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Rick Perry to Drop Out. Good Riddance.

He’ll announce his decision at 11 am, according to reports. He’s going to endorse Newt.

It’s only one person he’ll be endorsing, so he shouldn’t have trouble remembering.

What a disaster he was. Forget the forgetfulness and the lousy debate performances. Attacking Romney for “vulture capitalism.” What a disgrace. Maybe this lifelong politician should go and try doing a little capitalism himself.

Of course he’ll endorse the history professor, who has similarly piled on Romney for actually making money, and whose only success in the business arena has been to trade on the name he built practicing politics.

Gingirch’s ex-wife Marianne, in an interview to be broadcast tonight on ABC, says he was seeking a open marriage.

I guess that will play well in South Carolina.

I know some of you disagree, but – what a pathetic group, delivered to us at such an important moment in history.

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  1. My father has pointed out how in the past when our nation was teetering on crisis’ edge, a great person has always risen to meet the need as President or in some other important capacity.

    Now, it seems our luck has run out or perhaps we have stopped producing such statesmen.

    1. i kinda like Rick Perry. Tells it like he sees it. Unfortunately, not ready for prime time, and Definitely not the the time for a Texas govenor.

  2. It’s almost as though the GOP were trying to intentionally lose :( I’ve never been so uninspired with a field in all my voting life. Wait, there was 2008, 2004, 2000 …. sigh.

    Just breaking, Santorum won Iowa by 34 votes after certification.

  3. Let’s see; Hell hath no fury…Revenge is best served….Payback is a …..Your cheatin’ heart will…..You ain’t nothin’ but a hound…..
    Any man who leaves a trail of broken hearts and scorned women shouldn’t run for POTUS. Dude.

    Some who claim to know him well said that GovPerry was a smooth and articulate campaigner but it seems he stumbled over a couple of Bushs’ and lost his balance.

    1. I know I vowed not to trash these people–but the Newtster supposedly married his geometry teacher and took up with her at 16? He had an affair with an intern? Newt, Newt…see SrDem above. If you wanted to be such a Cassanova, pick another profession.

  4. Hard to believe this is the best we have to go against the Obama/Media machine. We are in such deep shit in this country, facing the very distinct possibility of another four years of our very own transformer of America.
    I’m pissed at Christie, Ryan, and the other Republicans who didn’t want to volunteer to try to stave off this wave of leftist statism that is treacherously close to ending the America I grew up in.
    I don’t give a shit, Chris Christie, that YOU don’t feel it’s your time, or you’re not “ready”. We’ll be the judge of that, just put your rather large ass out there, and do something for the sake of this country. New Jersey will go on being a political cesspool without you, but you might have been able to rally this phony bastard out of Washington and back to Kailua to pen his next memoir. You blew your chance.
    And the same goes for you, Congressman Ryan. You have young kids? Aww, ain’t that cute, and you’d rather wait till it’s a more convenient time for the advancement of your career? Nice. Guess what? We needed you now. You’re done, too.
    Mitch Daniels? Wifey wasn’t on board? Well, that’s certainly more important than the country going down the shitter. We’ll wait around for you too. How does 2016 look in your book? Any time available?

    What a collection of patriots.

    1. you know, in VA with Romney versus Paul, it’s possible all the conservatives will vote for Paul and depending how the other votes go, reps could go into the convention with no clear winner, at which point some of the people who didn’t get into the race might find themselves up for nomination.

      Christie, while I like his style and economics, is socially liberal and going to rankle conservatives on some of the issues and they might go third party or stay home. If you don’t like Romney’s conservative history, you won’t like Christie.

  5. Disagree with you Keith. As you know, I’m no fan of Rick Perry’s politics, but he is not the idiot you make him out to be. He did an excellent job in Monday’s debate and he was the only candidate to stand up for the marines who expressed their displeasure with our enemy by taking a leak on them. My guess is the establishment GOP would have a whole different opinion of Perry if he threw his support behind Romney.

    The ABC interview with Gingrich’s ex-wife is despicable. Hope it backfires on them. Just more proof of how the sycophant press will drill down into the most minute detail of a Republican candidate’s life, yet they promote an unqualified Democrat candidate who could never be elected dog catcher if his past was revealed.

    By the way, Romney’s historic win in Iowa is a farce. Santorum won that race, but it doesn’t fit the establishment GOP’s scenario so they are calling it a wash. I’m as sick of the establishment GOP as I am the Democrats. Crooks and thieves…the whole bunch of them.

    1. The only one left that I would have the least fear of voting for is now Santorum.
      ABC did expose Newt’s history per his ex.
      It had to happen eventually, given Newt’s record. (Hell hath no fury,…etc.)
      That’s nothing to what Obama is prepared to do.
      I don’t know how willing Santorum is willing to take Obama to task, but, he better be willing to play dirty.

    1. …when in doubt, Whiskey. I already figure Im going to need a few cases to get thru the “election season”. And God help Us in Nov 2012 if… ( I just cant type that awful thought here :-| )

  6. Look at the last two Democratic presidents. Who ever heard of Bill Clinton or Obama until they became media darlings. And the media covered up, obfuscated, and cheerleaded for both of them.

    We ceased to be a nation ruled by law on February 13th, 1999. We became a nation ruled by the media.

    Is it any wonder no statesmen have arisen since 1992?

    1. Yeah–this is a tough room. Made money–you swine. Had more than one wife–you pig. Follow a minority faith–what is WRONG with you? Young–well, you must be stupid. Fat–well, you must be stupid. Female, black, brown or yellow–the nerve.

    1. William,
      I have several ex-wives, and no matter who’s fault it was that the marriages ended, they all still have a bitter taste in their mouths when it comes to me. One got pregnant by another man, and some how that was my fault, and the another got addicted to drugs and was sleeping with her supplier and again that was my fault.

      No offense to the women on this board, but it seems as if, no matter what happens in a marriage, when it ends it is the man’s fault. At least that was the experience in my case.

      1. Yeah, that’s pretty much my experience as well. Which is why I don’t put a whole lot of stock in Marianne Gingirch’s pronouncements. There’s one who can legitimately be mad at me (not for cheating, though, which I did not do), but the rest blame me despite the fact that they wanted to end it.

        1. Wow, I must be blessed. Just celebrated 40 years of marriage with my high school sweetheart. Better go give him a hug and tell him how lucky he is ;-)

      2. okay, that made me laugh for quite some time. How do women do that? If men cheat, it’s their fault. If women cheat, it’s the man’s fault. My advice, if it happens again, just say, “I don’t care, it’s my fault, I’m sorry, now leave.”

  7. Sorry to disagree! Newt inspires me to believe in our country again. He gives me hope! Romney gives me a sense of despair. Perry gave me another viewpoint to consider. Santorum gives me yet another viewpoint but does not seem like he is capable of managing a country.

    It may be politically incorrect but I do believe we need an washington insider! One who know how the system should work. One who understands the foundations of our government. Someone smart enough to stand up to the corrupt washington system. Someone to return it to it’s roots. And I believe that is Newt.

    The ABC interview…doubt I will watch. No credibility there. Wonder how much she is getting paid? The interview makes no difference and just shows how biased the media is. Just makes me even more sure Newt is who we need

    1. That’s old news and ABC is gleefully screwing the primary for the GOP
      who at this point don’t need any help in the circular firing squad department. At 61 many times I have sadly just pulled the lever with
      zero excitement but this year I cannot believe this is what we have to
      pick from. Very sad. Oh just remember the media has covered for the
      Democrats since FDR so this is hardly new.

  8. Read on Drudge that 8 Iowa Caucuses (Caucii???) cannot be certified….do it will be noted as a tie…but THAT doesn’t fit the lames’ paradigm that Romney “won” and Santorum “lost.”. So let’s all move on to Myth’s Coronation.

    ABC, if they had any integrity, would have either “dumped” the Marianne venom earlier or not at all.

    Perry’s dropping out and endorsing Newt on this of all days…to me, shows his poor timing and “take” on the political world around him. Santorum has grown on me. He is willing to take on the challenge; he is in many ways the antiObama. He went to state universities (transcripts should not be a problem); born in US; actually voted on Bills in House and Senate; and admits to sitting in Catholic Church for more than 20 years and admits he listened.

    I honestly DON’T blame Christie, Ryan or Palin for not wanting to jump into the political sewers.

    1. I like santorum too-I would vote for him over romney in a SECOND if newt tanks I think any $ that people would send to newt should go to santorum, he needs it

  9. Sure the candidates up there aren’t the best, but if we have even higher gas prices and still high unemployment come November, the challenger will win. If not, we seriously need to take away voting rights from people who don’t pay taxes.

      1. Good–bec I don’t pay taxes–I could make enough money to do so before this guy, though. Simple–and yet as disgustingly complicated and heartbreaking as that.

  10. To bad Perry did not campaign like the speech he just gave. Don’t know that I would have voted for him, but it was a great speech. Newt has baggage, but anyone who does not already know it must have lived under a rock when he was Speaker of The House…

  11. Not nice at all Keith, and very sophmoric of you.
    As far as doggish men and their mistresses, cheaters, girlfriends, etc. Where is the noise about The Adulterers Club – FDR, JFK and William Jefferson Clinton, just to name three who were elected to the highest office despite their selfish, immoral behavior. Unfortunately and to the glee of the Left, we keep focusing on crap like this instead of a serious conversation of how The Communist is going to be ejected from office this year.

    1. We took on each adulterer at the time or as we learned of it. Personally, I think character and judgment come into this equation –but I agree, it can be a salacious detour. Still…it’s not crap–a person is a sum of his or her destiny and decisions. In my opinion, anyhow.

  12. Just so you know, and I’m not shilling for any one candidate (I live in NJ, the land of the last primary voters) but Newt married Marianne after having an affair with her while being married to his first wife. Why should she be surprised he did it again?

    As for Perry, he may be the most conservative, he might have had some great ideas, but if you can’t articulate them to us commoners, you’re going to lose.

    1. The blond “gazer” wife better realize that this could happen to her no matter how many books he adds her to as coauthor–this is from me as a woman, not a commenter.

      1. I get a bad “ice queen” vibe from Newt’s wife: frigid, stuck-up & arrogant… She looks uncomfortable around lowly citizens/peasants at campaign events

  13. I find it interesting the media had no problem rooting out and publicizing Perry’s college transcripts.

    Wonder when they’ll do that for Barry’s transcripts?

    Theodoric of York, Meideval Reporter: Naaaaaaah!!!!

  14. I am still praying thatbthe one potential candidate who has already endured the political equivalent of a publicmamograms and a gynecological exam will reconsider.

    MILF 2012

      1. They got me with the story on the FLOTUS VPL but did you really believe a candidate assaulted in old woman with a weapon? The bar has really gotten low, hasn’t it?

  15. Keith,

    I disagree with your assessment of Perry. We, the people, seem to dislike smooth and slick, then we vote for smooth and slick over substance. So what if Perry stuck his foot in his mouth a couple of times during the beauty shows, as the number of contestants went down, his performances improved.

    I do agree we are left with a pathetic choice now. Huntsman and Perry, in my opinion, both had good records as governors and would have made good presidents. I don’t agree with all their positions, but then no one agrees with a candidate on everything. Read history, when republicans nominate governors, they win elections, well, unless their name is Dewey.

    What I don’t understand is why Perry picked today to drop out. He knows, tonite, the Gingrich crap is going to hit the fan after the debate, who knows how that will play. Newt might be toast and Perry could have picked up Newt’s voters. That is two candidates that dropped out at odd times; is there a story there?

  16. By the way, I give all candidates chops for trying–Perry included…All the flying, meetings, rubber chicken and yes, peas, waiting waiting sitting there, critiicism and slams, motels, hotels, scheming, worrying, where can I get some shaving cream, I am hungry, I have a headache, handshaking, trying to stay on top of other tasks at home, where’s my phone, it’s not charged, etc etc. It’s pretty mind boggling. We basically ask these people to he human sacrifices.

  17. So Keith, you say it’s a pathetic group. Who, in their right mind would run for POTUS anyway? Obama is protected by the media but it is open season on any Republican. Yes, they all need to be vetted but what has become of human decency? If you could pick anyone, someone actually eligible (you know, 2 parents who are US citizens, etc.), someone who’s actually a real conservative, who would it be?

  18. Character does matter and I don’t want an obnoxious blowhard as a President – I don’t care how smart he is. I still say it is more important to have a conservative house and senate and a President with business sense and yes one who can work with different sides of the isle. Newt will be nothing but a bully – don’t want that. Sorry all you Newt people. Perry seemed like a decent guy – but he was never ready for prime time. I’m also with Keith from yesterday and his comments about there being no Reagan this time around. I’m sorry there isn’t a Marco Rubio or a Paul Ryan, but who would want to subject their families to this – they can and will do great things in Congress. Let’s get an adult in the White House and one who isn’t a bully. Congress can provide the aded pressure to keep him honest.

    1. What you might be getting into…I am not too clear on Newt’s idea of hiring inner city students to be school janitors–bec you could get a lot of them for what it costs for one union adult–well, this contains a lot of unintended nuances and consequences, does it not? He just whipped it out. I can almost hear the “Whoa, wait a second” comments. From janitors, kids, parents who might want kids studying, from school boards, from groups who think many kids do have a work ethic but can’t find a job–what about minimum wage, safety, insurance, on and on.

  19. I usually like agreeing with you Keith, but this time I hate it. because this IS a really weak field, and that’s too bad. everybody should really just admit it and also admit that Romney’s the best of the bunch.

    he’ll be a good placeholder president. if he’s bad, Allen West might be ready to challenge him in 2016. if he’s good, Allen West will definitely be ready in 2020. if Obama is reelected, however, he’ll be president for 5 more years and that could just about do us in, if the Iranian nuclear weapon doesn’t.

  20. Pathetic is relative.Considering what’s in the WH. I’ll take any one of these guys, Perry included, over what we currently have occupying the WH.

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