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Republicans: Ronald Reagan is Not Coming Back

A kind of nostalgia has gripped Republicans, permeating their souls and infecting their judgment.

I see it constantly in the various venues where conservatives comment and vent.

They believe that the best solution for the GOP is for someone like Ronald Reagan, espousing conservative ideas and with cheerful and yet forceful charisma, to take on the most liberal president in history.

They’re right.

They also believe that somehow this person is running for president today. They cling hysterically to one candidate and then another, praying that someplace within him or her resides the soul of The Gipper, sure to emerge as the primary season and the debates beckon it forth.

They are wrong.

Ronald Reagan is not running in this election. None of the candidates are remotely like him. They are strict ideologues or hypocrites claiming to deplore practices they themselves have engaged in. The one who is likely to win the nomination has shifted right and left when it suited his political purposes.

Reagan was none of these things.

Republicans need to come to the conclusion that they will have to settle for something less.

Here’s a video to remind you of what was.

Reagan tells a joke about Democrats that none of today’s candidates – whether the Republicans or the sitting president – could tell about the other Party. Reagan could because Reagan had a sense of irony, judgment, and magnanimity needed in a leader – qualities all of these lesser beings lack.

Democrats knew he was just ribbing them, not bashing their heads in. That’s why many of them worked with him to pass his greatest legislative achievements and followed him as he led the country.

Enjoy the video.

And then say goodbye.

H/T to Twitter user Justin McCall, who tweets as @trucker4America, for unearthing this video.

97 Responses to Republicans: Ronald Reagan is Not Coming Back

  1. Keith, Keith, Keith, you are misguided.

    You slam Romney (without naming him) by saying

    “The one who is likely to win the nomination has shifted right and left when it suited his political purposes.”

    That’s unfair and slanted. You can’t accomplish anything if you don’t win and if you don’t get your legislation through. That requires COMPROMISE. Santorum is a political ideologue who got slammed in his re-election bid in PA. He would get crushed in a general election.

    • Sorry but you’re wrong, simple as that. It’s Romney who’s going to get crushed because the conservative base is not going to turn out no matter how much he lies about his new found conservatism. I’m not voting for him under any circumstance and everyone I know to a person is saying the very same thing; Mitt Romney, Barack Obama not bit of difference between then and we’re just not going to participate in that charade of an election.

        • No you’re wrong and Lisa is as well. Any conservative who believes for a single solitary second Mitt Romney is in any way a conservative is simply not seeing the facts for what they are and letting campaign rhetoric cloud their judgment.

          Sure Romney has all the talking points down pat for the campaign but since when does any rational thinking person take campaign talk at face value? His record as Governor is a crystal clear as it gets and serves as ample evidence he doesn’t believe in any of what he’s saying today.

          He’s a cold-blooded hard-core leftist wolf in conservative sheep’s clothing and nobody who’s ever signed the gun banning legislation and state health take over he did should ever get a vote from someone claiming to be conservative.

          Like everyone I know there be no vote for Mitt Romney next November. The moment he should win the nomination my voter registration change will be in the mail, the talk radio stations will be turned off, the political web-site bookmarks will be deleted and I will completely unplug from the process, be done with the Republican Party for good and accept that the country is lost and there’s simply nothing left to do about it and prepare to try and riding out the storm.

          • Good luck, then, Paul with Obama appoints a few more justices to the Supreme Court.

            Romney is not “my” conservative, but the idea that he is a liberal is just silly.

          • Hey stupid, as Governor Romney picked judges and guess what, they were exactly like the judges Obama nominates…

            No difference what so ever.

            Your belief that there will be any difference between how Romney would function as President and how Obama HAS acted as President is base on wishful thinking, lies and campaign rhetoric… his record as Governor makes it crystal clear will behave exactly the same, appoint the same left wing anti-Constitutionalists as judge and pander to the same left-wing constituencies and stomp all over conservative he’ll know people like you will have no place else to go.

          • Again, Romney’s record as Governor is a crystal clear as it gets… it’s that of a hard core leftists.

            If you, or anyone else chooses to ignore that record and instead believe a candidate of office’s campaign rhetoric what else is there to call it?

            There is simply no doubt about Romney’s radical left record as Governor and only fools will try to convinces themselves and other his words today are more telling than is actions then.

          • Stupid? I don’t THINK so. Maybe you would not vote for Romney against this character in there now, but I am old and have thrashed around in a hugely imperfect world for many decades, and will vote for ANYONE against what we have now. We need a new start–new takes–management skill. And you can stop with the name calling right now. It’s tiresome.

          • Gawd, I can’t believe I’m defending Mitt Romney, but here goes:

            As governor he balanced the budget. He didn’t raise taxes. He went from a budget deficit into a surplus. And he had a democratic super-majority in the state legislator.

          • IMO that’s a childish and ignorant assessment and plan of ‘inaction’. And intellectually lazy unless you think Romney is a Manchurian candidate, and apparently you do.

          • “Romney signed a bill which banned assault weapons in Massachusetts. He does not believe in a nation-wide assault weapon ban. States issue.”

            Wow, what a compelling argument … were it not for the FACT that Romney is on record repeatedly saying he supported Bill Clinton signing the federal so-called assault weapons ban and repeatedly said he’d do the same as President. But wait he joined the NRA last year and NOW says he won’t.

            Mmmmm tough call here signed the bill as Governor, said he’d do as President but says now he won’t – what’s a conservative to do?

            Again, if you believe anything of the things Mitt Romney says today that directly contradict his past actions and statements then in for a rude awakening and a whole lot of disappointment should he manage to win some how.

            The man is the cravenly political chameleon I’ve ever seen in my three plus decades of following politics

          • Really now, then using Mitt Romney’s record enlighten us with the “differences” won’t you?

            Oh wait there some differences I can think of like for instance Barack Obama hasn’t crafted, supported and then signed anti-Second Amendment legislation that bans guns like Mitt Romney did so there’s that difference.

            And I suppose one could argue that Barack Obama didn’t come up with the legislation we know as Obamacare, Mitt Romney did and Obama merely followed his example.

            Yeah sure differences that are sure to come up in the campaign and ensure most conservatives will stay home on election day.

          • Barack Obama didn’t come up with the legislation we know as Obamacare, Mitt Romney did and Obama merely followed his example.

            Romney has pointed out many times that crafting a health care stance a state can manage is a state function, not national, and even then that he would do some of it differently–and also would repeal Obamacare–so please quit trying to woof us.

          • “Romney has pointed out many times that crafting a health care stance a state can manage is a state function, not national, and even then that he would do some of it differently–and also would repeal Obamacare–so please quit trying to woof us.”

            It’s you who’s trying to BS us. Here we are again, let’s concede the point about state’s right and stick to the core of the problem which is we have his actions as Governor which at the very least gives us insight into how he views individuals in relationship to the authority of the state and how he would/has govern(ed) …

            and then we have his campaign talking points.

            Boy oh boy it’s a good thing people running for office NEVER lie to get elected because then it would be really tough to know what would happen were he to get elected.

            Anyone who believes Mitt Romney when he claims he’ll repeal Obamacare, the plane he created, is as naive a fool as there can be.

            I absolutely guarantee that shortly after Romney wins the nomination and he starts running again Obama the words repeal will never be uttered again and the talk will be of “fixing” Obamacare …

            And then you’ll realize at that moment you got duped and we’re all screwed.

          • Really? My study of events says otherwise. Time will tell. You are not my authority nor am I particularly impressed at this point. How, for instance, is not voting going to help–or gathering up your guns–or whatever you have in mind? This is the big reality show, Paul–the one that counts.

          • I don’t recall ever saying not voting would help, but at least my conscious will be clear knowing I didn’t have a hand in supporting either of two men who pose an existential and imminent threat to the future of the nation.

            In fact I said I see no difference between Romney and Obama as candidates and by inference I mean I see the same result from either one in the White House.

            Sometimes there just is not good to come and one has to make a choice between playing party games or retaining their integrity.

            I’ll chose integrity if Romney is the nominee.

          • OK–that’s your choice. Will “integrity” be on the ballot? I guess the rest of us who vote will lack it. I will take my chances and exercise my franchise. But make no mistake–you will be choosing Obama if you don’t vote otherwise.

          • “I guess the rest of us who vote will lack it.”

            Oh no not at all, say what you want about the left and the repeated failure of their ideas they always seem to have someone on the ballot to vote for who shares them and do so.

            If you believe the almighty government is the solution to yours and society’s every ill, if you think bureaucrats make better choices than individuals for their lives, if you think the US Constitution is obsolete, capitalism is l only for rich people and socialism works you’ll have two excellent candidates to chose from in a Romney Obama matchup and can do so quite comfortably.

            The only people who’s integrity I’d question are those who are willing to vote for someone who stands in complete opposition to everything they SAY they believe in just to beat the other party’s guy.

            Those are the people who are screwing the country.

          • Paul, Cut off your nose to spite your face.
            I see you are leaning toward voting present.
            Turn away from the computer, bring yourself’ back out into the light of day. Your type written words remind me of someone who has a chip on their shoulder. Please calm down, your high blood pressure is not good for you. Peace be with you.

          • “Paul, Cut off your nose to spite your face. ”

            Refusing to vote for a Marxist just to replace another Marxist is not cutting off my nose.

            It’s acceptance of the fact that the country is lost and nothing I can do can prevent it from walking down the path to it’s certain destruction.

            My blood pressure is just fine and I’m not the one who’s going to be sick or weeping when a hypothetical President Romney bends his voters over a barrel and gives them the Obama treatment good and hard.

          • Gross. Well, I have nothing more–and nothing you said made me think or ponder. I like to think and ponder. And I am sick and weeping now….You just state broad conclusions as facts–and they are your opinion. AND–unless you decamp to Belize or someplace you will be living in the country we vote in, for better or worse.

          • Oh–and you wanted reasons Romney would not end up in the same place as Obama…
            As Lizzy said–he likes America, if only because he did well here in profit and non–profit capacities.
            He knows the business world–and not just as potential contributors.
            He thinks big (let’s jump into the failing company game) –but not crazy wild–like being leader of the world.
            Yes, he is a gawk sometimes–lots of people are–they are serious, stiff, bashful even. Obama is never funny–Mitt might not be either. I suspect not.
            But I actually believe he would do his best, get up early, and Congress would be a countervailing force…balance…
            And he is not snippy, mean, and snide that I can see…
            [I reserve the right to revise and extend these remarks if he gets elected.]

          • You’ve persuaded me not to vote. :) Tell Barry or George to give you a raise for your convincing arguments and devotion to slamming Romney.
            Honestly Paul you can rant and rave all you want here, it’s your right, but I don’t think you are going to succeed in your demeaning of any Republican to anyone who knows what’s going on in this country under his excellency, the POTUS…..
            I choose to vote because it my right as an American citizen.
            Thank you for your time.

          • In which race Susan, the Republican primary or the hypothetical general election?

            Living in Pennsylvania as I do I almost never have the opportunity to have a say and the nomination is sewn up before I get to vote in the primary so I don’t waste a lot of time picking a favorite that I’ll never see on a ballot.

            I went into the primary season with the idea that I’d willingly vote for any of the conservative(ish) candidates that might emerge, Gingrich, Perry, Santorum, Cain, Bachmann (and a few others who chose not to run at all) but I would not vote for any of the RINOs running … not Obama’s plant John Huntsman, not Tim Pawlenty and certainly not Mitt Romney.

            If it’s a race between Romney and Obama in the general election I see so horse worth backing.

          • The reason I ask is because it seems like only Ron Paul supporters are willing to surrender our republic if their candidate doesn’t get the nod. I’m from Texas and I know Ron Paul has never been a conservative. He is a libertarian. He has denounced Lincoln, our first Republican president, as well as Reagan. He is more aligned with politicians like Dennis Kucinich. In fact, he once said he would consider Dennis as a running mate. Please realize Ron Paul will never become the Republican nominee. He is too far right for the American electorate to ever elect him as president.

          • Just the fact that Romney recognizes that there could be States’ issues vs. Federal issues makes him a different species than Obama. Big O still counts 57 states, and thinks that’s 56 too many.

          • Paul,

            It almost sounds as if you are trying to encourage the conservative movement in this country to just hang it up if Romney is the GOP candidate, and let Obama win.

            While Romney may not be the best choice, if the GOP keeps control of the House and makes gains in the Senate then any, as you put it, “cold-blooded hard-core leftist” agenda that Romney might bring to the table could and would be moderated. I cannot see any GOP president trying to run the country by fiat as Obama is attempting to do.

            Are you in fact a cold-blooded hard-core leftist and simply here to spread discontent amongst a more and more disenfranchised majority? What is YOUR real agenda? We know what Obama and his minions agenda is, and we have an idea of what Romney’s is, and truthfully I would rather take the chance with Romney than Obama. At least Romney has had a real job over the years, and has actually led something other than a campaign.

          • “Paul, It almost sounds as if you are trying to encourage the conservative movement in this country to just hang it up if Romney is the GOP candidate,”

            I’m not trying to convince you of anything I’m telling you what I’m hearing on the ground where I live and what WILL happen if Romney is the nominee.

            Let me clarify the situation for you a bit; I live in South Western Pennsylvania which is a heavily Democrat but conservative region that regularly votes Republican when the candidate is a conservative.

            I’ve been active in politics in this region since 1978 and active in the Republican Party since 1985 when I switched parties. The number of people who’ve told me outright in the last month that if Mitt Romney is the nominee they will not be voting is in the triple digits.

            At the gun club where I am a life member and visit several times a week, often to talk politics, Barack Obama is universally despised by Republicans and Democrats as well the same sentiment is expressed on a regular basis, they will not be voting if Mitt Romney is the nominee.

            If Mitt Romney is the nominee expect a unmitigated disaster with Obama winning and Democrats regaining the House because nobody is buying his sudden conversion to conservatism.

          • Paul,

            S/W PA? Where? The 12th district that elected John Murtha for years? The same Murtha that was a crooked as any in the Obama administration? You say you changed parties in ’85, yet the “conservatives” that you claim to populate S/W PA kept electing a crook and leftist for years. So where is this conservative base you claim? I know plenty of people from Butler, Sharpesville, Sharon, Washington, Pittsburgh, and a lot of them still, while clinging to their guns and God, still vote “D”.

            Please try and not paint this election with such a wide brush. Romney is not the perfect candidate, but I would still rather have a RINO at this point than an Obama.

          • The area I live in is in Northern Allegheny County bordering on Butler County (recently rated as one of the top ten most conservative counties in the country) is represented by two conservative Republican state representatives in, my township council is exclusively Republican, the school board is 90% so and until 2006 we were represented by Republican Melissa Hart in the US House.

            The seat of which you speak was recently merged with Hart’s old PA-4 seat as part of redistricting and will see current Democrat occupants Altmire and Critz face off in a primary battle in what was supposed to be a pick up for us Republicans in November…

            That was before Mitt Romney started to win in the primaries.

            With him at the top of the ticket and our resultant reduced expectations for Republican turn out as well as those pro-life and pro-second amendment Democrats who usually cross party lines to vote Republican on those issues but are now lining who will likely vote for which ever Democrat wins the primary battle it’s looking more and more like what was a sure thing is going to be a Democrat win instead.

            I can count on my fingers the number of usually reliable Republican voters who say they’ll vote for Romney in November while for everyone of them I have about 30 who say they will not vote at all if he’s the nominee.

            I’m telling you right now, not only will Mitt Romney lose to Obama but he may very well help drive a stake through the heart of the Republican Party.

          • I cannot personally see Romney doing an about-face and acting liberal as President.
            He is as conservative as one can be in the Northeast. Politicians are SUPPOSED to represent their people, not their peronal agendas. Those idiots wanted health care, he moderated it. I wonder if Arnold would have been more successful if he could work with the CA legislature, but they are too far over the moon for ANYONE to work with, probably.
            And Keith, thanks for that great video. Was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same tiem.

    • I’m old enough to remember when Reagan was hated by Democrats. Jeffrey Lord wrote a great article about that hatred around the time Obama was trying to co-opt his legacy.

      For the record, I’ll vote for whoever wins the Republican nomination. Like Mark Levin always says, I will vote for an orange juice can over Obama. If Romney becomes the nominee so be it, but at least give those of us out here in flyover country a chance to have our say.

      • I agree Susan. If Bill Clinton ran as a republican, I would vote for him over Obama in a heartbeat. At least Clinton was financially responsible. Obama is white trash compared to bubba.

        • Hilarious comment. Obama being white trash compared to Clinton. SO TRUE. Those Chicago folk will suck on the teat until the milk is gone and the host dies. Illinois is in line behind California. Hmm, wonder when we realize the states with the biggest cities and Demo leadership are BROKE?
          And to further the white trash comment, Moochelle. Need I say more?

  2. Yeah we conservatives know that there’s not an ideal candidate in this race and we’d have to settle to one degree or another. I would/could have accepted that and voted for Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann, Perry or Cain but voting for Mitt Romney is not an option to anyone who is truly a conservative. Settling for less than ideal in different than selling out completely and voting for a left-wing, gun grabbing, big government solutions Republican version of Barack Obama like Mitt Romney.

    Sorry, if I wanted to vote for radical left wingers I could have stayed in the Democrat Party and if Romney is the nominee not only will I not be voting for him I’m likely going to change my party registration and wash my hands of the Republicans as well. There’s a point at which ones own personal integrity and maintaining core values is more important than any out come and if I left the Democrats in the 80’s when they stopped representing my values and beliefs then it is essential I do the same with the Republicans when they do the same by nominating someone like Mitt Romney.

    It simply makes no difference to me what so ever if the left-wing ideologue destroying the country, ignoring the Constitution and stripping me of my right belongs to a particular party.

  3. I’m a former Dem thanks to their primary politics of 2008 which gave us the very UN-vetted Obama. How’s that working out for us?

    I will vote for a potted plant over Obama, I’m ABO all the way !

  4. 2012 is going to be the last hurrah for the Republican party and, indeed, the once great United States of America, Romney is the only candidate who stands a ghost of a chance against the commie community organizer. Unfortunately, the odds of Romney taking Obama down
    are now almost nil. Nevertheless, we all need to get out there and vote – another 4 years of Obama is unthinkable.

    Think of Romney as an interim choice to put us in a holding pattern until 2016. Cuomo will be the likely choice for DEMS….and it gives the R’s four MORE years to come up with a decent candidate! God knows they have screwed it up royally for the past 2 elections! There MUST be someone out there!


    • “2012 is going to be the last hurrah for the Republican party and, indeed, the once great United States of America, Romney is the only candidate who stands a ghost of a chance against the commie community organizer. ”

      Yeah, wooo hooo save the country from the commie Democrat in the White House by replacing him with a commie Republican! Great plan.

      Like it or not, if Mitt Romney is the Republican’s nominee there’s going to be a commie in the White House for at least the next four years and the country is screwed no matter who wins the election.

      The sooner you realize that truth and accept it the easier it’ll be dealing with the unfortunate consequences of two commies running against each other.

  5. I can not vote but I still take a great interest in the election for personal reasons and for the global importance of it. And I, if I am allowed, wish that the nomination was over and that Romney is the candidate and that he picks an exciting person as Vice President because now it is time to focus on Obama. And then, with the best PR organisation that money can buy, with clever and ruthless campaign strategists, I hope the Republicans unite and go after Obama and destroy him. He and his gang simply can not be allowed to stay four more years.

      • I was never a big Reagan fan–very high interest rates on credit cards but not savings, lots of yack over his wife’s astrologer and purchase of dishes, long, slow-spoken speeches…I was in DC at the time and was in fact, a lobbyist for a right-wing group of manufacturers–we supported him all the way, but he was no all-encompassing man for all seasons. At least in real time–maybe in memory.

  6. There may not be a Reagan in this race, but what I’m looking for is someone with the fire in the belly. I saw some of that fire in Monday’s Fox debate. I’m still not giving up hope that we can nominate a conservative. It isn’t over till the fat lady sings and she’s not even warming up yet. There have been two primaries so far. Iowa was a wash because zero delegates were awarded and Romney won by the skin of his teeth. New Hampshire is a liberal northeastern state. Less than 50% of the voters in the Republican primary were registered Republicans, and Romney won a whopping 12 delegates. Approximately 1145 delegates are needed to win the nomination. Reagan won South Carolina in 1980, but since that time the state has become notorious for selecting the establishment candidate. Media pundits are saying it is all over when Romney wins Florida, but I disagree. The southern states should have a say in who gets the nomination and that hasn’t happened in a very long time.

    South Carolina has been a hotbed for the Tea Party movement and I’m hoping they will shake things up and give the rest of flyover country a chance to have our say this time around. Last night Sarah Palin told Sean Hannity if she was a South Carolinian she would vote for Newt to keep the fight going. I’m only hoping enough patriots in South Carolina were listening to her.

  7. I am going to vote for ABO and I think when Nov comes around most
    Republicans will do the same. It won’t be the first or last time we’ve not had a
    really strong clear candidate. But to stay home and let Obama win well you can just bend over and kiss America goodbye. Oh it’s my 61st Birthday and I
    had cottage cheese for lunch. But sadly I was unable to find my $795 L ‘Wren
    Scott 3 sizes too small sweater to celebrate in darn so my PJ’s will do:)

    • “But to stay home and let Obama win well you can just bend over and kiss America goodbye.”

      I’ve yet to hear anyone give a reason, let a lone a compelling one, why you think President Romney will not result in the same thing?

      The same policies will give the same results regardless who enacts them and you’re only deluding yourself if you think you won’t be kissing America goodbye with Mitt Romney in the White House.

      Regardless what he claims on the campaign trail every shred of evidence says Mitt Romney will carry out the very same policies Obama has.

      • I doubt he would go around bowing and apologizing for America I believe he loves this country and what we stand for he would not do the
        things both Obama’s have insulting and divisive. No he’s not perfect but
        I don’t think you can compare him to Obama. My opinion and as of today I can still have one.

    • Happy Birthday Lizzy! Find some way to pamper yourself today. I like to take a long, leisurely bubble bath and let hubby take charge of preparing dinner. Whatever you do to celebrate, have a wonderful birthday.

  8. Back in PrezReagan’s time, I was not just a Dem-in-Name-Only as I am today, and I didn’t find his policies or agenda to be anything but an elite, establishment Repub blueprint for America. I used to cringe every time he appeared in public with MrsReagan by his side; the only thing keeping her from looking like a love-struck puppy was that she didn’t have a wagging-tail.

    Today, the Dems have moved so far to the left that they might be rightfully compared to a Marxist, Socialist or Communist society. I’m voting to remove this kind of political movement from our Federal government by voting for whomever the Repubs nominate as their candidate.
    Who, whom, ever.

  9. Great piece Mr. Koffler, as the fear grows that the worst, weakest and more opportunist socialist president ever to seat in the WH and even after he has proven beyond any doubts that during his tenure deliberately he has misgoverned this great nation to its worst historical levels t is why the single thought that he could possibly be reelected because there so far can’t be found a single GOP candidate (or any other American loving candidate) that can explain the obvious to the American people is most frustrating. I, as someone who suffered first hand under a communist system, who reached freedom because luckily in my time there was the vertical US, standing tall, now to say the least I am simply terrified to even consider the possibility that this Tartuffe could have a second chance to give the final blow to the country I love and respect is just unthinkable.

  10. “Republicans need to come to the conclusion that they will have to settle for something less.”

    Following up on Keith’s comment above – a quote from Rumsfeld:

    You go to war with the army you have – not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time.

    We are at war philosphically speaking. This will be a series of battles, the first one is for POTUS and the other campaign is the Senate. An aging SCOTUS is the final campaign – how many Kagans, Sotomyers can we afford in our future – none. Protect your flanks, ladies and gentlemen, half a loaf is not better – we need at least two-thirds. November 2012 is the opening salvo – no ducking no covering and NO Obama.

  11. Honestly, I do know some people who were seriously injured by a decision by the Reagan Administration. They honestly have not yet recovered. The husband has really hard problems when he hears Reagan being lauded. He voted for Reagan. However, the truth is that not everything that Reagan did worked out well for some people.

  12. I agree with you, Romney is going to keep obamama care but his going to change the name to romneycare. The biggest problem i’m having is the same rhino action McCain would of given us. and McCain lost his junk,if he had them,in the debate with obama. The Gipper was a one time gift to America. Right now i don’t see the one man that will go into office and if the republicain’s take both house’s, anything of the Gipper’s agenda will come true. This Government has a need for power on both sides of the of the fence. Its going to take many years to clean out the liberal/ socialist agenda, only thing left, is the American people hold government’s feet to the fire everyday. We have not heard anyone ending the un-elected (epa) law (regulation’s) makers that has push our small business to the waste side. If Americans want a Romney in office, they are listening to the rhino’s/main stream media,on tv, then; the same old stuff out of Government will not change. Keith i agree with your point of “suiting his political purposes”.

  13. I miss President Reagan very much. He was the second Presidential vote, in my life, and have never had such conviction in the booth since.