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Obama: The State of the Union is . . . Bush’s Fault?

Writing in the Washington Times, Joe Curl has penned an excellent survey the various measures of decline that have occurred under Obama, reaching beyond the usual items like unemployment and GDP.

Regular gasoline per gallon cost $1.68 in January 2009. Today, it’s $3.39 — that’s a 102 percent increase in just three years. (By the way, if you’re keeping score at home, gas was $1.40 a gallon when George W. Bush took office in 2001, $1.68 when he left office — a 20 percent increase.)

Electricity bills have also skyrocketed, with households now paying a record $1,420 annually on average, up some $300.

Some 48 percent of all Americans — 146.4 million — are considered by the Census Bureau either as “low-income” or living in poverty, up 4 million from when Mr. Obama took office; 57 percent of all children in America now live in such homes.

Curl mocks Obama’s contention that he’s really not to blame for any of this.

Obama’s buck passing of course will be the cornerstone of his campaign. Well, as Custer said when he realized he’d been encircled by Lakota Sioux, “That’s a problem.”

Americans understand that Obama inherited a bad economy, but after three years they will be wondering why they are still being asked to “hope” when there hasn’t been much “change.”

The Obama recovery pales next to the Reagan recovery of the early 1980s. And it’s because of specific steps Obama took, or failed to take. Reagan could claim he’d made serious progress. Obama cannot.

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  1. Obama didn’t inherit a bad economy from Bush, he inherited it from the Democratically controlled Congress. Nancy and Harry started screwing it up early in 2007 and then the Democratically controlled Freddie and Fannie blew up despite warnings from Bush that it was unsafe.

    It amazes me that the Dems still play this “Bush’s fault” bullcrap and more so that they think we’ll continue to believe it even after the history is written. On second thought, it’s the only strategy they CAN have.

    1. They play it because it works.

      The fact that it works is a sad implication of the media and our public education system.

      We are truly a nation of eaters and I’m afraid nothing will truly change until we truly bottom out and reconfigure.

  2. Surrounded by groupies who constantly stroke his ego beyond the
    stratosphere , obambo will only say what his telepromter reads.. my true hope is for history to call a spade as it is.. a leftist strongman with no brains ! least Custer didn’t lead from the rear …

    1. In January 2009, the month Obama took office, the average price of a gallon of reguar gasoline in the US was $1.85, and Diesel $2.38. Prices have risen steadily since, but are still well short of the $4.12 average price seen in May of 2008.

      Source: US Energy Information Administration

  3. Blaming Bush will gain him zero support in the State of the Union speech.
    I do hope that the Republicans do not fall again into the “date night” trap.
    I want them to all sit together, on their hands.
    I do not even care if Joe Wilson chooses to make a comment.

    1. We can only hope. And Joe Wilson’s ill timed remark turned out to be true. It was one of the Obamacare little secrets Nancy said we would
      have to pass to see. Talk about buying pig in a poke!

  4. There is not hope as long as Obama is in the White House. We need change, alright. We need to send him back to Kenya or Indonesia or where ever he came from. He is the most inept, corrupt, deceitful, devisive, immoral President in the history of our great country!

    1. Someone posted on my FB wall that Bush was the worst president ever…and I just deleted it–catch up…Bush is not president anymore, people! I didn’t love him either–but he is out…

  5. Reagan inherited a mess that was much worse because the inflation rate was over 10% so the Fed could not engage in massive monetary easing like Bernanke is doing today.

  6. The stage was already set for spinning Obama’s failed record. We already know he’ll blame everyone and anyone. Beyond that consider the Obama supporters. We assume that they will wonder why there’s no results after all this time. That’s a mistake. Obama already set this one up. The script will state that Obama had plans to fix everything but either, a. he was blocked, or, b. everyone must be patient and let the magic work. It’s the latter that many of his supporters have swallowed and which may very well carry him over the November hump.

    1. I asked one why Obama couldn’t be effective when his party controlled the Senate and the House for two of his three years in office.

      The answer: Blue dog Democrats blocked him.

    2. The blame game works well with his supporters, because blaming others for their own failures is their mantra.
      That said for his poor & dependent supporters, even his rich Hollywood elite always have excuses and blame when they have colossal failures, which is more frequent all the time

  7. Just as his buddy, Bill Ayers said, if asked if he was remorseful for the destruction he caused… wishing he had done MORE…
    that is what Soetoro is really feeling regarding his destruction of America from within.
    Only difference is, Ayers proudly admitted it to the public.

  8. I don’t know about others, but I have noticed quite a bit of “change” since Obama took office. Since his election we have state run “private” medical insurance; state run automobile company (Government Motors); state run banks (Dodd-Frank); greater dependency on foreign oil by halting domestic drilling and nixing the Keystone pipeline; illegal alien drug lords rule the borders with high caliber weaponry supplied by our own government — resulting in a higher civilian death toll than Afghanistan (Fast & Furious); illegal appointments to the NLRB and CFPB by deeming Congress in recess; payoffs to political cronies like George Kaiser (Solyndra); ignoring the checks and balances of the Constitution by issuing executive orders and ruling the country by fiat. So much change our country is almost hopelessly in debt and our individual freedoms are dissipating every day this man remains in office.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      It is lists like this that Newt or Romney need to rattle off during debates with the One. Light him up. I’d love to see Newt in a debate with this dope. I hope Obama starts crying, but I’m sure they’ll have him drugged up so that won’t happen.

      Each one of these items is a sordid tale of corruption and ineptitude. Lay it all out there. The “transparent” administration won’t mind.

      1. Why wait for the debates? I want these candidates to start listing them off now, rather than spending all their time on TV backbiting each other. I’m still hoping there is a Reagan out there. The only one who has come even close to talking directly to the people like Reagan could is Newt. Maybe if Santorum (the true conservative) could learn that behavior from Newt, he could get more traction.

        1. Why are they waiting for the debates? The Republican nominee is running against Mr. O, so why not NOW let us know how you will defeat him? Call him out NOW when he should be called out.

          I am sick and tired of their in-fighting.

    2. SUSAN; You Are Correct on every Item You Listed From Begining To END,However I SEE LIGHT IN THE END OF THE TUNNEL,Unless Obama Cuts the Lights Off,Which He Plans on doing,Before the Novenber Elections…….The Economy Is Crashing as we speak,And That Gives Himler A Golden Chance to do his DEED!>

  9. Wrapping myself in the perogative of the aged who say whatever they want;
    MrO’s constant complaint that a White man is responsible for his personal failures is racist, at the least, and a confirmation that the “smartest man in the room” has been trumped by the “dumbest, worst President, ever”.

  10. I heard on the local news this morning he’s hosting a post-State of the Union “Google-Plus Hangout” — whatever the heck that is. I’m assuming it’s some sort of virtual town hall. The local anchors ate it up, with one saying, “You gotta admit, he’s the coolest president ever!”

    The love affair continues.

    1. Yeah–just read the review of THE OBAMAS in Ent Weekly–aw, she is sooo beloved by the American people, what a saint she is, so strong, puts her family first, bah–arf! She even SAID she puts herself first. She said it!

          1. Think the machine has gotten a little rusty. The revival of Kennedy’s Camelot schtick isn’t going to work this time around. Jackie was never a power hungry shrew like Michelle is.

    1. That really makes me sick. Where are the House Republicans? They have the power of the subpoena. This man is flaunting it in our face. He and his wife are robbing America blind, and where are Mitch McConnell and John Boehner? Either cowering under the bed or cheering the guy on.

  11. Just because the facts don’t support the “we’ve made progress” mantra, it won’t stop Ubama and his pen pals in the press from stating it again and again. Remember, truth by DC’s standards is what’s repeated most often, not what is factually correct.

  12. Surprised he didn’t mention the snub by Boston Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas and the Stanley Cup WH photo-op. His decision to not attend was worthy of a Congressional citation for honesty and courage!

  13. How this President constantly manages to spend, make bad debts,avoids solving our gas prices for the future..continues blaming Bush after adding over 5 trillion dollars to our debt, and with 3 1/2 years behind him, of being in office, and Obama still blames George Bush, for his failure’s, but yet manages to take credit for something the Navy Seals did in Killing Bin Laden..This is one arrogant..self centered individual..and I can’t believe he’s the leader of this country..America what have we done to our great country ?and can we survive this, or is it too late ?

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