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Carney Suggests SOTU Will Tack to the Hard Left

In his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, President Obama will pivot off themes expressed in remarks last month in Osomatomie, Kansas, a nakedly liberal manifesto that described a broken American society that has left working and poor people behind and that requires government intervention and moral leadership to fix it.

The remarks were widely viewed as a shot across the bow in which Obama signaled he would run as an unabashed liberal and govern the same way if reelected.

Obama Tuesday will also preach cooperation. But according to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, the Kansas speech contains the DNA of the State of the Union.

The president will build off the themes of that Kansas speech in the State of the Union by laying out a blueprint for an America built to last. The blueprint will be supported by four pillars: American manufacturing, American energy, skills for American workers and American values.

The Kansas speech included calls for higher taxes on the wealthy, more regulation, and increasing the current already historically high rate of spending on education, research, roads, railroads, job training and faster broadband, among other things.

In it, Obama snapped the class warfare card firmly on the table.

For most Americans, the basic bargain that made this country great has eroded. Those at the very top grew wealthier from their incomes and their investments — wealthier than ever before. But everybody else struggled with costs that were growing and paychecks that weren’t — and too many families found themselves racking up more and more debt just to keep up.

Obama caricatured Republicans as seeking brutal kind of  Darwinian economic system that benefits their rich friends.

Their philosophy is simple: We are better off when everybody is left to fend for themselves and play by their own rules . . . “you’re-on-your-own-economics” has always failed.

And yet, Carney incongruously stated that Obama will say he believes he and Republicans can score legislative achievement this year.

It’s unclear how that can happen when Obama will be eschewing the center where compromise is struck.

48 thoughts on “Carney Suggests SOTU Will Tack to the Hard Left”

  1. Run on that. Run on how screwed up and unfair and evil and broken and mean and oppressive America is. Go right ahead and run on that.

  2. State of the Union my fanny. State of the Fantasy Control Plan is more like it. Nothing in these ever happens, or almost nothing. It’s all theatre. I don’t think most Americans think it’s a zero-sum game–someone has accumulated a lot, which means there is less for me…doesn’t work that way. Bring on the dogs, yap yap, and the ponys–clipety clop.

  3. If this is what he chooses then he will deserve every bit of what he gets from Romney, Gingrich, Paul and Santorum and I hope each of them lays it on and lays it on big. Government cannot solve every problem – life isn’t fair (our Dad taught us that when we were growing up). As hard as it is for many to swallow, there will always be those who make lots of money and just because someone gets there doesn’t mean they owe everyone below them equal stature. Most wealthy people earned their money through hard work and yes there are greedy, awful people in this world, but there are millions of people and yes lots of them are rich, who are extremely generous. Why should they be punished? One thing is for sure – for those who think everyone should be equal will never be satisfied.

          1. LOL. Subliminal acronym for a less than subliminal speech to follow.

            It’s become a hearing hazard for me, too. I know he’s saying, “folks” but I am hearing another ‘f’ word.

            Is it just me, again? ; )

          2. OMG they are using subliminal messages to brainwash all of us. Well I just want popcorn and a hotdog with everything
            maybe two and buttered popcorn with lots of salt:)

  4. Based on the preview of the State of the Union Speech one can easily make a case that the president is schizophrenic. He has no energy policy, he governs from the extreme left, foreign policy is a tragedy, he has debilated the military, yet he acts as though his programs have improved America. Perhaps left wing America, what about the majority. Where do they fit into his plans? Mark Davis, author of Demons of Democracy

    1. Everything you have said + 1000 days without a budget + 30 House Bills, thus far, ignored by the Senate DemWits + BHO & the Navy just sent JOBS to Brazil this week! My head is spinning….!

      Since I have an aversion to BHO’s voice, I will have the mute button on so I can read whatever SOS he spews! On second thought, I think I will watch the ‘frige make ice-cubes! jb

  5. I just as soon he say what he really means, and stop lying to us. People need to actually understand who/what they are voting on – instead of voting an “emotion”. I can’t eat emotion.

    So bring it on!

  6. They were saying that his Chicago Mafioso I mean re-election team were helping to write his campaign I mean SOTU speech. That’s a swell idea are they going to charge admission? Will the Supremes be there to be taken to the woodshed again? Also it won’t happen but I would love to see the entire Republican side get up all to get up and walk out the minute he blames Bush or American’s or brings up racism. That would be the first sentence. After he gets the standing ovation and applause he loves that! What will MO wear
    and who are her props for the evening?

      1. Follow up: If he has her sitting next to FLOTUS, will he mention the Senator from his own state, Mark Kirk, who suffered a stroke?

          1. True, but he is so “BiPartisan” Boo. Certainly he would want to express his heartfelt words of encouragement to Mr. Kirk, right?

      2. FG – Exactly. Gabby Giffords was my first thought. She will receive lots of well deserved applause. MO can stand beside her beaming down and “sharing” the warmth.

        1. You don’t live in AZ–she is the center of every issue of the paper–4-pagers, 6-pagers, never anything new, finally she is doing the right thing…It was horrible, that shooting, but this is a year of this now. OK–I am a witch, but come on!

        1. If I remember correctly “date night” was to show all us heathens out in flyover country how peace and harmony between opponents was supposed to work after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting. Remember how the left bludgeoned Sarah Palin with the target maps? Well I don’t want the Republicans playing footsy with the socialist democrats. I want the Republicans to defeat them.

          1. Yes Ms Giffords was a horrible crime by a mentally unstable person not a Tea Party or Republican but they sure imply it when
            ever possible. No mention of Mark Kirk but as a stroke victim myself I will pray for him as should his fellow members and the
            President these things don’t have a party affiliation.

          2. Strokes have no age limit that’s how I lost my one eye
            at 57. So let’s all pray he does well and can return!
            To quote Churchill ‘Never Give Up’.

  7. Bring on your left wing utopian BS, Mr.Douchebag. Hopefully, and that is a big wish, the majority of voters will see you for what you really are. God help us if they don’t, I’m making ammo and heading for the hills.

  8. This is the best tease evah!!! Since the press never vetted him, he’s been doing it himself slowly over 3 yrs. but never to the extent as The Kansas speech

    -one of the most underreported, candidly transparently revealing speeches in his reign. Can’t wait to see who’s to blame after, ATM’s, internet travel sites, fire, the wheel, and guns.

    1. Oh please don’t mention Obama and my beloved Kansas in the same
      sentence I know it happened but I’m starting to get a twitch when I hear
      about the Osawatomie speech:-(

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  10. As always, just a political event to the current prez:

    Friend —

    The State of the Union is on Tuesday night, and there’s a party in San Jose where people will be getting together at a volunteer event to watch and talk through our plans for this year.

    If you’re planning on tuning in, you should join them — there may not be a better chance to meet up with fellow supporters and discuss the President’s agenda for the coming year.

    Can you make it? Here are the details:

    What: State of the Union watch party in San Jose

    Where: 2014 Forgetree Ct.
    San Jose, CA 95131

    When: Tuesday, January 24th
    5:15 pm


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