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Obama Heads to Church – Again

President Obama and his family headed out to church this morning for the third time in a month, the latest sign that the president may be using religion to boost his image as the campaign heats up.

Obama has rarely gone to church since becoming president. But last month he and his family walked across Lafayette Park in front of the White House to attend services at St. John’s Church. They attended Christmas services at a Marine Base in Hawaii and today were at Zion Baptist Church in DC.

While it’s possible the trips to church a part of some kind of renewed personal religious commitment, they are also consistent with Obama’s increased use of religious imagery as part of his public profile.

During two recent annual events – the televised Christmas in Washington gala and the lighting of the National Christmas Tree, Obama invoked specifically Christian themes he had shunned in the past.

The Christian narrative is appealing to a key demographic that fled Democrats en masse during the 2010 midterm election – white working class voters. Obama will need to bring as many members of this group back into the fold if he hopes to prevail in critical swing states like Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, and other must-win states in the Midwest and the South.

The increasingly large doses of religion added to the Obamas’ public profile has been accompanied by other Average Joe-pleasing displays of middle class virtuousness, like Michelle shopping at Target or the president heading to Best Buy to purchase gifts for his daughters and to PetSmart to get a bone for the dog.

Here are a few details about today’s church trip, courtesy of the White House pool reporter on the scene.

The motorcade rolled out at 10:12am, arriving at 10:23 at Zion Baptist Church.

POTUS and family entered through side door, as choir sang a rousing rendition of “Lord, You Are Good.” Parishioners are on their feet, hands clapping. First family is standing in the second row of pews. POTUS is clapping and bouncing to the beat.

“Enlist sinners, educate students, empower the suffering, encourage the saints, exalt our Savior.” Acts 2:41-47 is enshrined, in metal lettering, on the wall below a huge cross at the front of the church.

Program books, titled “I have a dream,” have a picture of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on covers.

The program book has a plea for donations of “new and gently used warm blankets, sleeping bags, hand and feet warmers,” etc. for Occupy DC.

The Rev. Keith W. Byrd, Sr, is the pastor of Zion Baptist Church, located on Blagden Ave., NW

POTUS and first family was acknowledged and saluted by the Rev. Byrd. Deacon Hendri Williams read from the Rev. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”

Collection baskets are being passed. POTUS places what looks look a whit envelope in the basket.

Pool is sitting in a balcony at the back of the church. It’s a beautiful church. Stained glass windows. A-type vaulted ceilings, of planked wood, with massive wooden trusses.

520 thoughts on “Obama Heads to Church – Again”

  1. This is grandstanding. We all know he isn’t a true christian, and if is is, it’s the Jeremiah Wright type. Forget Obama. He’s fired.

  2. ANYONE in this country that falls for this obvious scam should be ashamed of themselves. While I applaud Obama for going to church, it is squeamishly apparent what he is doing. He must really think Americans are stupid and have zero memory capability. I find his actions deplorable and sickening.

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  4. Let’s not be so easily fooled by this total hypocrite. He is no more religious than an onion. Does he really think this is going to sway people? He has far worse things to try to undo like the dictatorship he is trying to establish. Thank GOD, did ya hear that word Obama? Thank God we will kick his butt out of office in November.

  5. Pretty pathetic of you Keith and the others on this site to question the motives of the President. The lead to the story is offensive. You never fail to take a cheap shot. Presidents G.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, like POTUS Obama were observant Christians and rarely attended services, in particular Mr. Reagan because they did not want to disrupt services with security, etc. Each of us makes our own decisions about how many times a week or month we should attend services, but I have no doubt Mr. Obama and his family are committed to their faith, like previous Presidents and I am proud of that.

    1. Proud? What’s there to be proud of? He’s been an utter train wreck on American economic policies, foreign policies, you name it! And now that he’s looking at historic lanslide defeat a’la Jimmy Carter, he’s going to try to appeal to American Christians with token visits to a Baptist Church? What a crock! Everything that comes out of his administration is an abomination, and he has the temerity to pretend he’s a Christian? Put a sock in it. If he’s not a muslim, he’s an atheist, because it sure ain’t Christian principles that guide him.

  6. He wants to reduce the size of Government (or place half a dozen agencies into one department), and now goes to church. Does that him a DINO now?

    1. Don’t let him fool you. He doesn’t want to reduce the size of government. He wants to centralize it under the executive branch so he can grab more power. Unfortunately, Boehner and McConnell are either so stupid or so cowed they will turn over to him what little power congress has left…

  7. Does he really think the American people are fooled? He celebrates Ramadan and prays to Mecca at the WH ( there were photos of him and his Muslim breathten getting ready for prayer) and does not mention Christianity or allows any Christian functions at the WH and we are supposed to believe this? Sorry barry only those sucking off society, the unintelligent, ignorant or those that think they will die if they dont vote straight democrats swallows this garbage.

  8. Always good to know what the competition says Obama, so did you take your flying rug and bow to Mecca first or just recite some pithy statements you recalled from Rev Wrights wunderfool church you attended for 20 years?

    Communists, so transparent.

  9. This guy is a joke. All you need to remember is this, and it speaks volumes: Obama stripped the word “Creator” from the Declaration of Independence when giving a speech. Doing it once, okay, maybe an oversight, but he did it numerous times, totally intentional and pretty sick.

    Obama spews, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that each of us are endowed with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

    Correct Quote: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    He covers up the cross at Georgetown, shuns Christian and Jewish clergy at the WH, scurries away from REAL fire-and-brimstone preachers like the Brazier’s of the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago and Chaplain Lt. Carey Cash at Camp David, etc, but gravitates to AfroCentrist, anti-Semitic, anti-American, pro-Muslim churches instead. There are so many instances of this man shunning Christianity that watching him go to church is a laugh.

    “Barack” aptly named after Mohammad’s horse!!!

  10. Keith! As always, feel free to contact the mighty Boa at


    For further insight, if you ever wish. Naturally, replace the “dot”…..

    The mighty Boa always enjoys your articles….. Keep up the good fight.

  11. Was there a mad-dog foaming-at-the-mouth “reverend” spouting hatred, like at his other “church” of nearly 20 years?

    I mean, when he said “transparent” I don’t think “transparent political posturing” was what his hopey-changey followers had in mind.

  12. This is a transparent attempt to engage in election year photo-ops to appear pious. I wonder what Jeremiah Wright thinks of his protege’s absence from balck liberation theological sermons? I know the right rev. must be pleased with the way obama has messed up the US economy, trying to turn Americans against each other with class warfare and widening the racial divide. The only people being fooled by obama’s pretenses are those that are willfully blind. I believe God allows people to do stupid things like electing people like obama so they will seek Him (God) to deliver us. I don’t believe God is with a man that promotes every sort of sinful behavior and seeks to decieve His people. I pray obama will lose the elections this year.

  13. This is so unbelievably shameless, election season and he’s NOW trying to win over Evangelicals after spending FOUR years taking up more golf games than anyone can count on their hands and feet then the actual times he went to church, which can be counted with ONE hand because he’s only been reported to have gone to church FIVE times in FOUR years.

  14. Wow. Admitting that some entitlements do indeed need trimming? Saying nice things about the military? Going to church? It seems Obama is trying to get re-elected by turning into a Republican.

    He and his shrill wife can’t fool the public. We know he hates soldiers. We know he supports endless hand-outs to the undeserving. And we know his religiousity is a poltitical smokescreen for his real beliefs.

    Don’t be fooled twice, America. We deserve better.

  15. Liberals. Please tell us one way or another if you approve of public displays of religious faith and then apply that to everyone regardless of what label you want to slap on them. It it’s bad of Tebow, it’s bad of Obama. If it’s good thing for Obama, then it’s a good thing for Tebow. RIGHT? Or is it that you are ok with Obama doing exactly the same thing because you know he doesn’t mean it?

  16. As a Christian, I sincerely hope that this is a REAL change of heart instead of Election Year theatrics. A presidential term is 4-8 years. Eternity is…well,… forever. God does not care what you do on the outside to please man. He cares about what is in your heart and if you are truly repentant (not just sorry, but repentant).
    We shall see. You CANNOT fool God.

    1. David , What rock have you been hiding under. This man is a user of people for his own gain.
      . Even Jesus sent the users out of the Temple.
      Wake up my boy!

    2. You cannot fool God but Obama thinks he can fool most Americans with these theatrics here which are not a change of heart simply because his roots in religion lie with Islam.

  17. Oh course it is all about politics; people who got to church regularly typically go to the same one (especially within the same geographic location). Switching weekly between Protestant Episcopal and Zion Baptist amounts to political pandering…

  18. When was the last time you saw any Republiciker attend any church service? We know what talks and what walks, huh? Republickers are so full of crapoola.

    1. You ask everyone in church to declare their political affiliation? You know what? I don’t believe you. I don’t believe you even go to church. But if you do and are so concerned with the congregations political affiliations that you demand to know it of everyone, you aren’t paying attention.

    2. If you want to call us a name, spell it correctly. It really makes you look like an idiot when you try to insult someone who is obviously more intelligent than yourself.

      You hateful libtard.

  19. It was Obama himself who proudly claimed that we were no longer a Christian nation and now he wants these “photo ops” to boost up his ratings or popularity amongst real Christians… Nothing more than another stunt from this clown.

  20. You conservatives I am convinced have lost your minds and are completely incapable of being fair to this man. When he doesn’t go to church often enough for you, he is called a secret Muslim who wants to bring America down. When he does go to church, he’s using it as a campaign photo op.

    As a Christian, I take great offense at calling into question anyone’s faith. God is the only one who sees into the heart of man and knows who truly is worshiping him in truth. It is not up to a disingenuous journalist with nothing better to write about or you sanctimonious, hypocritical, 21st Century Pharisees to judge if Obama is truly worshiping God or not.

    1. Hey Kingsley; I’m pretty sure that I saw him in a Muslim “church”? a couple of weeks ago. Couldn’t understand what he was saying though as he was down on his knees, facing Mecca, and jibbering Allah and something else in Arabic. Does that count, GOD????

  21. This is just like Bill Clinton when he was going through the impeachment process for lying to Congress appearing in pictures along with his family and the pastor on the steps of this same church while he was conspicuously carrying a giant bible under his arm. Politicians have no shame and they know the masses are asses that’s why they do what they do.

  22. It was the young people of this nation who elected Obama and the Democratic Congress. You fell for the “Hope and Change” which in reality was nothing but “Hype and Lies.” You have tasted socialism and seen evil face to face, and have found you don’t like it after all. You make a lot of noise, but most are all too interested in their careers or “Climbing the Social Ladder” to be involved in such mundane things as patriotism and voting. Many of those who fell for the “Great Lie” in 2008 are now having buyer’s remorse. With all the education we gave you, you didn’t have sense enough to see through the lies and instead drank the ‘Cool-Aid.’ Now you’re paying the price and complaining about it. No jobs, lost mortgages, higher taxes, and less freedom. This is what you voted for and this is what you got. We entrusted you with the Torch of Liberty and you traded it for a paycheck and a fancy house.

    We are probably considered old fashioned and out-dated by many. But there are a few things you need to remember before completely writing us off. We won World War II, fought in Korea and Viet Nam . We can quote The Pledge of Allegiance, and know where to place our hand while doing so. We wore the uniform of our country with pride and lost many friends on the battlefield.

    Yes, we are old and slow these days but rest assured, we have at least one good fight left in us. We have loved this country, fought for it, and died for it, and now we are going to save it. It is our country and nobody is going to take it away from us. We took oaths to defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that is an oath we plan to keep. There are those who want to destroy this land we love but, like our founders, there is no way we are going to remain silent.

    You’re recent displays of faith perhaps would best be served by asking the Lord to help you find housing once we kick you out of the public housing you have enjoyed and abused in Washington DC.

  23. How many Sunday’s over the past 3 years….

    He is Muslim… and now manipulating the public again…

    Shame on you President Obama….

    YOUR MUSLIM FAITH….. remember that quote…

  24. One thing for certain. Obama will be America’s LAST “black” president for at least 2 generations. How’s that for the negro population that remains more than 90% in his favor because of the color of his skin?

    1. Actually, Obama is a mulatto, but either way, both his black and white halves stink. It’s pretty pathetic to see blacks in America vote for him solely based on skin color, then have the gall to call Americans who disagree with his policies “racists.”

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  26. anyone else for president

    Nobody buys it Barry… You are an embarrassment to our nation, and if you pretend to have “found religion” (other than black supremacy or Muslim) I cannot believe you. By your fruits you shall be known… you are NOT a Christian.

  27. Really? Are Americians that gullible? Oh, my gosh. I am swept off of my feet. The guy finally got mainstream Christian religion? Well, shut my mouf, y’no what I meanz, man?
    Why isn’t “rev” Wright in the headlines? What a bunch of fakes.

  28. Some politicians are really good. I mean, they portray an image and they stick with it.

    This guy is like a moving target. And his handlers must really be a bunch of morons.

    Thanks for the transparency Obama, we see right through you.

  29. Oh,Sure. This Godless S.O.B. only shows up at church when it is politically expedient,a photo op, or when his doo-doo is in the fan,however he never failed to show up in the past in the church of “God Damn America” Rev Wright ,did he.?HYPOCRITE S.O.B. !

  30. Obama is always presented in the form of images. This is a classic example of Form over substance. He is a total phony, albeit a dangerous one.

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