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Biden Affects an Indian Accent

See, this is what I love about Biden. He’s actually a real person. Too bad you’re not allowed to be a real person in politics.

Actually, it’s hard to be a real person anywhere. At least in Washington.

The best work environment I ever experienced was at a restaurant in Washington where I was a bartender and a waiter.

It was the most diverse group of employees you can imagine. Everyone was there. And everybody denigrated everybody else. It was all brought to the surface. And we all got along great, and actually learned real things about each other’s cultures, experiences, and outlooks.

I love how Biden catches himself. Your can hear the internal dialogue: “Whoops! Joe, no, stop it! This is going to be another Biden Moment. Correct course immediately. Gosh, I wonder if anyone noticed.”

Have a look.

15 Responses to Biden Affects an Indian Accent

  1. So what are you saying, Keith–this guy with his previous remarks about people from the Subcontinent, his beer summit refereeing, his “big effing deal,” his constant blithering–is a real person? OK, if you say so.

  2. Maybe the face-lift last summer is causing an ‘identity’ problem.

    O/T….but it’s kinda creepy that both the Wife and the VP had cosmetic surgery at the same time last August – sounds like Obama wants his two front persons to look rejuvenated for the campaign. I don’t recall any First Lady in history who spent all of her time and our money trying to make a silk purse out of a sow! Get ready for the “Isn’t she CUTE” routine, ugh!

  3. It’s a shame. VPBiden is suffering from something associated with aging.
    Or, he’s just an idiot. Whatever the reason, he’s better protection for MrObama than a thousand Security agents.

    • I’m going for the idiot option, srdem. This guy has been a plagiarizing gaffe machine his entire governmental career. Have to agree, Obama was pretty shrewd in his selection of VP candidate.

  4. Having been the victim of many call centres conversations, mainly associated with my internet provider, and having had several long discussions about the weather, what the lady was going to have for lunch…as we were waiting for my internet to magically start working again…it was funny.
    However I was on my company about moving those jobs back home immediately after

  5. I don’t care if you’re a real person, or a real robot, as long as you are doing what’s right for the country. Obama and Biden are not.

  6. Keith, I’ll agree with you about the restaurant work – I learned more about life and people working as a waitress in a Chinese restaurant in the mid-70ies than I have in all my other jobs combined. The lesson was what it’s like to be the equal opportunity employee because blue eyes generally aren’t found among the help in such an establishment!

    I can’t see the video at work, but he didn’t say his name was Peggy, did he???

  7. Thanks for this Keith. Another example of the MSM being totally in the tank for this administration. Imagine if Dan Quayle or Sarah Palin did something like this – it would be front page news and lead the top of the ABC,CBS, and NBC evening news programs.

    Yep, Biden strikes again. Like his, “Stand up Chuck! Let ’em see ya” moment. Nothing from the state-controlled media on that one either.

  8. I can’t wait until Biden slips up and affects an African-American dialect one day. I wonder how the boss will react to that? Too many votes at risk to let that one go without an appology. Indians and Russians, now that is another matter.

  9. re: restaurant work-yep my favorite job ever was working in a very small chinese restaurant/takeout-the owner became a friend and I worked my butt of for her but I *wanted* to

    re: biden-it’s funny ’cause it’s true

  10. Yeah, a “real” person alright as long as you’re a person with a limited mental capacity. He catches himself when his inner jackass comes out.