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Live Stream of Obama Atlanta Court Hearing

The hearing has concluded.

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  1. Keith, thanks for sharing this as I find this type of sausage making interesting. Much better theater than watching Carney spin into outspace.

  2. Keith, thank you for doing this. Are you the only one reporting on this? I haven´t found the story for example in Drudge Report. There they only write about how bad Newt Gingrich was and is. So again, thank you.

  3. Explosive testimony about fraudulent social security numbers. It would be interesting to read the transcript. This isn’t new to people who have seen the videos of the private-eye before who testified here. Computer expert testified on what he claimed was fraudulent birth certificate, but I can’t hear it 100%

  4. I just visited a real time discussion thread over on Free Republic (they are having some sound feed issues there too). Some there have noted that headphones have helped with the sound issues and those FReepers are posting goings on as best they can.

    Why this isn’t covered by ANY of the usual cable suspects? Haven’t they all broken “live” with Anna Nicole Smith and Lindsay Lohan court proceedings? Grrr….

    Now to the issues. It is really three cases. And BHO has NO representation (attorney) there. None. He apparently put more effort into the crib notes on Jan Brewer’s book than respecting the Court system in Georgia. Everything from Barry’s own (well Bill Ayers) words about his father; his father never becoming a US citizen; the Natural Born Citizen definition in the Constitution; stanley Ann’s passport. The CT SOcial Security number BHO uses that does NOT pass eVerify; and the last I read a tech expert addressing the Adobe layers on the “official” BC. Fascinating doesn’t sum up what has been entered into that Court Record.

      • I noted that as well. From what I read there, the first two attorneys were well prepped and concise. OT has at a minimum language issues to overcome. She possibly should have handed the presentation off to another attorney (and only been a witness).see

        Also fascinating the entry into the Court record of the TWO versions of Eligibility Verification (one omitting the phrase “meets Constitutional requirements”) SIGNED by then head of the DNC, Nancy Pelosi. The ONE version of the Republican EV was also mentioned.

        I’m thinking this is the snowball that triggers the avalanche.

    • Regarding Stanley Ann’s passport …

      The court would have to look under rocks that no longer exist. All trails/paperwork prior to 1965 have mysteriously disappeared under those very same rocks. Supposedly, the State Dept. no longer keeps paperwork prior to 1965 (wink wink – nudge nudge).

  5. I hope this judge not only gets O for contempt of court for not showing up, but also files charges against him for all the fraud/etc that is going on. Enough is enough. If this were anyone else, they would be in jail now. I want justice.

  6. Missed the hearing, but I have a question. Is there a valid marriage certificate for Obama’s birth parents? On several occasions MOOchelle Obama has referred to Obama’s mother as a ‘single mom’…hinting that she was not married to Obama’s father.

    If Obama’s father was legally married to the woman in Kenya, how could his ‘marriage’ to Stanley Dunham be legitimate?

    What am I missing here, lol?

  7. Fulton county court put a warrant on me because I missed court for a ticket, what are the odds they sre going to do the same thing to him?

    (Me holding breath)