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Quote of the Day || January 20, 2012

“Um, let me see. Five letters. Rhymes with stitch.”

– Newt Gingrich

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

19 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || January 20, 2012”

  1. I really like Gingrichs feistyness. He sure can handle the “besserwissers” in the media ( maybe because he is a besserwisser himself sometimes). I wish the nominated candidate ( Romney ?) could adopt this trait. Or do you here think that it is negative ? Too vicious ?

    1. I agree with you Swedish lady. Obama will have amassed a billion dollars to spend in the general election. It will be the most vicious and negative political campaign of our lifetime. Our candidate better have some of those “besserwisser” traits to withstand the storm.

      1. He doesn’t play with me…well, you know what I mean…He would go into a snide-off with the one…I will need so many naps before I check off Orange Juice Can…

  2. One of the back stories of this campaign will be that a man in the public’s eye can be politically destroyed by a scorned or broken-hearted woman’s revelations of private moments.

    1. I’m not so sure this will destroy Newt srdem. He has been very open about his past indiscretions and how he sought forgiveness from his Lord. One thing we Americans are known for is our belief in redemption.

      I know we need a fighter to take on Obama. The only fighter I saw up on that stage last night was Newt. If you would have asked me 6 months ago about him, I would have told you he didn’t have a chance. Looks like the worm has turned…

      1. Oh, he said he was sorry, now he’s a Catholic, Americans love redemption, they are forgiving–we have heard it all. As a woman, I say he’s an egotistical twit. And Calista doesn’t care what he does–oh, this bodes well…Oh, well…he has my vote, Anbody But, but it would be a noseholder.

        1. I’m not convinced yet, but I’m definitely leaning toward Newt. I don’t put a lot of stock in what this woman says anyway and it isn’t wise to. Not to discredit her, but there are two sides to every story and it may be true what she says or it may be that she heard something in a manner that wasn’t intended but the point is no one really knows so… Personally, I couldn’t care less about their private moments.

        2. He also said once she was not young or pretty enough to be First Lady and he intended to be president. I would be mad, too–maybe I am saying more about me than him, but so be it.

        3. Star, I’m not looking at their personal lives. I want someone who can kick Obama’s butt in the general. I have been supporting Rick Santorum since the Iowa primary, but he hasn’t impressed me lately. He was more of a backbiter in last night’s debate. Newt has a lot of big government, progressive tendencies in his past, so I have my doubts about him as well. Like Cheryl, I’m not convinced yet…

      2. I agree. As screwy as some of the things he says can be, he has the fight in him that I think we need to beet BHO. I was remembering last summer when he seemed an afterthought when he went on the cruise, but I’m thinking he may have tried to stay under the radar as long as possible to make a strong run. I just want someone who is willing to stay committed to the values that made us who we are.

        1. I will let it play out…but I get a sinking feeling on this dude. He will outsmart himself and us…maybe. And I DO count personal lives–if we don’t, why do we discuss FLOTUS all the time–these things are marks of character and judgment.

          1. As it seems has been the norm, we are forced to select from a candidate pool with a variety of issues that in turn makes us decide which ones to ignore. My concern with Newt is his arrogance.

            I have plenty things in my past that I wished I hadn’t done but feel that I’m past that now so I guess I err on the side of foregiveness.

  3. Of course Obama never would have become a Senator if Rahm Emanuel hadn’t conned a judge into opening his then opponent Jack Ryan’s divorce records. While Jack Ryan was not an adulterer, his desire to have his then wife Jeri Ryan (aka “Seven of Nine” who revived the series with her Borg Implants) was embarrassing enough to force him to abandon the Senate race even thous Ms Ryan was gracious enough to endorse him.

    Contrast this gross violation of privacy with the Media’s total indifference to credible allegations that President Obama has been involved in numerous, homosexual infidelities. One might dismiss these allegations as an irrelevant private matter if not for the fact that two of his alleged lovers at Trinity United Methodist Church were brutally murdered and a third died of an AIDS related ilness.

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