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Valerie Jarrett Has a Secret Service Detail?

Senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett apparently has Secret Service protection.

This is highly unusual, and of course, costly. I’ve never really heard of someone who is merely a senior White House aide getting assigned Secret Service agents.

My understanding is that at the senior levels of the Bush White House, at least during the latter days, only the president and his family, the vice president, the chief of staff, the national security adviser, and the homeland security adviser were assigned Secret Service agents.

It’s possible that Jarrett has received enough specific and credible threats to justify Secret Service protection, or that the Secret Service has for some other reason calculated that she needs bodyguards. But it’s also possible this is a case of oddly overdoing it – and overusing taxpayer resources.

Is she really such a public figure? I’m sure 90 percent of Americans have little to no idea who she is. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is far better known and spends his time warning terrorists and our foreign adversaries about bad behavior while trumpeting the killing of Osama Bin Laden. I’m sure he does not have protection.

According to a local report, Jarrett was accompanied by at least two Secret Service agents during her pre-Martin Luther King Day appearance in Atlanta Sunday, where she bashed Republicans in church.

One source of mine, who is knowledgable about what a Secret Service detail would look like, said he spotted Jarrett at Reagan National Airport with her protection as she departed Washington just before Christmas.

After watching her blow past a long line at the security gate, he noticed she had one Secret Service agent in back and the other in front, with someone who was possibly a third agent to her side.

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  1. Lets hope (pray?) the Secret Service is responsible for this and acting on the credible threat theory. If its some sort of perk designed to inflate egos, it should be stopped.

      1. If you took all the material in his his special hat in order to decode his perceived recieved messages this guy would have enough tin-foil to build a space shuttle.

        What a fruit-cake

        1. There must be a great deal of truth to it. He or she exposes the Osama Obama Biden (Bi)nla(den) connection. I noticed that the Drudge Report had to drop the link to the story which says a lot.

    1. Dang dude, you troll on here, as well? Folks, this guys site is a great comedy routine! He stretches reality like a taffy pull. I see him all over the ‘net. He is just too funny! Steve, take your meds and go to sleep. This isn’t, I think you got lost! Peace be upon us…

      1. Let’s just imagine Karl Rove with SS protection and the lib out cry! Don’t try to tell me he didn’t get death threats…he still gets them even though he’s been out of the White House more than 4 years. How’s that for a computer generated comment? ;)

      2. You are so cute…wanna give you a big old hug! REALLY tighly! People like you make infowars look like a pack of nutters. Your pictures on your site don’t even resemble each other. You believe the entire courtroom at the Casey Anthony trial was a group of actors! But hey, whatever, it’s sort of a free country…

        1. People like you posting on infowars, I should say. Trust me, the moths flying out of my wallet would tell you, since I’m sure you can hear them, that there is not a dime of government money in MY house. Sorry, “Steve.” But you are quite obviously insane…toodles!

          1. Hey look it’s undercover agent Shawn “the chitstain” McDonald. Find some new laws to break today chitstain? I heard about the traffic coming into the Palin story and saw your language all over this thread. Quit hiding in the shadows tough guy.

    2. (To the sound of whirring motors) I…don’t…believe…a…word…you…said…(More sounds of whirring motors) said…said…said (Smoke).

  2. Val is the second most powerful person in the WH , after Michelle . Barry is their sock puppet . Apply that truth as Occam’s Razor to explain the shenanigans of this crew and the scales will fall off your eyes .

  3. Val is Barry’s “office wife”. She is also a race-baiting shill for the Dems. The race card is being employed already and will be used to maximum effect by this ruthless thugocracy. When is the IRS going to investigate these black churches for their political activity?

    1. Answer: Never. There are two standards in this country, a lax one for Cultural Marxist/Crypto Fascist Liberals and a stringent one for Constitutional Conservatives. To the Left the law is not a uniform instrument to establish justice but rather a blunt force trauma weapon to be used to bludgeon the opposition into silence. You can have a Democrat voter drive after a pro-Democrat party sermon in a Liberal church but you cannot preach against human depravity in a conservative Evengelical Assembly. Again, in the hands of the Obama thugorcracy, the law is nothing but a club to beat opponents into silence and a razor to seperate the productive from their wealth.

    2. I was hoping someoen had asked about the IRS wrt liberals using churches for pure political speech. There’s no way any conservative could have gotten away with this.

  4. Never heard of her, so she can’t possibly be anyone of any significance. Niether is Pelosi. Tell me something: If Pelosi was ever held for ransom what possible info could she have that would be damaging to reveal?? LOL, the answer is NONE!

    1. Pelo knows when to buy-and-sell Visa stock and Obamacare Waivers very well. Also her expertise on hopping free flights with gourmet food and drink should not be let out to the wider congressional delegation.

    2. Val is just the White House Iranian … there to make the “little Jakarta street kid” feel more at home.

      The truth is that both Barky and Val need heavy security, but they should be wearing jumpsuits and the security is to protect the world from them.

  5. tex g: how hard was it for you to type that peering through two eye holes cut into a hooded white sheet? It must be very hard for you to to get through the day fueled by such angry venom. You are pitiful.

    1. Perhaps, instead of trying to be witty and calling him names, you could actually make an attempt to refute his statement?

      A daunting task to be sure. But if you aren’t up to it, just be quiet instead…..

  6. So great is America’s hatred of the obamas and his apparatchik I doubt any of the communist regime could walk the street and survive without protection

  7. What a waste. The Pres and Fam I understand, but these other clowns are just on an ego trip.

    Valerie, Please use the phone book next time you are in need of some male escorts.

  8. Were the agents assigned before or after her “hypocrite-in-chief” speech at Ebeneezer Baptist Church where she did not exactly observe separation of church and state? It might have become necessary.

    1. Look up legal definition of “church” in a law dictionary. The so-called “separation of church and state” is a Liberal fabrication and a smoke screen for the unconstitutional forcable exclusion of Judeo-Christian Biblical reasoning from debate in the public square. It is nothing more and nothing less.

  9. Secret service is always in force to protect the Prez. Well it is out in the open who the real prez is now. Attitude is everything in this guvment and their is plenty to go around in this administration.

  10. Another point about Jarrett at the church in Atanta…was that not a political speech to a group that has non-profit tax exemption?
    She has been accorded a status that is unprecedented in America.
    Detest the sight of her!!!!!

  11. ENOUGH of this drivel… While we blow-out our expletives toward this socialist, race-baiting SCUM, WE LOSE TIME … WE ( conservatives ) have GOT to solidify ourselves – START RIGHT NOW, and do the following:
    1) PURGE any socialist scum from your payrolls ( if they supported Obama, then they probably did so, USING YOUR TIME CLOCK, COPIER, PHONES, ET CETERA )… additionally, they probably are using YOUR time while @ work to support that punk in the whitehouse – MONEY THEY EARN FROM YOU IS USED IN PART TO SUPPORT THAT IDIOT & RACISTS LIKE JARRETT. STOP THAT INCOME STREAM… You have the right to follow the law & TERMINATE those from your employment who are not performing. DO IT LEGALLY and in accordance with Labor Laws.

    2) PREPARE your fellow conservatives for the final vote… ENCOURAGE THEM to vote for their FAVORITE in in the primary, WHILE REMINDING THEM that REGARDLESS of who wins, they MUST hold their nose & vote for ANYONE running against that SCUM in the whitehouse.
    We MUST defeat this socialist, racist scum in the whitehouse, and we’ve GOT to do it LEGALLY, PROPERLY & in accordance with election law or we will NEVER HEAR THE END OF THE RACIST BULL-EXHAUST that will follow. It’s prolly going to happen anyway. When Obama loses, it WILL NOT be because he’s a socialist moron who quadrupled debt, subverted the constitution, violated federal law, ignored court orders, and assisted the attorney general in covering-up Fast & Furious, somehow it will be because the people who didn’t want 4 more years of this bull-exhaust is either a racist or an Uncle Tom.
    Democrats: Aren’t you proud of your LIAR-IN-CHIEF ??
    Conservatives: Billboards / yard signs / leaflets / airplane banners / radio ads in your towns

  12. Separation of Church and state, val and the rev give MLK a bad name in his own church. Noticed the rev played the race card when he couldn’t deny that more folks are own food stamps than ever. Also he was preaching to a “self licking ice cream cone” crowd. They will vote for the man because their preacher told them so.

  13. No, No, No. When are you people going to wake up? You will wake up soon and find yourself in a communist state. You are only a half-step away.

  14. Apparently, Jarrett is BO’s lifeline. Without her, he’s feels insecure. BTW, I thought it’s against the law to talk politics in church?

  15. I suspect that you are a Democrat operative trying to paint the race card on Conservatives. You are definitely not a Conservative Republican.

  16. In the litany of criminal and illegal acts by this administration, especially DOJ and Homeland Security, this item is small potatoes. The Liar and his, as of yet, unindicted co-conspirators are implicated in a bushel of unconstitutional actions, extra-legal shennigans and outright violations of drugs laws, money laundering and illegal firearms transactions. Holder is still there because if he goes to jail (and he WILL, eventually) he’ll roll on The Liar and then democrats will have to condone his criminal behavior or face getting thrown out like the dogs they are in the next election. Or, The Liar will actually be impeached AND convicted. I am afraid that whoever the president is at that time will pardon the POD, and he’ll skip off to spend all the money that he stole during his administration. The only true justice will come when he, holder, and napolitano are in prison or waiting lethal injiections for treason.

  17. Why is this a surprise to you. Both she and David Alexrod (until he left the WH) have had Secret Service protection since day ONE per executive order of Obama. They need to protect the real president who hides behind the curtain.

  18. Why is this church still operating as a tax free entity. Clearly this church is using its facility as a podium on a specific side of a political party. Anyone think the bHo irs department will pull it’s tax free status??

    1. Look at all the comments praising the Obamas and rubbing them wiht love — I guess the Democratic Party found out about this article and send a troop of the Dem Guard over to skew the comments so that the Obamas look loved.

      One of my favorites is the one where some guy laments that Americans come to the site to criticize their leaders and says that no other country would do that — paraphrase, but this is the gist of his contribution.

    1. Are you kidding? That’s the one thing we don’t have to worry about this guy. He is married to socialism and graft, sex is not high on the priority list.

  19. Is it me, or is this kind of stuff just not that shocking anymore. They’ll do, and get away with, practically anything they want and their friends in the media will look the other way. They can’t be shamed into acting responsibly. The only thing that can be done is to vote them out.

  20. It is my understanding that anyone that is black (including Obama’s wife and children) and part of the White House staff, get almost daily deaththreats…some that are truly chilling, considering that they are aimed at children. As a result, the family rarely flies together, and the wife and kids are shuttled away from the White House as often as possible. While I would like them to hold down the costs, I do understand why they vacation away from the capital, as much as possible.

    1. And you don’t think George Bush got death threats? They even made a MOVIE about assassinating him. You don’t think Cheney and Rove got death threats? Or practically everyone else that worked in Bush’s administration?

      You’re a buffoon.

    2. Your understanding is that “anyone that is black” is getting death threats? There is that victim mentality shining through. So does Bo the dog get threats too? Using your logic, it may explain his separate flight to the Martha’s Vineyard vacation…

  21. Maybe they have to protect the real brains behind Obama.

    After all, he can’t speak without someone giving him the words on a teleprompter. Is he the puppet and she the marionet?

  22. Jarrett has a Secret Service detail? Well, what would be so unusual for that in an “administration” that regularly flaunts their excesses in the faces of American taxpayers, all the while lecturing us on what/how WE need to curb any of our indulgent ways and “eat our peas”?!

    IMHO, this is just another slap from our noveau riche “Kenyan royalty”!!!!

  23. A number of years ago I was flying out of National in DC, and on the same plane, about four rows behind me IN COACH was the Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neil.

    Granted, he had had some pre-flight “beverages” to “calm” his nerves but the only other person with him was a staffer. This was when he was number three in line for POTUS.

    My how times have changed!

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  25. Last year Jarrett told a Three Star General to get her another glass of wine while at a large Wash. DC dinner party. She treated him like he was a waiter…but isn’t that the way Obama and his minions treat the military and every American. These people are insufferably arrogant, incompetent, ignorant and a real danger to the future of this country.

    Jarrett pushed Obama and Michelle to spend millions of taxpayer monies trying to get the Olympics for Chicago. The reason…she’s a slum lord, and she would have made millions selling off her tenements for land for the Olympics.

    That’s the kind of people we have lording it over us. God help us!

  26. She is reported to be sr. advisor to the Pres. namely she is in that position because she raised alot of $$$ in chicago area. From what I can determine she has no right or privilege to SS protection but, the pres. can approve it, and it appears it was done.

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