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White House Knew of Solyndra Layoff Plan

Already buried on the Washington Post website is a story that the White House knew that Solyndra was planning to announce layoffs just before the Midterm elections.

From the piece:

Senior White House officials were warned that solar-panel-maker Solyndra planned to announce layoffs just before the hotly contested November 2010 midterm elections, newly released e-mails show.

The White House also got advance notice that the company had agreed to postpone delivering the politically damaging news, according to the e-mails provided Friday by a government source. Energy Department officials persuaded the company to delay the announcement until after Election Day . . .  A Solyndra investment adviser wrote at the time that department officials were pushing “very hard” for a delay until after the elections.

There’s no smoking gun here showing that it was the White House’s idea to get Solyndra to postpone the announcement. But the operation within the administration most concerned about how things look politically is located in the West Wing, not the Energy Department. And Solyndra’s decision to wait came just a day after the White House was looped in.

The e-mails show the looming news set off a flurry of activity at the White House. The first warning came Oct. 26, when the Energy Department’s chief of staff, Rod O’Connor, told Browner and other White House aides that the company’s bad news would come in two days and offered to discuss the matter.

The e-mails show that a day later, a top deputy to Browner was telling colleagues that the layoff announcement had been put off a week.

The White House communications team was alerted, and must have understood the gravity of having to spin this thing just before the election.

It’s very difficult to think that none of the cronyism and unusual contacts between the Obama administration and Solyndra had their provenance in the White House. The White House is playing this game poorly, allowing information to drip out and milk the story along instead of putting all its cards on the table.

Unless, that is, the true story is so damaging it’s better to try to withhold information for as long as possible . . .

19 thoughts on “White House Knew of Solyndra Layoff Plan”

  1. Not to be surprised with your last statement “withhold information for as long as possible (…)” as from the top down in this WH they are masters of cover ups and concealing the truth of anything that can clarify to the American people who they really are.

  2. In 2010, the layoffs at Solyandra would only have been a blip in the local newspapers and wouldn’t have made any difference in the national elections.
    But, they knew. They knew what was coming and knew that the news of the impending bankrupcy would be devastating.
    The whole affiar stinks of CYA, and crony capitalism, and political payback patronage at it’s worst.

  3. The scandal surrounding Solyndra isn’t just about whether the Obama administration was involved in delaying the news of the bankruptcy until after the mid-terms. The whole sordid affair of bureaucrats playing venture capitalist with taxpayer money, and picking winners and losers in the private market is disgusting. Then there is the laundering of money to Obama campaign bundlers like George Kaiser and his ilk, as well as appointing the spouses of company insiders to governmental positions of influence. When our government realized the company was going belly up they restructured the loan to insure the big wig campaign donors got their investment back and put the taxpayer at the end of the line. The whole thing stinks of corruption and graft. Solyndra is the poster child for crony capitalism. If only the Republican candidates could stop ripping each other apart for a while and use their platform to tell the American people how their hard earned tax dollars are being used by the Obama administration for political pay back.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      I agree Susan. This whole affair is the crux of why liberal democrats are going to destroy the country, if they are allowed to. I believe there are some good people duped into believing in their pie-in-the-sky philosophy. However, it just will never work. Read Animal Farm, study the history of communism, whatever angle you take, you will see men in positions of authority destroying the goal they are (supposedly) trying to reach by their own greed. Capitolism accepts greed as a necessary evil, and is the best way to operate a successful economy. The feds need to be hacked back down to their constitutionally defined limits. Smaller government, lower taxes, contitutional amendment to balance the budget… Government will never understand reason, no matter what party is in office, and will never be trustworthy. They need to be limited in size and responsibilities.

    1. Even less so every day. But everyone’s starting to learn about Mr. Romney — aka Bernie Madoff or Gordon Gekko — you know, the guy who likes to fire people.

        1. Stephen C. (formerly KNOTHEAD)

          Are you serious, if we as Americans follow the day to day mischievousness of this Administration, he cannot and should not re-elect OblameBush. But you are correct probably most people don’t even pay attention to current events.

        1. Hopefully alerting the progressives on one’s list. It’s not as though the M-BS media is reporting anything. If it results in one person changing their mind, it’s worth it come November.

          To me … staying silent and NOT saying anything is like being the driver in the get-a-way car. It’s not enough that we visit our favorite blogs and agree with one another – that’s a given. Communicating by every avenue possible and whenever possible is the least we can do. Remember, there are more of us than ‘them’ – they need to be reminded. Lies and the liars need to be called out in a nano second. I am sure I am on some list in DC, I’ve made my disgust and disappoints known directly to the WH. I may not be able to affect change, but “WE” can. I’ll be damned if silence is the way to win. Sorry about the long rant – the news is depressing, but I prefer being angry than miserable.

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  5. Don’t worry, the MSM will cover up for their guy. They have too much invested in his re-election.

    If Watergate occurried under Obama it would be a 3rd rate burglary no one ever heard of. We saw how the MSM covered for Clinton.

  6. So, are we praising the White House for being astute enough politically to hold off bad news until after a major election?

    Or are we condemning all of Washington, regardless of what side of the aisle they sit on, for being the whores to corporations we know that they all are?

    1. Stephen C. (formerly KNOTHEAD)

      To the point, the President (aka the people’s representative) has absolute authority to make decisions for the people’s benefit. My (Our) employee, (the elected President) makes a $500 million error, then I (we) should demand some answers. Counterpoint?

  7. I wonder why the FBI can not go more to checking about this whole thing.
    I wonder how much Obama new and is there a big cover up. He seems to be able to make things go away a lot.

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