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Video || Obama Sings for His Supper

Not a bad falsetto going here. His singing is better than his dancing.

This was last night during a fundraiser at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

29 thoughts on “Video || Obama Sings for His Supper”

  1. Our first American Idol prez. Half of all Americans are outraged by his actions and half adore him for his coolness. He has been very successful in his division of this country.

  2. It wasn’t the singing, it was the words of the song that meant so much to this audience. He’s one of them, he can do no wrong, and the words were to remind them of that.

  3. The Apollo Theatre used to have a character called the “Sandman” and he would chase bad singers from the stage. Sadly, he passed away before the Panderer AND Chief hit the stage.

    (20 million unemployed unavailable for comment)

  4. I can see it coming – robo-ditties from the Harlem crooner-in-Chief! Ring tones from the Crooner-in-Chief. I-tunes from the Crooner-in-Chief! We’re in uncharted territory now…

  5. Say what you want….this stuff sells. Our candidates are floundering and Obama rises above it. Newt will win SC. On to Florida and another ridiculous debate on Monday. Tell them to stop.

      1. Cheryl,
        Just stating the obvious. Last night Newt won me over. My feelings are if we can’t beat Obama, at least Newt will beat him up. I can’t wait to see Newt and O in a debate.

        1. I’m almost convinced about Newt. I’d vote for my neighbors dog against Obama – but agree with you. Me things Newt is gonna pound Obama.

      1. Oh, and by the way, on SELLING NEW YORK (HGTV) the snooty high-end realtor was showing a multimillion dollar condo with the Apollo as part of the view…Not exactly disadvantaged…not that I wish disadvantaged on anybody.

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