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Obama Hearing Ends: No Rulings by the Judge

A hearing in Atlanta on whether President Obama meets the Constitutional requirements for the presidency ended at midday without a ruling by the judge.

Georgia Administrative Hearings Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi gave no indication when he will rule or whether he will sanction President Obama and his attorneys, all of whom refused to attend the hearing.

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  1. Does our Marxist, Muslim president have the constitutional right to ignore judges demand that he appear?? Obama should be arrested for the imposter he is, before he can complete the transformation of our republic into a soviet-style Socialist 3rd world basket case nation.

  2. If that were me I would have at this point a warrant for my arrest and if I traveled withing the state of Georgia that arrest would be imminent, so I guess the elitist progressive politicans do have special privileges so america stop answering summons to court and site this case as case law perference because now the president as violated what he would demand we accept! Also now the Healthcare bill, the NDAA authority, and many other bills are now void for barry soetoro, barack hussein obama or what ever is his name is now unconstitutionaly sitting in the office of president of the United States and has not committing a crime in Georgia and proved he is not qualified to be president!t

  3. I do not think it is fair that he shrugs it off like a game. He should have to appear or suffer the consequences as well as his attorney. Yes, he is our president and this would be an embarrassment to us as a nation, but HE let it get this far so he should have to appear if only to clear the matter up once & for all. No one is above the law, NO ONE!

  4. In either case obama has proven that the birthers were right all along and the Beck’s, O’reilly’s and Hannity all must now understand it is now the courts that will have been p—–d on by this usurper, and the citizens are correct to demand his impeachment!

  5. I’m not sure that they are entirely wrong or even partially right, but it’s too late to bring this issue to the electorate. Keeping MrO off any ballot would would be a mistake.
    The best course would be to force MrO to release all of his public records that he has hidden, and get an explanation for his SocialSecurity number.

    • Problem is the very first executive order he signed on 21 January 2009 (14839) is that an incumbent president can claim executive privilege for any request for release of his “presidential records”. What do you want to bet Obama already has all his public records classified as “presidential records”?

      I’m not wasting a whole lot of energy on something that can’t possibly be resolved until we eject this man from office. He needs to be defeated at the ballot box in November.

  6. I watched and tried to listen to the proceedings but the audio was poor.

    Keith, the question I have is, do you know of any of your counterparts keeping an eye on this? Your website is the only one I have seen report this event.

    If this was Bush or Romney every network in the would would have been there.

    Do you know if Mathews watched and had any tingles up his leg?

    • I’ve seen a couple of items, but I don’t think anyone is really covering it. And I know why – they’re afraid of being lumped with the “birthers” by their editors or their Washington colleagues, or they’re afraid to piss off the White House. But whatever one thinks of any of the arguments surrounding it, this is a judicial proceeding involving the president, and it should be covered.

      • Keith, those were my thoughts as well and the media powers are concerned to what the outcome might be. Either way this turns out, the MSM will be able to have a article to spit out. If the judge rules against Obama, they could say that there really isn’t anything to it because if there was they (the MSM) would have been there. If the judge rules in favor of Obama, then the MSM would say this was just another ‘birther’ rabbit chase. They are trying to stay out of any splatter.

  7. Lawyers for area residents mounting “birther” challenges told Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi that Obama should be found in contempt of court for not appearing when under subpoena to do so. But Malihi did not indicate he would recommend that and cut off one lawyer when he criticized Obama for not attending the hearing.

    “It shows not just a contempt for this court, but contempt for the judicial branch,” lawyer Van Irion told Malihi.

    “I’m not interested in commentary on that, counselor,” Malihi quickly replied.

    Late Wednesday, Obama’s lawyer, Michael Jablonski, wrote Secretary of State Brian Kemp, asking him to suspend the hearing. “It is well established that there is no legitimate issue here — a conclusion validated time and again by courts around the country,” Jablonski wrote.

    Jablonski also served notice he would boycott the hearing.

    In response, Kemp said the hearing to consider the challenges is required by Georgia law. “If you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the [Office of State Administrative Hearings] proceedings, please understand that you do so at your own peril,” Kemp wrote.

    Thursday’s hearing was held before a packed courtroom with almost every seat taken — except for those at the defendant’s table facing the judge.

  8. Updated information can be found at the beforeitsnews/com web page under Obama Conspiracy A “conspiracy statement” is just specific individuals trying to keep an issue a secret because they don’t want to be exposed. Judge Mahli has made a recommendation stated in the articles.

  9. Just to clarify my thinking. Could you define or refer to the specific part of the Constitution so others know where and what it entails as far as Natural Borm Citizen. You could be on to something!!!
    Thank you. MD

  10. From
    This is what the secretary of State says will happen
    “…following the procedures set forth in the Georgia Election Code, I expect the administrative law judge to report his findings to me after his full consideration of the evidence and law. Upon receipt of the report, I will fully and fairly review the entire record and initial decision of the administrative law judge.”
    It is the Secretary of State that decides if Obama goes on ther ballot.
    There is no mention what happens if evidence of a crime is discovered.

  11. It must be nice, Let anyone else ignore a court order to appear and watch what happens and just how fast the cops are at your door. Obama is a POS wannabe dictator and acts the part every day he’s in office. If it weren’t for the fact our legislative and judiciary, including and quite probably the SCOTUS didn’t have the stones of the queen we’d had have this issue resolved three years ago, resolved with Obama and his lackeys in orange jump suits.

  12. Throw the entire administration in jail–and take some of their Dem friends/RINO’s from up on the hill with them!

    SOB2012–Sick Of Obama 2012!!!

  13. gov, brewer it was very disrespectful for you to have put your finger in the president face. he did not come to az, to read your book. would you have put your finger in a white president face, i dont think so. you republicans need to give president Obama respect like the democrates have always gave your republican presidents. you should be ashame . learn from this mistake,

    • “you republicans need to give president Obama respect like the democrates have always gave your republican presidents”

      What are you in, the tenth grade?

      • How much respect did Democrats ever pay Bush? I suspect you were one of the people who thought Bush was stupid and a liar, and you didn’t mind saying it. Republicans are the ones who always hold back. Governor Brewer was the one who was shown no respect when the Obama adminstration sued her over trying to enforce immigration control in her own state. The Constitution was designed to have more power reside in states than in the federal government. Of course, the Obama administration totally disregards the Constitution in most matters.

        By the way, the 2008 financial crisis was not “Bush’s fault” (talk about lack of respect on Obama’s part toward his predecessor) but precipitated by the Democratic takeover of both houses of Congress in 2006. The truth is, Democrats have not passed a budget since that time even though the (now) Republican House has passed one.

    • leatrice, he brought the up the matter of the book. Governor Brewer did not.

      You’ve blocked your view of the facts by waving that race card.

    • It seems whenever the president gets away from Mooch, he goes and puts on the feedbag….maybe the Gov was giving him directions to the nearest pizza joint….

    • Remember the African-American woman in the audience of one of his staged town halls who broke ranks and talked to him like she was one of her children–I am so disappoined in you, etc… This has nothing, zero, zip, nada, to do with race.

    • Leatrice is just another mentally ill hater of White people. Yeah Leatrice…everything a White person does is “racist”. Look – that card is played out. Won’t get you anywhere – except hurt maybe.

  14. The media has been saying Obama is a ROLE MODEL. Can someone explain to me exactly WHAT it is that Obama is a role model for? After this hearing today, he appears to be a walking criminal enterprise.

    I find it interesting that Hillary is ‘stepping down.”

  15. I say hold him in contempt. Execute the law the way you would for any other citizen.
    Do NOT put him in ANY state ballot without proper verification of documentation. Give him a dealine. No reaction. No ballot!!
    Just leave him out of the ballots!
    Fair is fair.
    He blows us off!
    Blow him off on the ballot!

  16. Seems to me that ignoring the law is impeachment material. But I would settle for states doing the responsible thing and henceforth requiring documentation to prove eligibility for the office a candidate is running for.

  17. Can someone clarify the whole Social Security number thing for me? Is there really something off about it? My Obama defender friends,refer me to Snopes,which says its all false,but I would have to believe if someone was going to testify in court under oath,they have reason to believe there is a discrepancy. Who’s correct,Snopes or the people who testified today?

  18. This is just sad. A sitting judge not making a ruling on someone who blatantly said “screw you, I won’t show up” (by his actions not words) to the court and not only does nothing to cite O for contempt but also cuts the hearing short. I hope there is a good explanation for this. Is there ANYONE in the law/gov that ISN’T corrupt and WILL follow the law?????? A whole lot of American’s are really pissed about O’s actions/non-actions, lies, etc and want answers. He works for US, not the other way around! It really infuriates me that not only is O and his lawyers disrespecting the law and the Judge by not showing up, but also the Judge disrespecting the people who have legitimate concerns over O’s qualifications/fake SSN, etc. Disgusting.

  19. Obama could have quashed this “issue” quite some time ago by producing a standard birth certificate. Hell, I have a copy of mine with my various important records (will, marriage license, deeds)

    He could have settled other issues by releasing his school transcripts and other records.

    The “most transparent” (cough) administration could put all the conspiracy theories to rest by just releasing records that several presidential candidates have done so in the past.

    Obama is just adding fuel to the fire of the conspiracy theories. Seriously, what is he hiding? I had to produce all that for my job that is NOT anywhere near any national security issues.

    Dodging court… come on, just be honest…. or will honesty put him in a precarious situation?

    • I agree nothing will come of this but the Republican camp seems hell-bent on nominating a candidate who does not appear to truly resonate or appeal to the common Joe in America. Mitt thinks $300+ is chump change and Newt was cashing in millions on the Wall Street scam just prior to the crash. The Barry Soetoro camp are all high-fiving over events in the GOP.

  20. It is more than suspicious that the day AFTER the obviously fraudulent PDF file/birth certificate was published to the web site, that the Bin Laden story broke. The main stream press picked up on the Bin Laden story and dropped any mention of the birth certificate (sleight of hand) and moved on. I can’t even find any main stream press coverage of the proceedings in Georgia. Why is that?

    • He has extremely thin skin.
      He has been protected for most of his adult life.
      The Brewer incident is just one indication.
      He also slapped down Paul Ryan and John McCain in the White meeting.
      He can’t handle anyone disagreeing with him
      Keep in mind that Sheriff Joe is almost ready to release the results of his ‘Cold Case Posse’ here in the next few weeks.
      Just more fuel for the fire.

  21. With all the questions on his birth certificate, and sealing all of his professional and personal information June 19, 2009 after just being asked to provide it to the Supreme Court and with in months Justice Sueter was Kicked Out? It leaves even more questions than answers. That’s just the facts. And since that time, Judges looking into it have disappeared, and been murdered. Not in the News, But on the Internet? What is all of that about? Who ah!

    I am Praying on All of this. I have no hatred toward anyone. I’m just asking GOD to Bless them and Guide them.

    Peace Be Unto You All and God Bless! Jane

  22. Why was the name on the birth certificate that he released to the public Barack Hussein Obama when he changed his name to that only when he was about 18. Where is Barry Sotoros birth certificate