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Obama Pollutes After Promoting Clean Fuel

I liked this. Obama departs a clean fuel vehicle event in Las Vegas in a motorcade comprised of 22 fossil fuel burning vehicles. As well, this motorcade once it got on the road was probably picked up by a fleet of police motorcycles. And then there’s the Air Force One flight out to Las Vegas.

H/T to the Nevada Journal and to Drudge.

22 Responses to Obama Pollutes After Promoting Clean Fuel

  1. And not one Volt or Prius in the mix. All of them are those horrid SUV’s. You know the ones that are comfortable and hold all your stuff. Shamfeful.

  2. Love how the narrator outlines the stimulus subsidies given to UPS and Las Vegas to buy green vehicles as his motorcade of 22 carbon burning vehicles passes by. Hail to the chief.