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Obama Heads to Church – Again

President Obama and his family headed out to church this morning for the third time in a month, the latest sign that the president may be using religion to boost his image as the campaign heats up.

Obama has rarely gone to church since becoming president. But last month he and his family walked across Lafayette Park in front of the White House to attend services at St. John’s Church. They attended Christmas services at a Marine Base in Hawaii and today were at Zion Baptist Church in DC.

While it’s possible the trips to church a part of some kind of renewed personal religious commitment, they are also consistent with Obama’s increased use of religious imagery as part of his public profile.

During two recent annual events – the televised Christmas in Washington gala and the lighting of the National Christmas Tree, Obama invoked specifically Christian themes he had shunned in the past.

The Christian narrative is appealing to a key demographic that fled Democrats en masse during the 2010 midterm election – white working class voters. Obama will need to bring as many members of this group back into the fold if he hopes to prevail in critical swing states like Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, and other must-win states in the Midwest and the South.

The increasingly large doses of religion added to the Obamas’ public profile has been accompanied by other Average Joe-pleasing displays of middle class virtuousness, like Michelle shopping at Target or the president heading to Best Buy to purchase gifts for his daughters and to PetSmart to get a bone for the dog.

Here are a few details about today’s church trip, courtesy of the White House pool reporter on the scene.

The motorcade rolled out at 10:12am, arriving at 10:23 at Zion Baptist Church.

POTUS and family entered through side door, as choir sang a rousing rendition of “Lord, You Are Good.” Parishioners are on their feet, hands clapping. First family is standing in the second row of pews. POTUS is clapping and bouncing to the beat.

“Enlist sinners, educate students, empower the suffering, encourage the saints, exalt our Savior.” Acts 2:41-47 is enshrined, in metal lettering, on the wall below a huge cross at the front of the church.

Program books, titled “I have a dream,” have a picture of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on covers.

The program book has a plea for donations of “new and gently used warm blankets, sleeping bags, hand and feet warmers,” etc. for Occupy DC.

The Rev. Keith W. Byrd, Sr, is the pastor of Zion Baptist Church, located on Blagden Ave., NW

POTUS and first family was acknowledged and saluted by the Rev. Byrd. Deacon Hendri Williams read from the Rev. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”

Collection baskets are being passed. POTUS places what looks look a whit envelope in the basket.

Pool is sitting in a balcony at the back of the church. It’s a beautiful church. Stained glass windows. A-type vaulted ceilings, of planked wood, with massive wooden trusses.

520 thoughts on “Obama Heads to Church – Again”

  1. So dear reader has now found religion as well the need for jobs in America!?! This Socialist is a fraud that only the welfare crowd endorses, and eventhey don’t believe Him!!!

  2. Pander on Barry….
    I don’t know who you think you are fooling, but I think most of us are already fully aware that you are completely morally bankrupt.

  3. “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Matt 6:5-6

  4. Well, well, the hypocrite, lying man child is in full campaign mode and ramping up his well oiled “full the wool over the voters eyes” machine. Just remember, when he was asked about Reverend Wright—he spent 20 years with his family in a Black Liberation Church who preached hatred toward our Country–Obama never heard that kind of language while attending. Bill Ayers, the terrorist, was just a neighbor down the block. He hardly knew him. Yea–right! Tell me another one Obama.

    1. He doesn’t need to pull wool. He has workers at the voting booths looking out for him. It was just revealed and proven AGAIN that the Democrats were allowing fraudulent voters to vote in the 2012 Republican Primary. It’s on tape and was mildly covered, but you will not hear about it.

      So be alert!!! When you go to vote, if you see something say something.

      If you witness or know about a Democrat Booth worker allowing anyone to vote under a fake name or a fraudulent basis, then call 911 and press charges against that voter and the booth attendant. Make a citizens arrest on “voter fraud”. That is within your rights! The police have to arrest if you make a citizens arrest with evidence.

      Then when the police try to file charges against you or when the booth attendant files a civil lawsuit, fight it in the public eye. The people CAN stop all this B.S. You just have to grow a pair and learn your rights. Voter Fraud got Obama there in the first place, so let’s not forget that.

  5. “Obama has rarely gone to church since becoming president”
    Well he’s been to the Mosque a number of times, but then who’s counting.

  6. Funny, the Obama’s blackout the media on things like their 4 MILLION dollar vacation, and what’s in the 2,800 plus page CommiCare bill …But, this Muslim makes damn sure the cameras are rolling to show them going to a Christian church. Absolutly DISGUSTING!

    1. Al, he also blocked out the media in Hollyweird last month when he held court for $38,500 per person. Hosted by Melanie Griffin & Antonio Bendaras. Well, at least the butt kissers got fed..

  7. Why should he bother? He is not a Christian. There is a video of him claiming that he believes in collective salvation, which is the antithesis of Christian beliefs. Christians believe in individual salvation based on living by the Commandments and seeking forgiveness for sins. Collective Salvationists believe they know the way to redemption and anyone who disagrees stands in their way of achieving it. It was a ploy used by Josef Stalin to placate people of faith so they would not interfere with his Bolshevik Revolution. Of course, after the success of the revolution he slaughters most of the Clergy and their followers.

    Nice people, these Leftists.

    1. Your absolutly correct my freind …people supporting this Stalin wanna be must of bought the lying propaganda, or hate our country as much as him and his racist wife do.

  8. This is wrong on so many levels you don’t know where to start. It’s pandering
    on the lowest level for votes and insults the intelligence of good Christians
    who see this vile maneuver for what it is trying to fool everyone to think he’s
    a church going man when he has done nothing but try eliminate God from our
    country since he put his hand on the Bible to be sworn into office. I think it’s
    abhorrent but there is nothing either of them won’t fake for 4 more years. I still
    say someone’s going to turn to a pillar of salt and soon!

    1. You’ll never hear it from the pro-Obama’s networks and websites, but He used a Koran to be sworn in in all his state elections, just like his fellow Muslim Kieth Ellison. He’s a master of propaganda.

      1. Let us ALSO not forget that the PUBLIC innauguration had to be done OVER….. And it was in “private”…… Yet does ANYOnE ever wonder WHY?

  9. So I got a question…. How many times in the 8 years of your right wing air head conservative Georgie BUSH tenure did he go to church??? Or Cheney ??? Oh!!!! He was to busy running the country into a ditch and a sleep at the wheel while Wall Street raped the country……

    1. He went pretty often as I recall, and to the same church, unlike Obama who has no religion and goes to any church that serves his image at the time.

      1. And I suppose you will be joining the local LDS church to insure the you get you $50-60 dollar handout when his Wall street chumps send your job overseas after they downsize and liquidate your “ass-ets”. Hate allways clouds rational thought processes and conservative brains are never clear… Enjoy the store that envelopes you

      2. The Bush’s went often not every Sunday Reagan seldom went but there’s a very big difference you had no doubt these two men were true
        Christians. They believed in God and did not try to eradicate our nation’s Christian beliefs. The Obama’s use it when it suits them and
        have chipped away at removing and minimalizing Christianity in America. Remember Michelle’s words ‘first time she was proud of her
        country’ and ‘all this for a …flag?’. Hoisted on her own petard!

    2. So I have an answer. Why does it matter what another man did or does as you judge the man the story is about? The fact that W rarely went to church has no bearing at all on the fact the Obama has picked up the pace in this election year after rarely attending earlier. For instance….the other side could point out that if Bush ran the country in a ditch (an absurd position but for the sake of argument…) Obama then drove it right out of the ditch and then over the cliff. (perhaps equally as absurd but that is the way this game is played right?) Then you could say that if W was asleep (all one word by the way) at the wheel as Wall Street raped the country Obama actively participated fully awake in the rape and is working on the murder. Maybe that is why he got more Wall Street money for his 08 campaign than did McCain? Maybe that is why Obama has loaded up his finance team with Wall Street insiders? As far as Cheney goes, yeah he shot a lawyer in the face but Obama has stabbed the entire country of Israel in the back. Tit…meet tat.

      1. What could be gained by Obama going to Church this week… Maybe he is aware of something you are not privy and realizes that US with its many problems may need prayers… I would pray too with the selection of Republican candidates we have to choose from… You may hate him but do your really believe that a corporate raider who bankrupted more businesses while making more money then our last 5 presidenst combined has your best interest at heart… Are you that naive…..???

          1. You need to educate yourself on what exactly a private equity firm does in a capitalistic society. You sound ignorant when you call Romney a corporate raider. Don’t be a sucker and believe everything you hear.

          2. The end results of any capitalistic endeavor is to make a profit for the investor… That I am in 100% percent agreement with… I have owned 2 small business and I embrace capitalism.. It is what made this country what it is today.. But It has taken a ugly turn in the last 20 years and if you believe that a profit trumps ALL other considerations and that the qualitiy of life for a few trumps the qualitity of life for the masses then you fall in the same mentality as our Dear Republican freind Willard… Social as well as financialal justice provides peace… Remember Bill Clinton’s era when every body was getting a piece of the pie and we had a surplus…????

          3. “Remember Bill Clinton’s era when every body was getting a piece of the pie and we had a surplus…????”

            I remember the Clinton era. Clinton was riding the wave of Reagan financial reforms. Also remember Clinton was forced to sign welfare reform under the leadership of House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Sure do remember a bunch of leftists squealing about losing their piece of the pie back then.

            Don’t you know social justice is code for communism? If you believe in social justice, you’re not much of a capitalist…

        1. “What could be gained by Obama going to Church this week… Maybe he is aware of something you are not privy and realizes that US with its many problems may need prayers…”

          Hilarious! Obama is going to church because he knows something that needs prayers in church to address! Give me an effing break! The man is in church because it’s Martin Luther King’s Day weekend and he KNOWS he needs every AfAm vote that he can gather in. A few hours in church here and there, especially on special AfAm days — and the pay-off is re-election.

          Can you be such an Obamabot that you can’t see what is going on here?

  10. Clearly done for the campaign. This kind of stunt is common in the silly season of Presidential campaigns. Dukakis in the tank. Kerry with a shotgun. Santorium with a shotgun. When all they trot out for election are clowns you can be sure to get clowns in office. Seems like a lifetime since we have had a real honest to God good choice for president. Ron Paul, who has virtually no chance in getting the GOP nod, (should steal the line from Monty Python…”now for something completely different.” as he seems to be the only genuine person with real and not contrived positions. Love him or hate him…he has been consistent through the years.

    1. Ron Paul has also been consistent in blaming America for terrorist attacks on our soil. Personally, I’ve had enough of a president who blames America first.

  11. An election year coupled with the fact that it’s cold as all get out and Army-Navy, Burning Tree and Bethesda CC are closed. He’s no more a Christian than Bebe Netanyahu.

    1. Actually, Bibi PROMOTES Christian teaching and supports Bible study. Sort of a Christianity from a Jewish perspective type of thing. He’s like the Pope compared to O’Bozo.

  12. His “transparency” speaks volumes – all for show. I’m surprised the church didn’t crumble when he walked in. BO is full of BS

  13. What a politicial scum bag ! Don’t tell me the American people are going to fall for this crap again. Barrack O Phoney. Dispair and nothing changes. That is what you get from this guy.

  14. Pardon me while I GAG! The President makes me sick everytime I see him appearing in public! He is totally out of touch with reality! His attendance at church is all for purposes of show! And we all know it! If church really meant anything to him and his family they would be attending every wek they are in town! In short, he is a phoney…like so many other so-called Christians. It’s all a matter of convenience! And in his case…re-election! God help our country if he is re-elected! He’s done nothing during his first term!

  15. Obama II told the Egyptian Foreign Minister that he was a Muslim which is why he said USA is not a Christian nation but is one of the largest Muslim nations in world he told Turkish prime minister. A lot of lying by Obummer going on as he forces Catholic hospitals to provide abortions, contraceptive material and sterilizations. Will Catholics be informed by bishops? I doubt it.

  16. And nobody in the lame stream media sees this for what it is?????????

    So is now Obozo, our clown in chief, going to cling to his religion and his guns, like he condemned others when he didn’t think he was being recorded?

    And I wish people would stop calling this clown, Obozo, Barry, please use Barack, I have to live with my name, and am embarassed to share my name with this clown.

    Thank you,

    Barry Levy

    1. Remember, it has been discovered that he has a “long, rich Irish” heritage and thus the PROPER form is “O’Bozo”. Yes, a bit tedious, but he deserves it.

      Just wait till the photos of him holding a Glock come out…… BETCHA he’ll be holding it like a typical gangsta in the typical nonsense form that breaks your thumb……….. Are ya in?

      AH HAHAHA!!

  17. Obama knows people think he’s a Muslim. They look at it this way – – if they can fool just one person into thinking that he’s a Christian, they have done their job. All these “church” photo ops will suck some people in. That’s why they do it. The end justifies the means. That goes for lying, being a hypocrite and any other tactic that you or I may consider disgusting, illegal or below the belt – they don’t care. They will do ANYTHING it takes for votes. ANYTHING to win.

    1. Absolutely right. In fact, it isn’t even really so much that it will “convert” anyone who doubts him. It will be more used as ammo by the morons who ALREADY believe him. They’ll refer to it down the road when someone says he is a muslim. They’ll mention all the pics of him “going to church”. And knowing how stupid so many are, no doubt some fence sitters will INDEED proclaim this as being all the evidence they need…..

    2. You’re the LIAR, I told you before a Muslim CAN NOT say he’s a Christian, if he does it means that he can be killed by any Muslin. So when he visits ANY Muslim Country ANYONE including the leader could kill him and they would be a hero and would not even be arrested. Why don’t you stop lying about the President. If you were a Christian it would make you happy our President was a Christian or anyone who claim the Lord as Savoir.

      1. How about looking up the definition of taqiyya. You will discover that Muslims practicing taqiyya can lie to us infidels. BTW, if you are Christian, you’re an infidel according to the ‘religion of peace’.

  18. Saw a picture of MO in a new one shouldered long gown for the big party at
    party central formally know as the White House or the people’s house last night. Wonder how much that cost and as she’s in full campaign mode you
    know that came with a price tag and we’ll all pay boy will we pay.

    1. What bothers me is the fact that the Obama’s lackeys in the press will all be publicizing today’s church outing, while last night’s partay got zero notice. It must have been kept under wraps.

      1. You mean the press covers up for the Obama’s??? Shock horror:-)
        Makes you wonder what we miss and it’s a lot he has many hours and
        days unaccounted for and visitor logs are a work of fiction. As the little
        woman is starting her campaign work she should be made to have a
        published schedule too we pay you know.

  19. What a phony. This man will stoop at nothing. He’s such a hypocrite. I suggest that if he really wants God in his life, to follow the example of Tim Tebow and live an honest and moral life. Of course, he wouldn’t be allowed to lie to the American public anymore!

  20. the latest sign that the president may be using religion to boost his image as the campaign heats up.

    Well DUH!!! The ONLY time he has worked has been before both elections to get elected. I just PRAY that he will NOT get in again. He’s nothing but a fake and is destroying America.

  21. The Unauthorized Biography of Barack Obama bt Webster Tarpley relates that 3 of Obama’s black gay lovers were shot to death who attended Trinity Church in Chicago run by Rev Jeremiah Wright. They were choir members one of whom was the choir director. Another black male murdered for Obama was a State Dept employee who scrubbed Obama’s passport records of his Moscow, Karachi, Kabul and other foreign travel records. One gay lover left, Larry Sinclair who was arrested by Biden’s son as Attorney General of Delaware. Larry did cocaine and crack with Obama in Chicago in 1999.

  22. Ah yes….. The “Good Christian” who requests that the Crucifix be covered up when he speaks. And says if “push comes to shove” he will ALWAYS “side with the muslims”. Who chooses to leave “Under God” out of the Pledge. Who claims the US is not a “Christian Nation”, who supports the unlimited slaughter of the unborn ……..

    Yep, there can be little doubt to O’Bozo’s religious convictions……..

  23. While I don’t believe President Obama is a Christian, as he claims, he found himself in the right place on Sunday, Zion Baptist Church. The reason I don’t believe he is Christian are as follows:

    He rarely attends a Christian church. 
    He believes in evolution (Bibles teaches creation).
    He doesn’t celebrate the traditional Christmas or Easter.
    He celebrates Ramadan at the White House with muslims.
    He removes his watch and wedding ring for the month of Ramadan.
    He recognizes all muslim holidays but not Christian ones.
    He doesn’t recognize the National Day of Prayer.
    He bows to Arabian kings.
    He spoke of his “muslim faith” to George Stephanopolus.
    He has issued messages to “muslims of the world,” but none to Christians of the world.
    He had a statue of Jesus covered up at a speech at Georgetown Univ.
    He believes there are many paths to heaven. (Jesus said that He is the only way – John 14:6)
    He doesn’t believe anyone will go to hell (Bible disagrees – Rev. 21:8).
    He says the passages in Romans (1:26, 27) concerning homosexuality are “obscure.”
    He condones homosexuality and gay marriage which the Bible calls abominable (Lev. 18:22).
    He supports a woman’s decision to destroy her unborn baby. (Thou shall not kill – Exo. 20:13)
    He says the muslim call to evening prayer is the sweetest sound on earth.
    He attended a church for 20 years that teaches liberation theology and collective salvation, both unBiblical.
    He said in an interview with Lisa Falsani that he isn’t sure his sins have been washed away. (Bibles says believers are “washed” – Eph. 1:7)
    Egyptian Foreign Minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, says Obama told him that he is a muslim.

    1. All you say pretty much applies to both Bushes, Reagan, and Clinton. Most if not all Presidents show a low level of their Christian beliefs publicly because we are not a theocracy.

  24. Here we go with the phony religiousness again. Obama the instant Christian. But now he’ll probably spend more time in church than the Oval Office (won’t be hard to do, since he hasn’t been at work for months).

  25. While we are inclined to think this is a photo op, we can only pray that God will reach down and dope slap this fool into reality (as only God can). Obama is destroying America, whether by incompetence or on purpose and he must be removed from office in November.

    1. While it IS possible, the Lord doesn’t force anyone to become saved.

      IF it has actually happened, it should be pretty easy to tell. He nor his bride of king kong wife will be found taking multi million dollar vacations for the rest of this term. He would also come out and express his support for overturning Roe vs Wade since it is, at best, questionable legislation anyway. He would also express our support for Israel and warn Iran and all other muslim nations that ANY attacks on Israel are going to be punished severely. Of course there are others, but one would think any “real” Christian would begin there…..

      The mighty Boa would love to take a few million dollar vacations. But KNOWING the current situation in this country, there is NO WAY he could in good conscience live high on the hog the way this moron has been, if the mighty Boa was in that position. No way. Now, IF every possible thing he felt he could do had been done, and it was solely waiting on Congress, MAYBE a long weekend kind of vacation. Somewhere local. Just to “unwind”. NOBODY with any common sense is going to claim the president isn’t entitled to take a break from time to time. But this scoundrel spends our money like he can’t spend enough quick enough………

  26. The POTUS is an election mode so he decides that it is important to go to church to maintain “appearances.” Apparently he believes that the rest of the population is to stupid to understand what a blatant phony he is! It won’t work—the vast majority of us know you for what you really are—a HYPOCRITE!

  27. Ok how many dumbed down Americans are falling for the Obamas using the church for political gains. I’m betting alot of them. Once dumb, always dumb! Too funny how Obama knows this nation has become a nation of dumb Americans or else he wouldn’t attempt such smoke and mirriors.

  28. I find it hard to believe the majority of Lefties honestly want four more years of listening to Pres. Pantywaist whine about the (half-Democrat) “do nothing” Congress, how lazy/stupid Americans are, how everything bad that happened (or will happen) ever was/is/will be Bush’s fault and how America is a failure because its’ citizens have been allowed the freedom to succeed.

    It’s the “Bizarro Presidency” where the opposite is true. Sure explains the whole “transparency” BS Barry promised when running for office.

    ABO in 2012!!!!

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