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Obama Appears to Have Slept In

Well, I thought the lack of a schedule today – there’s nothing on the public notice, not even the usual classified intel briefing – meant that the president might show up somewhere in the White House for a press conferece.

Often, when there’s nothing on the schedule, it’s because the staff plans to spend the morning prepping the president for questions from the press. And then a press conference is suddenly scheduled for around midday.

But nothing’s been scheduled, and it appears the briefing by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is on for 1:30 pm.


He got back from raising money in Chicago at 2 am last night. I assume that his work load was lightened so that he could roll in late.

Wake up Mr. President! Wake up! You’ve got to get up early to create or save jobs!

Romney’s getting up early ever day. You’ve got to believe that guy operates like a Swiss timepiece. Every hair in place by 5 am.

So wake up!

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  1. Seems like I’ve heard more than one quote from the President stating that he and his administration won’t rest until every American who wants a job has one. Gotta call BS on that one…

    He’s interested ONLY in getting re-elected. If he can improve the lives of the people he’s supposed to lead while focusing on the campaign, I’m sure he’ll do it. He’s just not going to make full empolyment his #1 priority.

  2. or:
    There’s some sort of peacemaking happening in the private residence.
    They got in too late last night to count the money so they had to do it today.
    AF1 is out for repairs and he won’t fly coach.

  3. Next Press conference Obama’s teleprompter will be set on position two. This means he will utilize a more sophisticated vocabulary and sound less schizophrenic. Obama has a very low threshhold for questions that he has not been prepared, his emotions become obvious. Point: His capacity to speak extemporaneously is minimal without mechanical aids and a puppeteer to push the buttons. MD

    • Good point, Mark. Let me expand on that a bit. His long pauses between quickly constructed points are his downfall when he speaks off teleprompter. Example was the the long pause on the Cambridge police action then the police bashing comment: I…Think…thepoliceactedstupidly. This speaking style, to me, seems to make the speaker cover his opinion to masquerade as a fact.
      Obama’s mummy and nana should have taught him the power of getting up and going to bed early and working hard in between. Read Jon Adams.

  4. Just shows what his priorities are…and they sure don’t have anything to do with the health and welfare of America or her people. On another note, enough of this electing someone because they ‘look’ presidential. Perry’s moniker here in Texas is ‘Governor Goodhair’, so he would be just as acceptable as Romney if we’re using coiffure as a qualification.

  5. My money is on that there will not be a press conference. How many times can he say the same meaningless horse hockey before he realizes that even the press is starting to tune him out. The only time his hope and change message resonates is at a $1,000/plate fund raiser.

  6. Hmmm, if I didn’t show up for work because I was out trying to convince people to donate money because I was doing such a good job, well, I would have a lot of nerve.

  7. I doubt he missed much since this is a guy who is so brilliant his daily briefing on the situations in Afganistan, Pakistan, Syria, North Korea and other little hot spots only last half an hour. No doubt because he is focused like a laser on his re-election.

  8. I figured out why he slept in, he was up late makin his new email called

    Jeff —
    When you become president, one thing that happens overnight is that you and everyone you love get a bunch of new nicknames.
    I was already pretty used to this. But “FLOTUS,” short for First Lady of the United States, is really something else.
    I’m writing because our FLOTUS, Michelle, turns 48 on Tuesday, and I know I’m not her only fan out there.
    Will you join me in wishing her a happy birthday?
    The decision to become part of this campaign was deeply personal for a lot of people, and Michelle and I are no exception. But we both knew, like anyone else who believes in what we’re trying to do here, that this was never going to be easy.
    This fall, Michelle and I will have been married 20 years. The next 10 months will be harder than any we’ve experienced together, and I couldn’t do it without her. I know she’d love to hear from you today:
    Thanks for your support,
    P.S. — This weekend, people are getting together to volunteer in their communities in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Find out how you can join in at
    Paid for by Obama for America

  9. I’m curious – did the MOOCH attend the Chicago fundraisers with the Panhandler-in-Chief? As I recall, she didn’t accompany him on his birthday 2 years ago – she was in Spain! My guess is that Rahm was there last night – and, according to the non-angry Black woman, she doesn’t speak to the servants ….ooops – the STAFF!

  10. Seems appropriate for someone to update Hillary’s “3 a.m. Phone Call” Ad given Obama’s penchant for sleeping in.

    It’s 3pm… the phone is ringing… and nobody at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. answers!