As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, January 26, 2011

10:00 am PT || Delivers remarks at UPS Las Vegas South about energy
12:05 pm PT || Departs Las Vegas
2:35 pm MT || Arrives at Buckley Air Force Base; Aurora, Colo.
3:30 pm MT || Delivers remarks at Buckley Air Force Base on American energy and energy security
4:15 pm MT || Departs Buckley Air Force Base
8:30 pm || Arrives Detroit

All times Eastern except as noted

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25 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, January 26, 2011

  1. Hummm…When is he going to work in that court appearance with the judge from Georgia? Contempt? Can we please get him on contempt of court?

    • Since he’s not already in leg irons for defying the constitution and breaking every law on the books, why should anyone expect a contempt of court order to have any effect on him?

  2. A-P got it wrong. It is not a demand appearance for BHO, unfortunately. It is a procedural hearing and probably has minimal significance. OTH, it shows at least one court is willing to question whether the person, I will not use the word man for obvious reason, is qualified, by virtue of birth, to be on the ballot. As long as some courts will throw the deserved issues in the path of this man of dubious origin we may have hope; maybe even change!

  3. This hop,skip&a jump tour can’t be described as a campaign jaunt by any measure. He won’t garner any votes with this kind of a trip, but would probably lose the votes of the many disgruntled drivers stuck in traffic because of his appearance in their city.

    Really? he goes to Vegas to visit a UPS facility. That’s almost funny. I assume there are many UPS facilities in and around DC.
    Maybe he’s going to hit the tables in the upstairs rooms.

  4. well, I am proud (?) to say that Barry is headed for my own dear campus, the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where at 9am tomorrow he will teleprompt from the Michigan Union, and we around the U will be treated to a live webstream of the Prez’ remarks. all the libs in the office are giddy with anticipation.

    I was asked today to proofread an email about Obama’s visit, and I told the designer, “Yeah, I found a typo. you left out the words ‘Kenyan Socialist.'” heh-heh