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Michelle for Senate in 2016?

The Washington chatter mill has begun speculating on Michelle’s political intentions.

Conservative commentator John McLaughlin “predicted” that she will run for the Senate in Illinois in 2012.

I doubt he has any special knowledge. But I assume – given that she’s now a seasoned campaigner who will be looking to carry forward “the work” of her husband – that he may well be right.

What other career plans would she have?

No one would oppose her in the Democratic primary. And it’s a Democratic state. She could win. Easily.

And then . . .

Here’s the McLaughlin quote.

H/T to Jeff Poor at the Daily Caller.

64 thoughts on “Michelle for Senate in 2016?”

  1. Wouldn’t they have to move back to Illinois then? Somehow I doubt that, unless she runs from Hawaii. We all know how important Hawaii is to the Obamas ;)

    1. They came from Hyde Park in Chicago, which isn’t a slum. Of course they would move back there if it meant a chance to destroy what is left after Obama’s presidency, if anything.

  2. They’ve just caught onto this in Washington? I knew three years ago that Madame Entitlement’s ambitions has expanded wildly.

    Why is she everywhere, doing everything? She’s a racialist and will use her skin color to garner votes. Plus, she’s attempting frantically to get the military votes. This woman is NOT interested in her husband’s career — she is centered on herself and her future — indeed, she said it is convenient to put herself first, so why wouldn’t she be acting now to build a platform for the big role that she believe she deserves?

    Indeed, I think her separate flights from BO are partly a signal that she is not his shadow, but a powerhouse official in her own right.

    Senator MoochMORE? That’s old news. When will Washington catch on to the President MoochMORE Obama plans?

    1. Stephen C. (formerly KNOTHEAD)

      Good posting, Anonna.
      “Madame Entitlement” is a hilarious moniker for her egomaniacness. Oops I did a no-no. Criticizing. How dare me. Sorry bout that Campaigner of Chief.

    2. Yip she sure is the greedy power Hungary one. Not sure she can dance and groove here way in though. We are onto her. Anybody with half a brain was onto BO the minute his campaign started. He is transparent to us. He bought the vote with the crazy lunatic ideas of utopia but the meanings behind them were completely for different reasons. It has always been meant to divide and grab power and control over freedom. The word entitlement really means somebody just got told the are entitled to pay for someone else s well being and lost the right to prosper. Sounds like DC they vote themselves raised why vote for term limits and loose your job.

      It really is a shame that time machine in my dreams hasn’t been perfected, i would go back in time and impress upon the founders the need for term limits and more stringent wording as to the role of the federal government.

      1. Term limits = great idea

        Voter “intelligence” test (if you cant pass a simple Junior High current events test you should NOT be allowed to Vote) = good idea

  3. I have no doubt she will run for office if we ever pry her fingers loose from the White House drapes. Once an ideologue like her tastes power, it is hard to let it go. Robert is spot on about Obama’s future at the UN. He will be pursuing the title of King of the World by then, and the lovey dovey couple won’t have to fake it for the peasants any longer.

      1. I was wondering if a Senator’s salary paid more than her job at the Chicago hospital putting poor patients out on the curb? With hopes Illinois voters won’t forget that :D

    1. She dosent have to “run for office” (queen Michelle ‘campaigning’ with the lowly, ignorant peasants? -LOL)
      Some how the dung-heap of Chicago politics will find a way to just ‘give’ Michelle a US Senate seat… like they did with her empty-suit, nobody husband

    1. They don’t like disrupting their Chicago neighbors was the reason given for not going home “home”. Yet they disrupt neighborhoods vacationing around the world.

  4. That move would take some real PR turn-a-round and a uber-friendly contstitutency to accomplish. There aren’t a lot of Mensa members in Congress, but MrsO talks like a high-school dropout when she’s off-telepromter. She would have to explain the loss of her license to practice law and overcome her persona as a spendthrift of taxpayer’s money.

    More curious is what MrO will do if he loses this year or 4 years from now.
    He’s 50 now, and in 2016 he’ll be 54 and unemployed. The post at the UN has been mentioned, but he’s made too many enemies all around the world to be seriously considered for any major post.

    1. This is not my father’s Democrat party any longer, srdem. Remember Alcee Hastings? He is an impeached federal judge from Florida and he still gets elected to the House of Representatives every two years. He was key in finagling the passage of Obamacare and made a statement that should go down in history…

      What is this about him being unemployed in 2016? We have to do everything within our power to make sure he is looking for a new job in 2013. The future of this country depends on it…

      1. Then we need to continue to destroy all of his credibility. Destroy him with the truths of who and what he is. Nothing but a lying deceitful little man with every aspect of his life questionable and hidden. No other president has ever had a life with so many holes in his past and ever changing stories and associations with so many criminals.

    2. srdem, you’ve read the transcripts, her speeches are high schooly valley girly when she’s on the teleprompter ;) Though I’m a big fan of her JackieO soft and sultry speech impressions.

    3. I still believe that the “ONE” will do everything in his power to be Sec. General of the UN – for him that would make him, “King Of The World.” With that position he would be able to push even further his agenda, and not only collapse the US, but the rest of the western world.

  5. Rumors out there that the O’s looked at the Katherine Hepburn homestead in Old Saybrook, CT to buy, with the presumption that the One and Done Presidency would leave them homeless. They move to CT and he runs for Lieberman’s vacated seat. Personally, I don’t see an ounce of love for politics in Michelle’s eyes.

    1. I just read something in a local CT paper that the White House is denying the rumor. Yet the realtor had no comment ? Makes sense they’d want to “retire” to the NYC ‘burbs near his 1% pals.

    2. No, but she loves power and since there’s no place for another Oprah, how else is Michelle Antoinette gonna get on the national scene if not through politics? She’s in love with being the center of attention and will not drop back to being the wife of an ex-President, one whom she doesn’t seem to really care about except when she’s in a pitiful mode of trying to win his cold love.

      She’ll keep the marriage — good cred to be in “an intact black family,” but she’s shed him as much as she can and then she can put herself first with a job — Sen. Mooch — that she hopes will lead to the Presidency. I think she’s wrong about that, but Sen. MoochMORE is certainly a plausible goal now. She may not like the politics once she gets there, but she’ll love the bounce that turns her into an ex-Senator lecturer, writer, pundit, tv show host …..

  6. First and foremost, the Obamas are Grifters! The MOOCH is not interested in politics – she’s only interested in becoming the RICHEST non-angry Black woman on the planet! Whenever a reporter asks her what she likes most about being FLOTUS – her answer is always THE TRAVEL!!! Nothing nuanced about the MOOCH!

    The last place on earth the first wife wants to be is Chicago – too much bad blood and too many reminders of their life of corruption on those mean streets. Too many enemies! She’s above it all now – she moved on up!

    As for Barry, we all know how lazy he is – he’ll end up on his palatial plantation somewhere in Hawaii where he can play golf, smoke pot, and build his monument to himself – the Obama Library. Maybe he’ll write another book – “How to Become President for Dummies 101”!

  7. Don’t see it. Michelle? Could stand the scrutiny. Hey, I thought John McLaughlin retired. Oops, sorry, He’s just on PBS. My Bad.

  8. I live in IL (most unfortunately) and rest assured, anyone w/ a (D) after their name wins. we would need another 2010 tidal wave like the one that swept Mark Kirk (R) into office two years ago. The Republicans could put up Jesus Christ and He would lose to an undeducated, ill-kempt, slovely, whining, obtuse, illegal alien felon occupier with a (D) after their name…….sigh…

    1. Have to admit I was surprised when Mark Kirk beat out Alexi Giannoulias for Obama’s senate seat. Maybe the cloud over the family bank failure trumped the connections with the Chicago machine. Keep the faith BC. I believe the 2010 tidal wave was just a prelude of what is to come later this year. We just need to find the right person to lead the charge.

      Last night I watched the Huckabee forum on Fox. Even though I’m supporting Santorum, Gingrich impressed me when he was asked a question about repealing Obamacare. He said without a team effort it won’t be possible. He emphasized the importance of winning enough congressional seats to get repeal legislation passed. Puts a whole new perspective on our goal not to just win the presidency, but to put enough conservatives in the House and Senate to pass the legislation required to roll back Obama’s policies. When he promised to get rid of all of the czar positions within 30 days, he almost had me doing somersaults – quite a feat for someone my age.

  9. Since he’s closest to Carter in terms of his presidency, maybe they can go pound some nails in some exotic locations. MOo can get the travel she wants and he can play the golf courses of the world.

  10. We already have enough angry black racist women in congress. Let’s elect someone who will represent ALL people, not just “their” people. No more racist black women in congress until they learn to represent ALL races, colors, and creeds.

    1. The thought of this gaudily attired, gloomy, glaring, ill-spoken woman being shoved in my face indefinitely made a single tear roll down my cheek–like that Indian in that commercial.

    2. I tell you MLK is rolling in his grave this was not the vision he had in mind. I have never understood the need these people have for power it is a sickness of the spirit. The hatred that it brings

  11. With White House Social Secretary, voodoo queen Desiree Rogers gone, the Razzle-Dazzle queen of opulent waste of taxpayer money, Michele’s Hollywood Star, Queen of the Universe image was toned down and reworked to ‘Mom in Chief”, “Master Gardener” which can’t bid well for the debauched and perverted Big Hollywood donors and without them, she can’t get too far politically with just union thugs and race baiters as her supporters.

  12. Michelle is in the news again. this time admonishing Medical Schools for not pushing PTSD training in their medical schools. Seems she feels returning veterans will need ths kind of help when they return from I/A wars.
    So now every other returning vet is a pyscho and it’s up to the medical schools to help train Docs to recognize it.

          1. I saw a story from that Berwick guy who quit hawking Obamacare–he said just like the moon landing, we should trust the govt on h/c. Someone wrote–we weren’t all being sent into space. Perzakly.

  13. Not a chance. Michelle couldn’t stand the vetting process without giving someone serioous “in your face” time in anger. She’s got a temper from hell and a get even attitude that’s even worse. She doesn’t get that all that comes with gettin even is “even” not ahead. Another speculative load of crap. She may try,it she’ll get her butt kicked soundly.

    1. I’d love to see the greedy good for nothing racist snob get it socked to her and loose it. I see BO getting it socked to him later this year. Hell with running a nice campaign. He needs to be exposed.

  14. Hawaii would be a better fit. It’s reliably Democratic, their buddy Neil Abercrombie is governor (who will be up for reelection in 2014). Daniel Inouye has announced he will run again for the Senate in 2016 (when he will be 92) so who knows if he’ld “take one for the team” for M.O. Daniel Akaka has already announced he will not run for reelection this year so M.O. would have to wait until 2018 to make a play for that seat.

    She could run for either of Hawaii’s two seats in the House. But why? The Senate is a much more exclusive club and sets her up for a White House run of her own in 2020.

    Plus Hawaii is nice during those long congressional recesses. :-)

    The tip off will be if they buy a house. At a below market interest rate a la the Clintons.

  15. Probaly why Rahm strong-armed his way to the Chicago Mayorship. Paving they way for Mooch. With Rahm threatening and using the unions goons to intimidate and steal her election – Mooch is a shoe-in. This is Chicago style politics – thuggery at its best. Remember how Rahm’s name was not going to be on the election ballot because of his residence requirement? Then, somehow Illinois Supreme Court knocked down the Appellant ruling that kept his name off? This group of crooks need to be exposed for what they are – CROOKS. The Obamas will go back to Chicago after they are kicked out of the White House and own the town (and probably the state). Crime-iny Chicago – are you really that corrupt?

  16. Sounds just like the Clintons. He gets impeached (on paper) and they are out of the White House and she runs for Senator of New York – and wins. We can only hope that Obama will lose in November or be impeached immediately thereafter if he does not. Then Mooch will be in the senate and Obama will be out “doing good deeds”, giving speeches at some exhorbitant price per speech and they will live happily everafter while the rest of us still struggle. It feels like communisn/socialism is spreading faster than a wild fire. We The People need to put it out. Can we? I sure as hell hope so.

    New York, Chicago – bastions of corruption.

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