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Boston Goalie Tim Thomas Shuns Obama

On Monday, the Boston Bruins came to the White House to be feted in the East Room by the president, as many champion and professional and college sports teams do. It’s an unserious business that provides an undeserved treat for a bunch of jocks and a political photo op for the president.

Does the champion college debating team come to the White House to nibble on petit fours and be lauded by the leader of the free world for their accomplishments? Fat chance. How about the U.S. Chess Champion? Forget about it.

The president meets with at least a couple of dozen male and female championship teams over the course of the year. George W. Bush participated in the nonsense too, and if anything increased to number of gatherings. Obama maybe added even more events in the name of getting more women’s teams and players from lesser known sports into the room. Add it all up and probably a day or two of the president’s time is spent over the year congratulating people who can throw a ball better than other Americans.

On Monday, a serious man decided to dispense with the inanity of politicians and the little thrill of an invitation to the White House. The great Boston Goalie Tim Thomas, who was the most valuable player of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, boycotted the event. Here, in his words, is why.

I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People.

This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government.

Because I believe this, today I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL.

Now, let’s be clear, this isn’t “not about politics.” Liberals don’t hold the views expressed by Thomas in this message. He’s clearly a conservative, and undoubtably doesn’t like Obama. But he believes strongly enough that there are real problems besetting the country, and that he could help by making a stand. Or at least satisfy his own conscience. Even if he didn’t get to meet the president at the White House.

What a contrast to Washington, where getting a photo with the right person and achieving proximity to the powerful is more coveted than money. Well, almost.

The Obamas don’t invite me anymore to the annual White House Christmas party for journalists. If you read the blog, you can imagine why. It’s a little petty, but I understand.

And I admit it, I like to go, meet the president of the United States, get my photo and my 20 seconds chatting with him, and wander through the historic rooms of the great house.

And I love the lamb chops. Really, you haven’t tasted lamb chops until you’ve had the ones they serve at the White House.

Though my colleagues meant well, you should have heard the level of sympathy some of then expressed when they found out. It was like I had been denied the chance to sunbathe in the Garden of Eden.

I don’t really care. Mainly because I’ve been to enough of these things. But Tim Thomas, at 37, probably had his last chance to meet a president and visit the areas of the White House that don’t get opened to the public.

Thomas knows that the president, while an honored person, is just a person. And the White House, while a special place, is just a collection of dead trees and mortar.

But he believes that liberty, on the other hand, is sacred.

65 thoughts on “Boston Goalie Tim Thomas Shuns Obama”

  1. Tim made the noble choice based on his beliefs. By boycotting, he was able to get his opinion widely circulated. I’m sure there are many (like me) who empathize with him. Bravo.

  2. Eureka! We found some a set of cojones! Good for him I wish more would
    follow his very dignified message and just say no. It’s the people’s house not
    Obama or any President and to the Obama’s it’s election/party central. He has
    managed in 3 years to ruin the grandeur and glory of our house. I salute Tim

  3. I had friends who worked in the Carter White House (I was young and stupid at the time, what can I say) and I have never, ever seen a bigger group of people who hounded any visiting celebrity for a photo op, autograph, etc. Apparently it hasn’t changed. You’ll see it tonight if you watch the SOTU – look at all the Senators and Reps who crowd to the front of the line for their chance to be on camera with the President. This happens every time and it doesn’t matter who the President is. Barbara Mikulski is one of my Senators (God help me) and I used to thinks she rushed to the front for a photo op, but now I think it’s just so she can see the Prez since she wouldn’t be able to do so if anyone taller than your average 12 year old was standing in front of her.

  4. Good for this guy. In your case, Keith, I respect you more–those journalists grinning like apes and fraternizing make me sick. You know they think it’s some honor. O’Reilly–we are talking to you.,

  5. The media is making a huge story out of it and trying to make Tim out to be classless, selfish and an attention whore. Some are saying it will hurt the team, but it is they who are creating this distraction. Tim decided to release a statement once things heated up. Right leaning blogs have responded to the coverage and supported him. I think you have a fair write up Keith.

    The hypocrisy is that boy wonder Theo Epstein snubbed Bush twice after White House visits for the Red Sox winning the 2004 and 2007 World Series. I couldn’t even find a story on it. I’m sure it is mentioned somewhere, but I can tell you it wasn’t in all of the following like the Tim Thomas story: USAToday, ESPN, NESN Yahoo Sports, Politico, Boston Herald, Boston Globe and hours of discussion on sports talk radio yesterday and today. This entire episode was manufacture by the left wing media as evidenced by their silence when leftyTheo dissed Bush.

      1. There is a tilt, no doubt about it…Sometimes subtle. O’Reilly proclaims he is an independent, but he will sign off a discussion on the candidates and say, “Yeah,. they say Romney is a greedhead.” Uh–no one said that word but YOU. And he is so against the press for chopping at him that he can’t get enough of the press bashing by Newt–well press bashing has not helped me get one client or put a crumb on my table.

        1. It’s seriously tilting, I’ve stopped watching for the most part. Use to be on all day long, now I would rather watch TCM. Every once in a while I get a Ronnie sighting.

          1. Started switching to TCM every time Fox goes to some Obama event live. Seems like it’s every other day now so needless to say I watch a lot of TCM. The only shows I care to watch are Neil Cavuto, The Five, and Hannity. Bret Baier is the most honest news anchor Fox employs.

        2. Sometimes not subtle…I stopped watching anything Shep when he had one of his little tantrums, screaming that “the Tea Party is holding America hostage”…

          1. If Shep’s head was any further up well you know he would have his own room at 1600. He should not be allowed to
            have a regular show he should have to be like Hannity a
            opinion Shep is far from balanced!

      2. Jenna Lee is the “reporter” who put her own personal opinion into the story. Did you hear that Fox hired one of Soros’ operatives, Sally Kohn? That doesn’t bode well for the direction Fox is taking.

      3. Wow, you guys are really quite insane. Fox “leaning left”?!?! Why don’t you travel the world and get some other viewpoints besides the one in your little cocoon?? Obama would have to run as a conservative in every other nation on the planet. But , oh yes, I forgot, everyone else is wrong, socialist/communist/ freedom haters etc etc.

        Only you guys are right. Ok.

  6. Wear you lack of invitation to White House functions as a bage of honor Keith. If we had actual journalists like you covering this administration you’d be able to shoot a cannon through every event for lack of invites. The media has become a PR firm for the West Wing. That’s not meant as a compliment.

    1. I reall cannot imagine living in DC. It truly must be another world, apart from the rest of this great country. Kinda like THE TRUMAN SHOW, a completely fake town.

  7. Tim Thomas is a patriot. Just as you are Keith. You put your honesty and integrity ahead of a selfish desire to mingle with the elites. How petty of Obama and his minions to snub you because you don’t tow the party line. Wouldn’t let it bother me if I were you. You and Tim Thomas will be invited back to the White House once the current occupants are ousted.

  8. It seems whenever my cynical self gets down in the dumps, a story like this comes along and it gives me a boost. There are some common sensical people left in this country and they are the ones whose voices need to be heard.

    But your article points out a serious flaw in our culture which is how much we emulate sports figures (and of course, celebrities) and how little we emulate intelligence and that I believe is one reason we are heading towards a very bad future.

  9. Keith, I consider it a badge of honor to be on Obama’s ‘enemie’s list’! Never before have we had such a petty, vindictive ‘leader’ of the Free World! Who can forget his attempted boycott of FOX shortly after he usurped office! Every single member of the WH press corpse knows what an azzhat Obama is…yet they continue to carry his water.

    Tim Thomas is an American hero – a voice in the wilderness. Hopefully, more will follow suit!

    Megan Kelly expressed her liberal leaning feelings by saying Thomas is not showing proper ‘respect’! Respect??? For what – a Marxist Chicago street thug? Puleeze!

      1. I like Megyn…but she needs to remember that respect is earned not baked-in. When Obama first got elected and everyday was Obama Day (worse than now even), my daughter said, “If he came to our house, would we have to do what he said?” I said not unless he had a warrant.

    1. You are obviously a fox devote. which defined means an ignorant bigot. There is NOTHING about President Obama that is vindictive or petty, but you are to ignorant to see him for the kind, empathtic, intellegent leader he is! It will go down in history how YOUR president Bush was THE WORST excuse for a leader this country ever had!!! But I am sure you can’t see past his skin color can you!! You make me sick with your ignorance, Do you even know who the WH press corpse is? They are what you call the biased liberal media, you idiot! You make no sense, but that doesn’t surprise anyone who reads your comment, except for the rest of your coolade drinking FOX cronies.

      1. Well Deb, I see you are a racist for your hatred of Mr, Bush, no doubt because he was a white man. I would suggest to you if you want to get a close up view of a hate filled, intolerant bigot that you stand close to a mirror. Also I don’t know who died so that we now a White House press corpse, or you simply parroting Mr. Obamas description of a corpseman?
        I suspect stupid is as stupid does. You should return to PMSNBC and continue your LIEberal education. It seems you are not quite there yet.
        Rich in New Mexico.

        1. rjm2238, wow its quite revealing that you would call me a bigot against whites, I guess you think that anyone supporting our President has to be black? Well idiot, I am a proud white woman who supports a great president against bigots like you who see only the color of someones skin. I might have missspelled the press corps, while typing quickly, but whats your excuse for suggesting that bush is dead with your statement of “because he WAS a white man?” or has he changed color? you are so right stupid is as stupid does, so keep watching only FOX and buying in to their fear and hate filled lies, instead of acually reading books or lisening to ALL other media outlets!! I do not watch msnbc like you ASSumed I do, I am intellegent enough to keep an open veiw and educate myself by NOT wallowing in ONE view that I have already made up my mind about like YOU!!! So why don’t you follow your own advise and look in that mirror, and see the difference between you and president Obama! Oh, I certainly don’t expect to change your mind on anything because your pea brain couldn’t handle reality. Just keep drinking that coolade and cry yourself all the way to your make believe world when I and the rest of the intellegent patriots give OUR president another 4 years to go down in history as proving YOU WRONG!!!!!, Mr make believe rich man, ha, ha

  10. While the elite in DC are waiting to be seated at the popular high-end eateries, out here in fly-over country we’re driving through McDonald’s.

    Your colleagues might be decrying the high cost of housing in the DC area, but out here in fly-over country we’re under-water and living next to empty homes that no one can afford to buy at any price.

    Having your picture taken while standing next to the President might look good on your living room wall, but it means nothing to us in fly-over country; we can have the same photo by standing next to the cardboard cutout of the President that seems to be at every swap-meet and having someone snap the picture.

    We don’t want to hear from the “press” that, by special favor, is invited to parties at the WhiteHouse, nor do we believe anything they report as fact.
    They may have the respect of their peers, but at the cost of their own self-respect.

  11. Obama invited a bunch of science students to the White House during his first year because he felt it was a good balance to all the fete-ing of sports players. I thought it was a great thing to do and wonder if he still does it. I noticed that few of the students were the racial group that Mrs. Obama appears to favor as guests at the WH, so don’t know if the MSM just doesn’t report the science events or if the science students no longer get the invitation.

  12. It’s Incredible what is happening now in the land of the free when a person like Mr. Koffler values the truth and is prepared for that to walk the extra mile to preserve his integrity. You, sir, as well as Tim Thomas, have my respect and I am sure the respect of this unique and noble Nation!

  13. Obama has no one to blame but himself when people who disagree with him want to stay away. He demonizes anyone who has different ideas, sometimes even scolds them in public, the Supreme Court and Paul Ryan came to mind. His minions run around calling people raciest and nothing is said to call them out. This man is not a leader, he does not bring people together and wonders why there is no compromise. Good for Tim Thomas! Too bad Obama is so narcissistic he can’t see the error of his ways.
    I suspect that Mr. Thomas feels the same way, go Bruins! There are not many days this girl from Boston is proud of her city.

    1. Felger and Mazz on 98.5 The Sports Hub were ripping Thomas today and mocking him for his views. Mazz said he should leave the country if he doesn’t like it. Felger called him a wingnut. The media is so biased it is disgusting. There was total silence when Theo Epstein skipped out on the Red Sox White House visit because he disagreed with Bush’s politics.

  14. I’m with you both. It’s ALWAYS TCM over Fox anymore. Just can’t watch another Fox talking head gently stump for Obama and excuse his antics. The change began when Major Garrett jumped ship for the left and it keeps getting worse. Today it was Megan Kelly questioning just how radical Saul Alinsky was. Seriously? Give me Claude Rains and Bette Davis over the whole lot of them any day of the week.

    1. She’s so full of herself it sick. It’s hard to listen when she overacts and
      talks so loud and animated you couldn’t watch if you wanted. Also if she says ‘all the best’ one more time I will go insane!

      1. Walk it off, you’re OK, Lizzy, walk it off… Megyn is not the worst or should I say, most sliding left…don’t forget that Judy person…OMG! Kirsten, well, she was hired to be annoying. Colmes same. Some other people they get on NewsWatch–that Ermalu or whatever her name is, that Ratner woman… Rupert put out the word a while back–notch back the right stuff…so true colors are bleeding through. The balance–and there was one–is unbalancing…

    2. it is amazing that when anyone from fox acually speaks the truth that you demonize them! You just have to hear all negitives toward Obama or nothing at all. Wow that really shows you for what you are….a bigot! What else could it possibly be? have you seen the results of President Obamas SOTUA? 97% of the people AGREE whith his policies he proposed. YOU are in 3% i’m sure, because you can’t even hear any opinion that you dissagree with,your miniscule mind can’t process the truth. let alone hear it!

  15. My goodness people – while I have no problem with Mr. Thomas making that decision, I do think it was a missed opportunity. I have had the opportunity to tour the West Wing during the prior administration (without the President) as a guest of a Secret Service employee and it was very memorable. It’s about history. How many people can say they stood by the Oval Office; or stood outside the room where major decisions are made, or cabinet meetings are held. You certainly don’t have to agree with the politics of the party in office. It isn’t about the person who occupies the place.

    One of the things I really like about Keith is his open mind. I don’t always agree with him but there are times when I don’t agree with some of the hosts on Fox News, CNBC or other news sites (however I refuse to listen to MSNBC!).

  16. Good for him! I believe there are countless numbers of people who feel the same way as he does, me included. I am so proud that this person had the spine and guts to stand up for what he believed and refuse to be a part of some pointless photo op. Good for him. And Keith, I wouldn’t want to go to a Christmas party with the Obamas either. Despite missing out on seeing the WH all beautifully decked out, and enjoying what I am sure is exquisite food, I think you would have more fun “chatting” with your “regulars” here on your blog. There are so many of us who truly like and appreciate what you do, and your sense of humor. And if you really feel bad about missing a nice party, I will invite you to mine this year. It may be less grand than the WH, but it is fun and happy, and there is always lots of yummy food. :)

  17. Keith, thank you for writing this blog. I have turned several friends onto this website, and they also read your blog daily. I look forward to your posts because you speak the truth which is in short supply these days. THANK YOU and keep blogging.

  18. Never was much of a Bruins fan, I am a Redwings guy. But I have been following Rich Peverley’s career from his days as an Atlanta Thrasher to his being traded to the Bruins last season. Watching more of the Bruin’s games I started to become a big admirer of the play of Tim Thomas, one hell of a goalie! Then his play-off run, simply amazing. Now I am doubly proud of Tim for foregoing the trip to the WH for his beliefs. Here is a real American saying what he means and meaning what he says. Screw all the naysayers, he did what he thought was right. If I was in his place I hope I would have done the same thing and not get caught up in all the hype and BS of going the WH to meet a guy who is destroying our country by design.

  19. I love it when an individual actually stands up for his or her beliefs, and doesn’t cave into publicity that only serves to promote what the individual opposes. Tim Thomas should be admired for standing up for his beliefs. We need more Americans to stand up for our liberties.

  20. Fantastic! A man of principles. Very refreshing indeed and this gentleman should serve as an example to all, stand up for what you believe in, without exception and regardless of the cost. If one feels compelled to have a role model outside of their own family, you Sir are one athlete that fits the bill.
    Thank you Mr. Thomas for your principled stand in support of our country and the statement it makes as to how this nation ought to be governed.
    Rich in New Mexico

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