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Obama to Host Four Fundraisers in One Day

President Obama will hold an incredible four fundraisers today, spending five and a half hours on the ground in Manhattan rounding up cash from his well-heeled backers in the capital of liberaldom.

Obama has been on a fundraising blitz since the start of the year – and the end of a disappointing final quarter of 2011, which concluded with campaign manager Jim Messina scolding donors for failing to pony up.

By the close of business today, Obama will have held 11 fundraisers just this month, including a lunch in Washington with winners of a national raffle for a meal out with the president.

Two of the events were incredibly high-priced Washington affairs in which a couple of dozen donors were asked to contribute $45,000 to the obama campaign, the DNC, and a Democratic state elections committee.

Obama will start his fundraising marathon today at the swank Daniel restaurant in midtown, where he will hold two exclusive gatherings. Then it’s off to an unnamed private residence, followed by an obligatory fundraising appearance before regular folks at the Apollo Theater.

The president, who starts his day with a trip to Orlando to announce a tourism initiative, won’t return to the White House until 12:20 am.

Let’s hope he doesn’t get that 3 am phone call tonight.

21 thoughts on “Obama to Host Four Fundraisers in One Day”

  1. I guess he’ll have to sleep in tomorrow to get over all this work today. It must be hard to fly around the country, snarl traffic where ever you go and hold your hand out for cash. If this is what his work is now, can’t wait to see what he does as a lame duck.

  2. So between golf, vacation, and fundraising when does he actually work? He and Michelle are carpetbaggers, They are modern day Nero’s, and fiddle while our country burns. The sad part is the demographic trends in America will ensure the rabble will rule this country. We are becoming Rome where our politicians will provide bread and circuses to pacify the mob. I pray for our Republic.

  3. Imagine if he took the time to actually WORK and let his re-election be based on merit rather than who has the most cash to hand out to buy votes……….

  4. Great article Keith, you keep chasing him with your torch.
    I watched his first campaign ad today ( Hot Air ): secret oil billionaires are coming after Obama. To me it looks like it is Obama who is running after the billionaires with beggars wallet in hand.

  5. I have more hope & change in Ronald Mcdonald !… that clown delivers !
    ..obozo is more like the hamburglar who never gets caught…

  6. This mad dash for cash smacks of desperation. Tonight is the final Republican debate before South Carolina, and this little weasel just has to upstage them so he’s the one in the limelight. Wonder if he realizes or cares how pathetic and shallow he appears as he’s groveling for money from the same people he demonizes in his speeches to the lemmings.

  7. A local Orlando news station had all the details of the lockdowns, road and park closures. It’s affecting thousands of locals, tourists and Disney workers.

    Obama is literally shutting down “Main Street” which seems to be his only accomplishment the past few years :(

    And tonight, he’ll do the same to midtown manhattan….at rush hour. Must be good to be King.

    1. I don’t suppose we could go back to public financing only–no Scrooge Mcducky PACs, either…Just say what you want to say, what you would do… [rhetorical–of COURSE, we can’t]

    2. I watched the doomsday movie 2012 last night wishing Danny Glover was our President :) I just didn’t see our Obama staying behind with the White House and staff that couldn’t be evacuated. He’d be the first one on AF1 !

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  9. There is not one candidate who isn’t raising money. Why so hard on this one? As to his holding fundraisers on the night of the last debate before South Carolina’s primary, the people going to the fundraisers are not the same people watching the debate. No thunder is being taken from anyone. Raising money is a part of campaigning, for better or worse. It is stupid to fault any candidate for doing it. You simply cannot be elected without money to campaign.

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