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The Republican Keystone Victory

The often inept Republican congressional leadership was badly outflanked by President Obama during the year-end game of chicken over whether to agree to a two month extension of the payroll tax holiday.

But while Boehner & Bunch lost the battle, they did win a significant skirmish over to the side.

As you are probably aware, included in the payroll tax bill was a provision forcing Obama to decide within two months on whether to accept the current Keystone pipeline XL proposal. Wednesday, he declared it a no-go.

Obama East Room
I feel sorry for all these people clinging to their internal combustion engines. Photo by Keith Koffler

By making Obama actually, physically reject the Keystone XL pipeline, Republicans put him on record against the project.

Obama had niftily sought to merely delay a ruling until after 2013, after Election Day, claiming he wanted to wait until further environmental reviews were completed over at the State Department.

But now, the gentleman has voted nay. And so instead of a nebulous conflcit awaiting adjudication, the GOP has a tangible issue it can ride all the way to Election Day.

As political feasts go, this one has all the trimmings.

The hard hat vote is not going to be happy. The word is out that despite his avowed commitment to the working man and reducing unemployment, Obama has smacked down a project that would have created thousands of jobs.

No matter how many times Michelle pretends she’s interested in auto racing and runs out to be Grand Marshal at NASCAR races, the Obamas have their work cut out for them attracting white working class voters, the fabled Reagan Democrats whose jobs belong to the unions but whose hearts belong to the GOP.

What’s more, with the pipeline delayed, the Canadians may look for other place to send their oil, most notably CHINA.

You can see the grainy black and white ads now: “Obama Sends American Jobs to China!”

Of all places. China! RED China.

And there’s more. By failing to take a significant amount of oil from those friendly Canadians, Obama has helped maintain our reliance on the Death to America crowd.

Hu Jintao attempts to high five Obama for all the jobs and oil that may go to China.

Not mention that, after three years of studying the proposal, we gave the loyal Canucks the finger.

Sure, Obama pleased the enviros and his wealthy Prius-driving donors by rejecting Keystone.

But, while they certainly need a little poke in the behind to prod them along now and then, these people were already fully in step with the president.

Deeply ironic, all this, since contrary to what most people think, the Keystone pipeline is not dead. The company building it is simply going to reroute it and apply again for approval.

The new analysis will take about a year. But instead of getting to say he’s still thinking about things, Obama has made an actual decision. Which is often not a good thing for a politician, particularly when it loses jobs.

34 thoughts on “The Republican Keystone Victory”

  1. How ironic Obama released his first campaign ad blaming “secretive oil billionaires attacking resident Obama” on the same day he halted the Keystone pipeline and pulled the rug out from under the country’s goal of energy independence. What timing this loser has…

  2. With the _resisents rush for globalization the pentagon has awarded a huge contract to a Brazilian company (rife with scandal) thus shutting out more Americans jobs. Didn’t Oblowme just say something about “buy American?”

  3. This is not going to help with the price of gasoline. If it’s still high heading into the general election, it’s not going to bode well for his re-election changes (please, God, let the gas price soar, Amen).

    The Republicans made him make a decision; hopefully, they’ll include this in their fall campaign agianst him.

  4. MT for re-redistribution

    Obama has been sending jobs to China since he took office. Look at Southwest Windpower, who gladly accepted a $10million grant,essentially from the stimulus cash (after a shell game with GE). They used the $ to move their production to china. OUR TAX MONEY!

    Regarding getting nailed in a ‘rejection’, Keith, your article just shows that all the decisions these jackasses make are 99% geared toward their own political ends. Throw the whole country under the bus for the slightest reelection advantage. Makes me friggin’ sick!

  5. Obama’s specializes in bringing more people into the government fold, by handouts or jobs. He is the entitlement president, irrefutably. The denial of a pipeline that could have brought tens of thousands of jobs into an economy that has tanked will be hard to argue in the coming days. Blaming Repubs is satirical and beneath the dignity of most people unless they are politicians. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy

    1. PR guys couldn’t take the chance posing him near Dumbo – we couldn’t tell them apart.

      The man lives in a dream world and Disney Land seems ever so appropriate.

    2. OMG, the comments on that post are hysterical! My favorite might be the one about how he was wearing Mickey Mouse ears – oh, wait, those are HIS ears!

      If I had taken my young child to Disney and they shut down Main Street (and who knows what else) so this man could give a speech, I would NOT be a happy parent/voter!

      1. And D’World is spendy! Can you imagine saving up, having a certain amt of time, kids who don’t “understand” and having all this happen on your day? I would be hornetbasket mad if I were a parent there.

  6. Meanwhile, our Air Force has given a defense contract to Brazil for Airplanes, citing the other American bidder’s planes were not up to snuff. Ironically, the Air Force is currently using those self same planes now. Another 12, 000 jobs sent out of the country by this administration.

    1. How can that happen? DoD would allow a foreign company to build our military airplanes? We may never recover from all the damage these socialist democrats have visited on America.

      1. Screwed Kansas out of lots of jobs and money but I forget we don’t
        count as one of the 57 states stupid flyover country. That made me bit

  7. “the GOP has a tangible issue it can ride all the way to Election Day”

    The GOP has many “tangible” issues it can ride through to ED but the don’t and they wont’–WHY THE HECK NOT??? What is wrong with them–they are such whimps IMO!!!

    1. I have been asking that for awhile…
      Where Is the Republican LEADERSHIP to Attack (yes, I said ‘attack’ so calm down) Obama and show what a weak, pathetic, empty “leader” and self-centered, neo-socialist Obama really is???!!!

      1. Speaking of leadership…did anybody ever see the fearless leader of the house John Boehner on national TV making a statement about Obama’s violating the Constitution with his recent recess appointments? Me neither. I did see Nancy Pelosi though. Shows you which party has the cojones in Congress.

          1. At least he said something about the pipeline, as hang down defeatist as it was. Guess he was still on vacation when Obama made the unconstitutional recess appointments.

          2. Bonehead was probably at the tanning salon–you know the one that is now being heavily taxed thanks to Obamacare and from which govt employees are exempt!!!

  8. Focused like a laser 24/7 on ‘creating’ jobs for us middle and lower class peons, thats our Obammie. They only thing that empty suit is focused on is campaigning to keep his job for another four years, so he can finish us off.
    Where is Trumka and Hoffa, where is the outrage from all those ‘middle class warriors in the socialist democrat party?

    1. He made three illegal appointments to the NLRB to pay them back for the loss of jobs. The union bosses don’t give a flip about more jobs as long as they can control the outcome of every NLRB decision.

  9. Obama blames press for his ‘cold and aloof’ image. In Politico.

    Boy you just can’t make this stuff up nothing is his fault he is the male version
    of a Vestal Virgin. Makes me sick!

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