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Carney: Obama Gay Marriage View Still Evolving

President Obama still has not reached a conclusion on whether homosexuals should be allowed to marry, despite months – or years – of supposedly thinking about the issue.

CNN White House correspondent Dan Lothian today asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney whether the evolution of Obama’s thinking was complete, wondering if he was “reading books” or just how he was driving himself to figure this out.

Carney said there was nothing new to report.

I appreciate the question.

I don’t — I don’t have an update for you on that.

In October 2010, Obama suggested to a group of liberal bloggers that his position was evolving and that he was giving the matter serious thought.

Attitudes evolve, including mine. And I think that it is an issue that I wrestle with and think about because I have a whole host of friends who are in gay partnerships.

That was 15 months ago. Which either makes Obama the most indecisive person on the face of the earth, or a man who is frightened that admitting he supports gay marriage WILL HARM HIS REELECTION CHANCES.

In 1996, Obama offered unequivocal support for gay marriage, only to reverse his opinion afterward.

During a press conference last June, Obama edged closer to the line of supporting gay unions, saying homosexuals should be “treated like all Americans.”

But alas, still thinking.

Obama, who attends church only a handful of times a year, has said his opposition is based on his religious views.

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  1. Which either makes Obama the most indecisive person on the face of the earth, or a man who is frightened that admitting he supports gay marriage WILL HARM HIS REELECTION CHANCES.

    Why not both?

  2. Are there really that many gay couples who want to be legally married that it’s a national issue for the POTUS to decide and if he does decide in the affirmative will it make a difference to the many states that don’t allow it?

    Gay/straight/bi-sexual’/transgender are all personal sexual identity issues with the key word being “personal”. How you swing should be a private matter. This continuous debate by the gay liberal community is just a ploy to force conservative society to accept their sexual preferences without judgement.
    Be gay, straight, marry your cousin…I don’t care.

    1. As a conservative gay person, I am sick of the issue. I favor a civil union where monetary and medical rights can be shared, but the need to “marry” is kind of stupid. Don’t get why gays want the same “rights” I think marriage is a union of a man and a woman, and the union of 2 men or women is something different and should not be lumped in with the concept of marriage. Been with my partner 20 years, and we worked around all the financial and legal obstacles, which are pretty easy to overcome with some legal work.

      1. Mike: I appreciate a rational perspective on the issue of gay marriage from someone whose life is directly influenced by the debate. I wrestle with my thoughts on it because the term ‘marriage’ just doesn’t seem appropriate. Civil unions that are the absolute legal equivalent of marriage are the answer and should be in place everywhere. All the best.

  3. He’s playing both sides of the fence. He wants to keep the Christian left on his side by saying he believes marriage is between a man and a woman. Then he’s trying to keep the homosexual left on his side by ‘considering’ gay marriage. He’s playing them all for fools.

    Have a tough time sitting through those briefings, but Drudge is linking to another great question asked by Ed Henry. He’s becoming one of my favorite newsmen because he’s not afraid to ask the “uncomfortable” questions.
    “How can you continue to present this image that [Obama] is just focused on governing — and the campaign is only a small part — when he’s holding fundraisers left and right?”

    Opie’s answer was priceless…

  4. srdem65 has it right. I don’t care what you do as long as it does not involve children or disinterested animals. Shut up about it and quit wearing it on your shoulder. I don’t care. There are far more important things to deal with than this topic.
    Othud is just trying to figure out what will generate more votes-I think someone already touched on that above.

  5. It’s not really “evolving”. Reports out of the White House are that they’re having trouble loading his opinion onto the teleprompter.

  6. Funny, when the Catholic Church says they base their opposition to gay marriage on religious grounds, they’re called a “hate group.” Obama is given a pass.

    At the risk of sounding like a nut, this whole issue of gay marriage is nothing more than yet another attempt to undermine the religious in this country, especially the church. Obama’s health care law is a great example of this administration’s movement to erode religious freedom and to weaken religious institutions.

    1. Actually, it’s an attempt to make an issue of it and hopefully rile up the fundamentalists. That way the right can point to HOW EXTREME THE RIGHT IS and hatey, and peel away the moderates.

      1. I’ve thought this was the case for the last two elections. Often, the social issues are BROUGHT up by the left, forcing conservative candidates to take a position, for which they are then blasted. Abortion rights aren’t really front-center right now, so how come a candidates opinion is such a focus of the debates? To gin up opposition.

        1. You’re absolutely right Car in. I see it in most every interview of Rick Santorum. He has some great conservative fiscal ideas and is strong on foreign policy but the first question he is usually asked is either about abortion or gay marriage. That taints the remainder of the interview because advocates will tune out before they hear any of his fiscal ideas.

    2. Unluckily, the next step will be “why can’t a man and two or three women mutually consent to be married as a group” — and I have already seen this argued on the net.

      That will benefit one religion — islam.

    1. I think the man is a total genius. When one considers all the things he is focused on, that brain must really be something to behold.
      And to think he can keep track of all the college and pro teams out there, too!
      For some reason, Moochie & Barry remind me of the book Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut, not sure why. In the book, a brother and sister were flaming idiots, until they put their heads together, then they were genius.

  7. Based on religious beliefs? Are you kidding Rev Wright or the church he goes to seeking votes? Heard a funny joke today Alan Colmes and Judith Miller and
    Kirsten Powers saying with straight faces that the media does not absolutely
    does not carry Obama’s water nor are they biased in his favor. How they could utter such a line of BS with a straight face belies belief they also included the WH media.
    Guess they were off the meds or their tin foil hats were on too tight.

        1. Judith Miller with her silly giggle and habit of gazing around after every comment to see who’s with her is the WORST thing on Fox. She frosts my cahooties every Sat! You are lucky to have a job, Judith! No comment on Colmes, it’s all been said…and Powers is at least young and may learn better as time goes on.

          1. Alan Colmes is not even coherent he just babbles the party line to
            the point half of what he says doesn’t make sense and cannot be
            backed up with facts. You know facts those pesky things thst get in the way of anything to do with Obama Colmes seek help.

          2. Comes is such a dork. When debating Obama’s experience he’ll always bring up “well, he’s President, so that’s pretty big experience” Gah.

          3. Even the sound of his name can make you lose brain cells. My favorite is the blame Bush he still prattles on
            about. I blame Colmes for any spelling to typing errors as he makes you temporarily insane-:)

        2. But his radio show is truly a thing of beauty. Can’t believe it rates enough to be oon the air anyway, but it is on one of out local stations and I sometimes hear the ending of it before something good actually airs.

      1. Granny Jihad ought to get him in a tutu for a funny spin on his ballerina two-steps.
        I bet that pipeline decision drove him mad, nice to blame it on Hillary though.
        He really was stuck between a rock and a hard place. The Union Thugs can make life a hard place, and the Enviro-whackos are dumb as a rock.

  8. His entire presidency, err, campaign is evolving depending on what will get him reelected. Heaven forbid he gets reelected. Then we will see what he REALLY thinks.

  9. Perhaps our President is getting the gay issue and the keystone pipeline confused…..

    This issue, though, is the perfect example of why I will hold my nose and vote for whomever the republicans nominate; do you think Obama will spend any time thinking about this issue after reelection? He will support it 100%. He will be totally ruthless and nuts in passing every liberal wet dream. He will just sign executive orders left and right making things legal and things illegal and dare the courts or congress to stop him, the black president.

    Meanwhile, I hear my 5K deductible insurance is going to be going up because Obama just signed all of us up to require health insurance to cover birth control 100%. Bad enough I already have to pay for pap smears and mamograms, now I get to pay for other people having sex too.

    1. It is not just birth control we are being forced to pay for, we will be forced to pay for the abortion pill. He is forcing those of us who believe abortion is morally wrong to pay for another person’s abortion. Where is that separation of church and state these communists are always screaming about?

        1. Just another way to drive up insurance costs to make the mandate look more attractive. Now, as a man, I want to know what birth control options are available to ME free of charge.

  10. Stephen C. (formerly KNOTHEAD)

    If the oppressed would change the name to cheerful marriage instead of “gay”, the masses may possibly be fooled. Just a thought.

  11. Didn’t Obama carry California in 2008, and those same voters also shot down legalizing gay marriage in that state ? Now you know why he’s still evolving, gonna need those voters again in 2012 !

  12. Obama, who attends church only a handful of times a year, has said his opposition is based on his religious views.

    Thanks for the laugh!!!!!

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  14. Oh, he is indecisive when it suits him. Will he “come out” and show his true colours if he is reelected I wonder ? He may want to remarry then. I read something interesting today in WND. Obama may be forced to appear in court in Georgia in January 26. It´s about his eligibility in the primary. He does not meet the definition of natural born citizen because his father was not American (well, he claims that himself in “his” book). Will his army of lawyers crush the judge, will his secret service threaten the judge or the plaintiffs, or/and will the media just ignore the story ?

    1. I saw that article on WND also.
      There are several states debating whether to eliminate his name from the ballot due to questions concerning his eligibility.
      Arizona, Tennessee, New Hampshire.
      If this flies in Georgia, it could get the ball rolling in the other states.

  15. It’s too bad the Nation cannot simply say, ‘what has the President to do with this?’ And, why is it ‘gay’ marriage? Same sex people that want marriage for the social contract aspect for insurance or other purposes are excluded here?…you have to be homosexual? Would you have to ‘prove it’.

  16. Gay marriage is the last thing on his mind before he goes to sleep and the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up, oh, and Reggie Love, but I repeat myself.

  17. You may not know that there is a huge trove of scientific evidence that supports same-sex marriage contention because we in the scientific community have been silent. This comment underscores the grievous and longstanding failure of the medical community to share with the general public the evidence that proves that sexual orientation and gender identity are determined well before birth and deserve accommodation in public law. That is why good-hearted people are not yet in favor of same-sex marriage.

    Truth is, sexuality and gender identity are biological and unchangeable, as congenital as handedness, height, hair color or shoe size. Following are some of the findings from more than 70 years of published scientific research that explain why:

    In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, the developing baby is exposed to variable levels of hormones that confer numerous traits, called “sexually dimorphic” traits. These include bone structure (men are usually taller, women have longer index fingers), certain brain structures, and certain physical and cognitive skills (men have better low-pitched hearing, better throwing skills; women better at linguistics). Along with this array of traits comes a sense of orientation (most prefer the opposite sex) and gender (most identify with their genital anatomy).

    However, nature does not confer these traits in binary fashion. Instead they are expressed across a broad spectrum, with thousands of variations. More than fifty published research studies in the National Library of Medicine conclude that transgender people and homosexual men and women are born with traits closer to the center or opposite-gender end of that spectrum. They are born with a mix of stereotypically male and female orientation and identity, as well as cognitive and physiologic skills, bone anatomy and brain circuitry that are also more similar to the skills or features of the opposite sex. In fact, over 450 species have been documented to show homosexual activity or life-long pairings as evidence of their own spectrum of natural behavior.

    Research confirms the link between early hormone exposure and sexually dimorphic traits. When a girl baby develops with a missing adrenal enzyme, the male hormone androgen accumulates in the baby’s blood. Most of these female infants will have boy-like play activity levels, bone structure, and up to half of the girls will later identify as lesbian. A few will be transgender. Furthermore, research shows that girls who had a boy co-twin in their mothers’ wombs have more male-like bone structure, and are more likely to identify as lesbian later in life. This is because the baby girl’s brain received some of her co-twin’s male hormones through their shared amniotic fluid membranes.

    For baby boys, any subtle decrease in the usual level of androgens during the first part of pregnancy can increase his chance of becoming a gay male or transsexual. Seventeen published research reports have concluded that boys with many older brothers are more likely to be gay than boys with fewer older brothers. Why? Because every pregnant mother receives proteins from her baby boy’s blood that her body perceives as foreign, causing her to develop blocking antibodies to neutralize and remove them. With each successive boy pregnancy, the mother makes more blocking antibodies, progressively reducing the level of androgen exposure to each subsequent male child. In recognition of the scientific evidence, both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychiatric Association have issued policy statements confirming that sexual orientation and gender identity are biologically conferred.

    From the American Psychological Association: homosexuality is a normal sexual orientation; homosexual relationships are normal relationships. The American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association have endorsed civil marriage and adoption for same-sex couples because marriage strengthens mental and physical health and longevity of couples, and provides greater legal and financial security for children, parents and seniors. Research confirms that the children develop perfectly normally. Visit their websites to confirm these heavily evidence-based policies.
    If America’s premier child/mental health associations endorse marriage equality, then any other objection is personal bigotry or personal religiosity.

    Social responsibility is one of the core tenets of medicine, but we don’t speak out. AMA Principles of Medical Ethics require physicians to “…recognize a responsibility to participate in activities contributing to the improvement of the community and the betterment of public health.” Accordingly, when the medical community possesses scientific information that is relevant to public debate and affects the health and welfare of certain societal groups, the leaders of the medical community have an obligation to disseminate this information to the public. It makes a difference for the community to know these facts. Now that you know that LGBT’s are born that way, truly, don’t you also favor same sex marriage?

    1. Interesting but what relevance does it have to the debate of marriage versus civil union? One is a religious recognition, the other a legal recognition. Forcing churches to recognize a same sex marriage is just wrong. As Mike C points out, one trip to a lawyer can resolve all the legal issues. You can assign inheritance and power of attorney to anyone, it doesn’t have to be a spouse.

    2. Now that you know that LGBT’s are born that way, truly, don’t you also favor same sex marriage?

      And, the condescension in your comment is a bit over the top. Please, consider that- just perhaps – we’ve read some of this stuff.

    3. Dr. Kate, thanks for the information and insight from a medical perspective. But for some reason the advocacy group GLAAD, who say they represent the GLBT community, including high profile celebrities, prefer to take more radical and political views (GOP is EEEEvil).

      As a former liberal, now independent of any party, I realize now just how dumb Obama is with his “evolving”.

    4. Dear Dr. O’Hanlon,

      When you guys finally figure out where those gene expressions are located, be sure and let us “good-hearted people” know, m’kay?

      Because you just MIGHT be able to convince some of us idiots and rubes to finally support abortion on demand.

      P.S. Be VERY careful what you wish for – currently 90% of prenatally-diagnosed Down syndrome babies are aborted; the only people who DON’T abort them are the same “good-hearted” people that you are subtly chiding……

      As the mother of both a lesbian daughter AND a daughter with Down syndrome, I would hate to see that same statistic for a condition (homosexuality) that might be defined as a “birth defect” later on down the line…..

  18. What’s next going vegetarian? Or one step further vegan. If I get my way it will be Freegan or dumpster diving for meals as he will be out of work no more
    $81 Wagu in the dumpster!

  19. He’ll come “out” in favor of gay marriage after the election in November regardless of which way it turns out. His “personal struggle” and “evolving position” tactics are simply ruses to buy time until this upcoming election, after which there will be no political downside when he endorses it.

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  21. The hypocrisy of gay politicians in sham marriages to women never ceases to amaze me. Their apathy or hostility to the gay marriage issue is priceless.
    (Charlie Crist, Dear Leader, Larry Craig come to mind)

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