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Obama Coronation to be Held Outside

When you are The One, a mere indoor sports arena is not enough.

Taking a page from his own playbook, President Obama has decided to be formally anointed the Democratic nominee for president at the Bank of America stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, according to the Charlotte Observer.

The convention itself will be held at the Time Warner Cable Arena, but Obama will trot everyone outside Sept. 6 for the grand finale at the 74,000-seat home of the Carolina Panthers. The speech will also be open to the public.

In a move that thrilled and galvanized supporters, Obama in 2008 accepted the nomination at the outdoor Invesco Field in Denver.

Not only will the Charlotte stadium permit a larger crowd, but organizers will also be able to sell skyboxes to donors.

The convention will also be shortened to three days and begin on Labor Day with a “party” at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The Obama campaign has been stretching to reach out to the GOP-friendly NASCAR crowd, sending Michelle Obama on a disastrous journey in November to the Homestead-Miami Speedway where she was booed in her role as Grand Marshal.

Changing the convention to three days will, according to a convention official, “make room for a day to organize and celebrate the Carolinas, Virginia and the South.”

All, of course, places where Obama really needs to win.

63 thoughts on “Obama Coronation to be Held Outside”

  1. Will there be Greek columns of foam?
    They should give up on the NASCAR crowd…will never win them over!
    He may have two crowns this time, one for himself and one for his queen…hope he remembers a court jester suit for Opie Carney and has some plush robes for Valerie Jarrett.

    1. Yes I was wondering how you could outdo the foam Greek columns from last time. I imagine the Hollywood crowd will come to his aid and
      it will be spectacular:-(. Guess we pay for that too.

      1. My bad on confusion of the “start” of the season. I did a little research though….if the season of named storms makes it to “V” by Coronation Day, that storm (apropos of all the great advice given by Ms. Jarrett) would be VALARIE.

        The heavens won’t be mocked:

        2012 Hurricane Names — The List and How They’re ……/2012hurricanes.htm

      1. Remnants of hurricanes can certainly affect the Charlotte area. Wasn’t there a problem with the original indoor venue that it wasn’t built by union labor?

  2. Sounds like they are expecting lots of lemmings to attend. Sure hope the festivities don’t include hungry lions and Christians as entertainment after the coronation.

  3. How do they get away with this sh*t.

    “”It doesn’t matter whose name is on the stadium,” one of the party sources said. “President Obama has a record to run on holding Wall Street accountable, and there will be no doubt which candidate in the race is willing to stand up to Wall Street.”

  4. The final scenes from “Romancing the Stone II” come to mind, where OMAR is being ointed….OR video scenes I’ve seen on the history channel from WWII.

  5. Will it be a Federal Holiday? That way all his subjects would be able to see it
    and worship the third coming! Golly what kind of dress will MO wear something spun of pure gold?

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  7. Ahhh very fitting that this will happen in Bank of America stadium, the same bank that launders drug cartel money, yeah it all does fit nicely! Wonder if that smug Eric Holder will be there knowing he has blood on his hands and continues to sit in power in the dept of Injustice as well? Well the billion in the war chest will not help keep all this corrution in power, we shall prevail and get you out Obama!

  8. Hitler did this at Nuremberg. I wonder if Obama is going to wear some kind of uniform too? Award himself a Medal of Honor? He is a disgrace to the Presidency……..

  9. Thought I was having a 60’s flashback Obama’s going to Disney World on
    Thursday. Let’s see Florida swing state coincidence surely. He’s got a site up
    so we can all send FLOTUS a birthday wish for today translates trolling for
    emails. My birthday is tomorrow thank goodness. These people never cease to amaze me not in a good way:-(

      1. With the Obama’s that is an everyday problem:(. Hanging head in shame for our country. Tourism they are the only ones who can afford
        travel as we pay for it and we are all broke what an idiot!

        1. The entrance fee of around $80 would surely be better spent for a (one) bag of groceries in my humble home…since we actually WORK in the tourism industry:)
          Shame indeed

  10. I was away this weekend, but did you guys catch the comments about how the WHite House was a “dangerous” place to live, and how Michelle was worried about the girls living there?

    Yea. How does THAT play with those living in Detroit or Flint or Phili Or … or or or or…

    Jill Biden sent out a note that we should wish Michelle a good birthday, etc, because : “And the year ahead is going to be a tough one, so I know this card will mean the world to Michelle.”

    Yea. Tough. All those designer clothes and vacations. Most OUT OF TOUCH administration ever.

    1. That phony doesn’t know what danger is. Spend a few days in the shoes of a citizen who lives near the Southern border where armed illegal aliens are roaming the deserts of the United States of America running drugs and hunting Border Patrol agents.

    2. Yea. How does THAT play with those living in Detroit or Flint or Phili Or … or or or or…

      Frinstance…downtown Washington, a mile north and in many other areas.

  11. How ironic – the venue is outside, so it has plenty of space for his gargantuan head (eg, ego) but is brain power can be housed inside a pixie stick.

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