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Live Stream || State of the Union Address

I will live stream President Obama’s speech starting at 9 pm.

Looking forward to your comments as the speech unfolds!

59 thoughts on “Live Stream || State of the Union Address”

  1. OK. I’m ready. I have my tea (Long Island Iced) and checklist ready………. middle class, fair share, fair shot, folks, investment, my Republican friends, last 10 years, back on track, millionaires & billionaires, stuff, we can’t wait, got to, recession/depression…… Fair share from the 47% who pay no income tax at all – oops, probably won’t hear that one.

    1. Good thing I don’t drink alcohol, or I’d be under the table 10 minutes into his speech. Mark Levin is prepping me for the challenge with some facts and figures.

      1. uh. uh.. I just woke up.. is it wednesday morning yet ?
        took my tylenol pm early to protect my mind from barry’s distorted
        kenyan dreams of his distorted father… jeeze! …glad i did…

  2. I’ll be “taking one” for the team (my family) who claim that cleaning out the junk drawer and taking the cat for a walk will prevent them from watching this majestic event. I. Can’t. Wait.

  3. He wants to require every state make kids stay in high school until they graduate or age 18. You don’t have any say in what the states do you wannabe dictator…

  4. I can’t watch–can’t listen to his voice anymore without gagging. how many times so far has he blamed Bush, and how many times has he reminded us that he’s the one who got Osama bin Laden?

    and did Alito show up with the rest of the Court?

    1. Didn’t watch, but please tell me he did not blame Bush and spike the Osama ball. these people are so low it’s embarassing. Was Meshell wearing spaghetti straps.

    1. I see there is another ‘Brenda’ posting here, so I’ve added my last initial. The BS Bingo reminded me of hearing about a British newspaper that was reporting the odds of our dear President saying certain phrases. Does no one take him seriously? Also, How about the Pinchy Fingers? I can’t remember who first pointed them out (Star?), but Pinchy Fingers are everywhere!

  5. Why do these people let themselves get used/ trotted out for his dog and pony show… Jobs Widow, the secretary?….UGH. disgusting.

    New Oil and Gas???? What about the pipeline?

  6. Did you see ‘regular girl folk’ sitting next to HRH? Now she works for Seimans
    so I bet she could have done her hair and worn something nice maybe? But
    the she wouldn’t look like one of the dumb folk would she? I almost said a bad
    thing but I won’t. Gag MO that big arrogant well you know. Taking the big pill
    now and the Weather Channel on TV….Oz here I come!

  7. It is very obvious that BO is running against a do nothing House and Senate. “Bring me the bill and I will sign it immediately.” He knows there is no chance he will ever see the bill for most of these proposals.

    Looks like Boehner had a bad tanning session today…..

  8. Had to mute it. Cannot stand his holier than thou voice any longer. Created another government agency — imagine that. It is the same old garbage in a new garbage bag. For someone who allowed over 1000 new regulations since he took office, seems a bit hypocritical to preach against them

  9. They tried the refinancing, those who were not paying the mortgages got the breaks and still didn’t pay them. Now he wants to do it again

  10. No shovel ready jobs. Well idiot there would have been if you hadn’t been
    hugging a tree with the great Goracle and cancelled the Pipeline!!!!

    1. See everybody misunderstood what was meant by shovel ready jobs. QE1 and QE2 were meat to get the shovels themselves ready. You think shovels are created ready? No, once you have a shovel you have to pump money into it so it is ready to be used. So now all the shovels are ready, now they can be used by people, and that will cost even more money, but first you have to get the people ready. So we need shovel ready jobs for ready people. Once the people are ready, then we can pay them to perform the jobs. That will be QE7.

  11. For those who missed it, you can read Vodkapundit’s Live SOTU Drunkblog transcript here, it’s really snarkilicious.

    I read along with that and watched Joan and Melissa :D

  12. Turned him off. In the first forty minutes, I did not seem to hear anything I hadn’t heard a bunch of times before. Replays of My Little Pony are more interesting to me at the moment.

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