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Obama Fundraising Declines Again

The Obama campaign raised more than $42 million for itself and more than $24 million for the Democratic National Committee, with the total amounting to over $68 million, Obama 2012 Campaign Manager Jim Messina announced this morning.

The sum is another decline for the campaign, which had raised a total of $70 million in the third quarter and $86 million in the second quarter of last year.

A frustrated looking Messina appeared on a video posted on the campaign’s website urging Obama supporters to contribute more.

In the fourth quarter of 2003, George W. Bush far outraised Obama. Bush took in a total of $47.5 million for his campaign, but adjusted for inflation, the amount is $58.4 million, about $16 million more than Obama.

The Obama campaign staged a massive effort to try to bring in as much money before the clock ran out on the year, repeatedly importuning supporters to donate at least $3 and even seeming to apologize for all the emails it was sending out.

As if to make sure the numbers rise this quarter, President Obama is already waging an aggressive money raking effort, returning to the White House from Chicago at 2 am Thursday morning after holding three fundraisers in Chicago.

Monday evening Obama appeared at two fundraisers in Washington, including one at which about two dozen donors gave $45,000 each.

13 thoughts on “Obama Fundraising Declines Again”

  1. well, if ur out raising money til 2 am, no wonder there is nothing on the schedule today. At least he’s not campaigning yet, and focusing like a laser on whatever it is he is focusing on this week. (sarcasm)

    1. Mike: The man has done nothing but campaign since he got in office.
      Wonder how good he would be at getting donations to apply to the deficit? Obviously the 1% that he denigrates in the media know that he is not really going to raise taxes on them or they would not keep giving him funds. He has already collected enough to feed a small country for 5 years, how much is enough? If money is all that matters in an election then George Soros could win. God Help Us!

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  3. Obama’s hacks seem driven to raise $1 billion and I’m not sure why they chose that amount except that it seems to be yet another of his empty “historic” firsts.

    Perhaps his supporters are taking a cool look at his coffers and deciding that if he’s done a good job, he won’t need more money. If not, why give him more?

  4. Sorry Captain Bullshi_ but we are all broke. Anyway, I’d rather funnel it to your contender this fall. However, it sure is nice to know that you and your hateful wife are buying some new digs at a cost of $28 million (Kathryn Hepburns old houee) when your networth is only $7 million. Another Rezko deal Mr. President?????

    Move over Jimmy Carter because America has found your replacement for the worst of the worst Presidents ever and his name is Barack Obama.

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