the business qualifies as a Minority Owned business and they are given preference in contracts. His business was successful long before this second marriage to her.

    Meanwhile I recently met a third year veterinary student from Kansas State University. Another salt of the earth blonde, petite gal from a small Kansas town. In discussion with her I learned that because of her American Indian heritage- her grandmother married a part Indian- she is given special preferences and reduced (if not free) education fees. Really??

    This diluted genetics that factors into free, special and reduced fees and services bugs the hell out of me. Neither of these girls have lived on a reservation or have plans to assist Native Americans, just going to suck at the teat of the PC cow that created this muck.

    • I’m Sooner born and Sooner bred, and I know a lot of blue eyed freckle faced Indians. In order to receive benefits one must be on a tribal roll. I had alway believed that all Native Americans received scholarships and full rides to college, but in OK it depends upon the tribe and its wealth and laws. I find some irony in Obama meeting with leaders when he preaches about fair shares. There are many Indian nations in OK, and they aren’t by any means equal. I haven’t a drop of NA blood, but I don’t begrudge them their benefits. Oklahoma means home of the red man, and it was taken away from them.

      • Becoming an enrolled member of a tribe varies from tribe to tribe–what percentage and what requirements pertain.There is a controversy now about some tribes disenrolling people who have been in the tribe many generations–at the root, money of course.

  7. Keith, if the pool of reporters are never allowed inside, why do they continue to attend? They’re treated like papparazzi: allow them one or 2 pictures and then evade them the rest of the night.

    I was going to say they were like prostitutes hanging around on street corners, but I won’t.

  8. I’m sure that when BO finished scalping all the Native Americans at this fund raiser they understood how the rest of us have been feeling for the last three years. I did hear that they gave him a tribal name: Big Chief Broken Promise Speaks With Split Tongue.

    • We received this rating because “journalists” were arrested during OWS? Here I thought the rating was a result of the press suppressing the the truth about their favored omnipotent president. Freedom of the press does not include participating in riots and destruction of other people’s property.

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