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Obama Heads to Church – Again

President Obama and his family headed out to church this morning for the third time in a month, the latest sign that the president may be using religion to boost his image as the campaign heats up.

Obama has rarely gone to church since becoming president. But last month he and his family walked across Lafayette Park in front of the White House to attend services at St. John’s Church. They attended Christmas services at a Marine Base in Hawaii and today were at Zion Baptist Church in DC.

While it’s possible the trips to church a part of some kind of renewed personal religious commitment, they are also consistent with Obama’s increased use of religious imagery as part of his public profile.

During two recent annual events – the televised Christmas in Washington gala and the lighting of the National Christmas Tree, Obama invoked specifically Christian themes he had shunned in the past.

The Christian narrative is appealing to a key demographic that fled Democrats en masse during the 2010 midterm election – white working class voters. Obama will need to bring as many members of this group back into the fold if he hopes to prevail in critical swing states like Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, and other must-win states in the Midwest and the South.

The increasingly large doses of religion added to the Obamas’ public profile has been accompanied by other Average Joe-pleasing displays of middle class virtuousness, like Michelle shopping at Target or the president heading to Best Buy to purchase gifts for his daughters and to PetSmart to get a bone for the dog.

Here are a few details about today’s church trip, courtesy of the White House pool reporter on the scene.

The motorcade rolled out at 10:12am, arriving at 10:23 at Zion Baptist Church.

POTUS and family entered through side door, as choir sang a rousing rendition of “Lord, You Are Good.” Parishioners are on their feet, hands clapping. First family is standing in the second row of pews. POTUS is clapping and bouncing to the beat.

“Enlist sinners, educate students, empower the suffering, encourage the saints, exalt our Savior.” Acts 2:41-47 is enshrined, in metal lettering, on the wall below a huge cross at the front of the church.

Program books, titled “I have a dream,” have a picture of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on covers.

The program book has a plea for donations of “new and gently used warm blankets, sleeping bags, hand and feet warmers,” etc. for Occupy DC.

The Rev. Keith W. Byrd, Sr, is the pastor of Zion Baptist Church, located on Blagden Ave., NW

POTUS and first family was acknowledged and saluted by the Rev. Byrd. Deacon Hendri Williams read from the Rev. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”

Collection baskets are being passed. POTUS places what looks look a whit envelope in the basket.

Pool is sitting in a balcony at the back of the church. It’s a beautiful church. Stained glass windows. A-type vaulted ceilings, of planked wood, with massive wooden trusses.

520 thoughts on “Obama Heads to Church – Again”

    1. James (not the one above)

      I followed Mr. Johnson’s link. It leads to a page of utter crackpottery, paranoid conspiracy theories based on common substrings of names of things and people the author wants to claim some dastardly connection between. It’s not quite up there with the Time Cube guy.

      Back to Obama: I don’t doubt that it’s getting close to the election and Obama wants to be seen at least acting out being religious. I really think that Obama sees his god in the mirror.

  1. “The program book has a plea for donations of “new and gently used warm blankets, sleeping bags, hand and feet warmers,” etc. for Occupy DC.”

    How about donating a copy of “The Road to Serfdom” to every OccuTard?

      1. Funny how these Socialists always manage to discover God and Country during an election year. The only problem I have with it is that I remember all of the slights, insults, and non-recognition of God from his past.

        We know who and what you are Barry, and we’ll vote accordingly. Life’s really gonna suck for ya come November.

        1. bombshelterbob January 15, 2012 at 1:53 pm said:

          We know who and what you are Barry, and we’ll vote accordingly. Life’s really gonna suck for ya come November.

          Don’t we all wish life would suck for him, but he’s on the publicly funded gravy train for life now.
          Just like the rest of his worthless friends and family.

          Remember next election: if it isn’t close the marxists can’t cheat!

          1. I don’t see him winning any state this time. Sorta like Carter only won Georgia. Only he won’t win anything except a few big liberal cities. New York, Chicago and maybe LA.

      1. Don’t let him fool you. It’s always the same alternative motive BS. He wouldn’t know a genuine or patriotic feeling if he had one.

      2. Uh….all us bitter clingers are gonna take off our slippers and start believin’ ….really???
        I call b#llsh*t on his “faith” ….what an opportunistic a$$hole.

    1. martin luther king was a great man who stood by his convictions and NOT just when he wanted to be re elected…. obama is just wooing his base and trust me we arent fooled this time.

      1. He is not wooing his base, sorry to disagree. Maybe his Christian Black Base, but his liberal elite base is not comprised of churchgoers, more like a bunch of atheists.

    1. They said they would never bring the children into it BUT as the latest news has it, the old lady is already bringing them into it. It’s a shame the new socialist school system isn’t teaching the word hypocrite anymore.

  2. Give me a break!!!!
    He’s been in church ….maybe….half a dozen times during his entire three years in office….
    Someone…..please……give me a break!!. They make me sick, and for them to think our country is stupid enough to buy their nonsence….OMG!!!!
    Get them out of here…..

    1. unfortunately, some of the country is stupid enough to buy this.
      All of a sudden he feels the need to go to church? PUHLEEZE!
      Totally for his campaign, hypocrite of the first order.
      Both of them make me sick to my stomach.

  3. What season is it? Christmas? Easter? Nope, it’s campaign season. This man is a fraud through and through. As the saying goes: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” This voter won’t be fooled again

    1. I am very afraid a lot of voters will be fooled. They listen to sound bites and read snipets which only come from the mainstream media. We are doomed!!

  4. The Obama’s fly in their favorite pizza chef from St. Louis when they want some pizza, how come they can’t fly in their favorite preacher Reverend Wright from Chicago when they want some religion? Clinton imported Rev. Jackson, and his knocked-up girlfriend too, when his soul needed saving. If it’s OK for Slick Willy it ought to be alright for Barry.

      1. He attended a Muslim school in Indonesia but was “kicked out”. His mother then put him in a Catholic School where he was registered as a …………….. MUSLIM!

    1. I think Rev. Wright is retired and living in a multi-million dollar estate paid for by his parishioners.

      Maybe he’s too important and busy to help The One get re-elected.

        1. God say it ain’t so… I can’t take even a minute longer much less 4 more years. HEy we will really be in da pooper by then man ~

    2. How come grown men use the phrase “how come” and don’t seem to realize how much they sound like an eight year old? The word “why” is much less juvenile.

  5. It is to late for this lame duck of a President. It is to bad that he has wasted so much time trying his best to sink the United States. Pelosi, Ried, and this bum should all go straight to prison. Take Eric Holder with you, the worse of the worse. President OVOMIT, we can hardly wait until November 2012.

  6. Let’s be honest if that is possible for this POTUS?

    He shut down the day of prayer.
    He banned the Nativity scene at the Whitehouse!
    He prays with the Muslims in the Whitehouse.

    Although obama is pretty much on schedule to bankrupting America he is a failed president and needs to be voted out!

    OK many voted for obama to prove they are not racist. Now vote him out to prove you are not stupid. America can withstand another year of this Marxist president!

      1. I like your comment. I only voted for McCain as a vote against this man who is dead serious of ruining our country.



        Nasty little creeps like Blah Blah are waiting for the mail and their unemployment and food stamp arrival so they defend their POTHEAD POTUS.

      1. Blah Blah
        maybe your the JACKASS let me guess your a union thug ,gov worker or on food stamps so we know why your defending the halfbreed.ENJOY

        1. You nailed him. Ever notice how these liberal left wing whackos must start their disagreements with a personal insult.

          A sorry lot for sure and they are complete strangers to truth.

          Thanks jtm371, Ol’ Blah blah sure fits his/her name.

        1. Bill, I think you meant to say hatred, deconstruction, lies, subversion, name calling, dirty tricks, OWS, unemployment, inflation, and depression (both mental and fiscal), right?

          1. Bob, you are correct. There may have been a small element of sarcasm in my earlier post. I was in fact talking about the anti-American, lying, socialist, military-hating, fascist, hypocritical, neo-Marxist, police-hating, communist, America-hating democrats. Kindly excuse the redundancy to the word democrat.

      2. Shouldn’t you be out on a ledge somewhere screaming obscenities at the crowd below as they urge you to jump? You seem far too angry and judgmental to engage in the free exchange of opposing points of view that just might reveal your dear Leader’s flaws. Your heart might not be able to take it.

      3. I agree that we should forget about the religion of the Prez. Reagan never went to church and few griped. If someone needs a preacher telling them to live a good life they have problems. However, the issue is not his devotion (fake in my opinion). It’s the crassness of resorting to religion for purely political reasons.

        Considering the electoral outlook I’d bet the Prez is doing a LOT of praying lately.

      4. Snopes? You’re kidding right?

        Snopes has been called out again and again for their agenda. Although it does fit your agenda so, please continue.

      5. Hey there, blab blab — You really told ol’ Idaho Rancher off, didn’t you? Trouble is, your reply gave away your REAL identity: “…….the less time someone spends in church, the more they likely actually think…….” This says to me that you’re a permanent resident in “church”. Are you in the same one as the pot ass?

  7. This so called ‘president’ thinks he can fool anyone and everyone whenever he chooses. Guess what you traitorous liar, we all see through your BS. Good that you’ll be leaving us for prison this year.

  8. Of course. He knows exactly what he’s doing. His demographic is willfully ignorant and disingenuous. He knows they’ll pretend to believe anything if it means the successful distribution of wealth. Nothing Obama does is without a plan and carefully staged. They knew by ramming through healthcare takeover they’d have plenty of time to pretend to care about other issues like JOBS at the last minute before the 2012 election. Poor USA. The moocher class is exceeding the producers and it’s unlikely it can be fixed.

  9. phoney bastard…………….he may fool some fools but at least we know God will see thru this brazen act of political theatre……………….

  10. He has much repenting to do: the aborted babies, the estates stolen from, the lies promulgated, the strife among men nurtured, the abhorence of what is good to exhalt what is evil. This is a very bad man, who is backed by very evil, plotting men. I’m glad he will be shown the door after the 2012 election.

    1. Now that’s Hope and Change I believe in. I can’t wait until Obama is out of the WH and we all get to watch as he and his family struggle to find a safe place to live. Obama must be the most hated man in American history, without a doubt.

      I would go as far as saying that we patriots now have more compassion for Usama bin Laden than our own elected “Freak of a Muslim”. Is it derogatory to Islam when calling the Obamas Muslims? If so, I apologize to Islam.

      (This message is subject to Federal Laws and its Author risks incarceration. F.U. Obama.)

        Please Promise US that You are Going to Make A Film.
        I am sure You can borrow some $$ from all these Trillions going,
        ” funny money ” , all over. Oh wait there is another $ (Trillion that is ) Requested for minions on 2012 to Redistribute. So Your chances will double too. ( Just Kidding though).
        For American Freedom.

  11. One can tell it’s time to campaign…..all for photo shots… The only thing he doesn’t one anyone to see is the RUG HE KNEELS ON IN THE WHITE HOUSE….

  12. Interesting that “The program book has a plea for donations of “new and gently used warm blankets, sleeping bags, hand and feet warmers,” etc. for Occupy DC.”. In my church we collect such items for the homeless and those in need, regardless of their political affiliations. Obama isn’t fooling anyone with his sporadic and convenient church attendance.

  13. I didn’t realize he had the dome of the rock moved to Washington DC, I thought that was going to happen after he suspended all elections, and finished shredding the U.S. Constitution so he could use it for ground covering in his camel lot.

  14. I hope the American people have finally come to their senses after having to wander in the wilderness for 4 years of this most worthless excuse of a human being. The marxist have kicked God out of America, and this most pathetic p.o.s. is their answer to our problems. Time to start tebowing and praying to the Man upstairs. Ask for forgiveness, and ask that He reblesses America.

  15. At his inauguration, he swore on a bible to defend this nation
    AND the constitution “so help me God”. He’s really taking a
    chance walking into a church if you know what I mean……

    1. Well that ship sailed and sank like the Titanic pretty quickly didn’t it? He
      is such a megalomaniac he comes out and says he’ll just go around the
      government and Constitution. Hello is there no one brave enough to do something the GOP or anyone?? I never thought they Republican party
      would just roll over and not fight what’s wrong? Are we alone to fight?

    2. As I recall, the first (public) swearing-in was flubbed (imagine that) and so they held another, private swearing-in a day or so later. I always thought something was kind of weird about that. They made a big to-do about him swearing in publicly on the Lincoln Bible. I wonder which book was used in the private swearing-in. That has always bugged me.

  16. The must be planning on Romney winning the nomination, and IF he does, watch BO use his new found “Christian faith” against Romney. BO =propagator of class warfare and now on to religious warfare. I truly wish Gingrich would be able to debate him. He’s the only candidate calling the closeted BO what he truly is – a Marxist.

  17. Gawd … this has fake and an ACT all over its face.

    Obama is your typical psychopath in sheep’s clothing, But his mask of deception has come off for more to see him for what he really is.

  18. One thing is in my heart and will be there forever: This charlatan is not a Christian, hate this country like his angry wife and they have one goal: Destroy the greatest country on eart, USA. People, remember that tongue slip when he said: “My muslim faith”, remember that!!!!!

    1. they’re not talking about church, but about a hypocrite going to church. someone who’s been so anti-Christian in his actions for a long time. he wouldn’t be seen going to church for 3 years, why now?

  19. If the American voters are stupid enough to fall for this pretentious BS and are stupid enough to re-elect this socialist phony, they deserve whatever fate befalls them.

    As for me, I’m voting for “ABO” (Anybody But Odumbo)

    And if he bamboozles his way back into the WH, I’m outta here.

  20. MLK would not approve of Bam and his tactcs.

    Notice that “Exalting our Savior” is last on the priority list of this Jeremiah Wright type church.

    1. Not an Obama fan but ABC did say (admit) that they were not frequent church goers but that they always attend church on MLK week-end. Doesn’t sound too malicious to me…just sayin

      1. Now, why on MLK weekend? Because he was a preacher? Because he was black? Because of the publicity such a moves garners in the black press where black voters may be deciding how to cast their ballot?

  21. Seems that the Obamas don’t know what religion they practice.
    St. John’s Church/ Isn’t that Catholic ?
    AND: Zion Baptist Church- well, that is not Catholic.

    Trying to appeal to evangelicals when your a Muslim must be difficult.

  22. As a true Christian I’m not buying into this. The conveinece of him suddenly becoming religious right before election time will not change the way he has been in the past to me. I realize anyone can change but I don’t see this as a change just another ploy.

  23. Collection baskets are being passed. POTUS places what looks look a whit[e] envelope in the basket.

    Curious about the contents of the envelope… Maybe a loan guarantee backed by the DOE for half a billion taxpayer dollars like he did for Solyndra?

  24. Mr. Koffler,
    It’s astonishing our political machine is suddenly so calculating, yet such pretetiousness pales when compared to your continual calculated cynicism toward this administration. Your talents and scruitny would be better served if applied to Israel and it’s manipulation of domestic and world affairs as it is the quintessential paradigm of serving the interest of the few over the masses.

    1. Yes, those Israelis are soooo devious that they can get us to do their bidding. They must have had a hand in getting te Obama’s to go to Church this weekend as well, don’t you think?

      Note: in the future when you want to use big words, learn how to spell them. It certainly makes your scathing retort look better if your spelling is correct.

        1. Yes, you are correct. However, mine was a typo, not a mis-spell. The point of my post was mis-spelling words that you are trying to impress people with. So, yes penny ante (and BTW, a bit too much punctuation in your post. Just saying.)

        2. We who post here often are a happy little bunch and don’t waste time on spelling errors. You know there are at least two I know of
          who are sight impaired like blind in one eye so you wouldn’t be
          mocking those less fortunate that would not be in good spirit would it?

  25. Well, unfortunately my friends, with enough of dead people going to the poles the Ho’Bama’s just might wind up right back in the Black House…
    Now…..That’s racist…..!!!!

  26. Obama changed his name to convert to his father’s Muslim religion (Barry Sorento to Barak Hussein Obama), then he sat at his mentor’s Rev. Wright’s racist anti-white, anti-american “church” for 20 years, now all of a sudden,.He’s a christian … When will americans wake up?

  27. “POTUS and family entered through side door, as choir sang a rousing rendition of ‘Lord, You Are Good.'”
    Hmmmm. I wonder who they were singing to? Their Savior? Or just God?

  28. He’d better honor Martin! If he didn’t he might look bad. And right now that’s all he’s able to attempt. Wait ’til the republican campaign starts vetting his record and really opening up Barry’s history… again, but without the nice guy approach of ’08.

  29. If he really thinks the electorate will consider him religious if he enters a place of worship, then it is equally probable it will consider him a car if he enters a garage.

  30. How stupid do the Obamas think the American people are? We would fall for the Church stunt! Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice….

    1. Bippy you ask: “How stupid do the Obamas think the American people are?” The American people are probably the poorest informed most politically naive society on the entire planet. This obama malignancy did not occur over night. Our nation has been in gradual process of destruction for many decades. They believe they can send any a–hole to washington and everything will be OK. It’s amazing how many seemingly rationale people actually still think of obama as POTUS….OH he’s our president. We must show respect.

  31. Pandering, politicizing, patronizing again & forever with his phony, lying words & actions. He’s like a whore, doing whatever it takes for a vote.

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