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Messina Scolds Slack Obama Donors

Obama Campaign Chairman Jim Messina gave President Obama’s supporters a bit of his mind this morning, scolding them in video and email messages for failing to pony up enough cash for Obama’s reelection effort.

“We have a challenge I want to talk to you about . . . that keeps coming up,” a perturbed looking Messina said in the video, which you can see below. “Too many Obama supporters think we don’t need their money, or we don’t need their money now,” Messina grumbled. “I totally get why people think that, but they’re completely wrong.”

Messina accused his own supporters for having a sense of complacency.

“Some people think we have a magic formula to win this campaign,” he said. “The only way this thing works is if each of you take a piece of this campaign and help build the best grassroots campaign in modern political history. That means giving now.”

Messina announced in the video that the Obama campaign had raised $68 million fourth quarter of 2011, a decline from the third quarter.

Messina struck up a similar theme in the email.

The biggest difference between 2008 and 2012 from a fundraising perspective is that some supporters have begun to think that somehow other people are going to take care of things and it will be fine.

But there’s no secret strategy that we can count on. There is no cavalry. There’s only you.

Now, instead of asking for $3 as Messina and his deputies have done repeatedly in the past, the email concludes with a request to “chip in $25 or more.”

61 thoughts on “Messina Scolds Slack Obama Donors”

    1. Oh..he has a day job…alright.

      Gran, do you comprehend at all just how hard it is for him to keep MOO from being angry?

      That’s his “day job”!

      Remember: “All this for a flag?”
      Sorry for such early snark, Keith, butt…I cannot stand for these two Marxists occupying “our” White House too much longer!

      1. Have you ever seen Jesse Watters’ man on the street stuff on O’Reilly–people couldn’t even name JFK. And yay–their vote is equal to mine! Now they should give $25–is that a raffle for a trip to Bali?

        1. Don’t usually watch O’Reilly but caught that man on the street interview last night. In my world everyone can identify a picture of Ronald Reagan. It is hard to imagine there are so many clueless people out there.

  1. This group of rodents think they can buy & lie their way to re election.
    Boy, do they have a shock awaiting in the midst.. and when they lose,
    they’ll go kicking & screaming with false accusations and lawsuits..
    …woe to them

  2. Well, this is my laugh to start the day. At 2 minutes and 50 seconds he makes the comment that Obama has not had much time to fund raise.

  3. Geez, creepy message from a creepy guy. Zero personality. When you start throwing out those huge numbers to people who are possibly having a hard time putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their heads, I don’t think you are going to garner too much sympathy or cash for poor Barack’s re-election campaign. Especially when people are looking at The Communist as the root of their problems.

  4. Beatings will continue until morale improves.

    Maybe if the economy wasn’t so bad, people would hand over their money a bit more willingly. Ironic, no?

  5. All those glitzy parties and lavish vacation trips make the “commoners” envious, Guess he’ll have to pitch his fundraising at the black tie events.

    1. Eat your peas peasants, and donate now. Mooch needs another vacation, the lobster, kobe beef, high end vodka, and sparkling wine is running low, and Barry has some more bribes to pay.

  6. Hypocricy at it’s best. Here we have the true meaning of greed. To berate
    people over not giving enough against this economy and the backdrop of the
    Obama’s monumental excess in everything it beggars belief! He never works
    he is a full time fundraising party machine nothing more never has been. He
    did manage to schmooze with Brad and Angie yesterday then off to raise some
    money. I thought the other day Bush will take criticism over the 7 minutes he
    spent in the classroom on 9-11 instead of jumping up and running out immediately. What if God forbid that had been under Obama’s watch and he
    was all dressed up at a private event to squeeze $45K out of a room full of
    very rich people see the picture? What would the media say? Nothing.

  7. I bet Team WTF has just figured out they’ve lost those disgruntled Bush Republicans, Hillary Dems(pumas) and Independents that helped carry Obama over the finish line in 2008. As for the rest of his base, they seem to be favoring Ron Paul and a former Dem Party rock star, Rocky Anderson.

    Coming off a 4 million dollar vacay certainly doesn’t inspire donors either.

  8. The Presidency is a “day job?”

    Or is this more of wry intellectual humor that one gets from Dems — like calling George Washington “old wooden tooth mouth” and other such fun activities?

  9. I could understand a plea for additional funds. However, this display of avarice goes beyond any understanding. Is it that the only change that his “little person” contributors have seen is the change that is in dwindling amounts in their pockets? Or, perhaps maybe more people realize that his unfulfilled promises and performance don’t deserve another 4 years? Or, as others here have said, maybe we all are just sick and tired of this ego maniac, his celebrity fixation, his disparaging of America, the race card playing, the golf playing, his class warfare and all the socialist propaganda? Yep, I think that is it.

  10. I get their fundraising emails, several times per week, and they are usually begging for $3 to win a dinner with the Obamas.
    My theory is they like those $3 donations, so that they can average down the donations from their ‘whales’, then claim the campaign is driven by the proletariat. “30 million donations averaging $25 each”

  11. I’m not sure which is the most un-appealing spokesman for MrO- MrAxelrod or MrMessina. Both manage to be whiny and nasty at the same time.

    The message seems to be the millions they’ve already collected have been spent and now they’re broke. Not exactly an inspiring way to squeeze money out of poor people.

    1. I believe a prerequisite for working for Obama is that you must be creepy, obnoxious and unappealing. Just take a look at Axelrod Messina AND Plouffe. Obama doesn’t want anyone to upstage him and with those working closely to him, there are no worries there.

      1. You’re right, I forgot about MrPlouffe.
        They must not have any perception of how the public sees them.
        For instance, they allowed MrsO to appear on CBS looking for all the world like she had just downed 4 martinis, slurring her words, slumped in a chair, and waving her hands around.

        1. Glad I’m not the only one who thought she may have taken a few nips before that interview. Big mistake for them to trot her out in public to defend herself against a book she claims she didn’t even read. It only made our impression of her sullen attitude worse than it was before.

          1. Ever notice the obnoxious behavior of the left when “debating.” They can talk faster and louder than anyone I know. If you don’t have a leg to stand on – simply drown out your opponent and never, never, never give them an opportunity to speak not even one word.

  12. The guy reminds me of Peter Lorre’s Renfield character. Just like Renefield, Messina is out trolling the streets for “virgin blood” for his master. So now they NEED the lemmings money? Reminds me of the Rev. Wright line — “White folks greed runs a world in need”. Only in this case it would be — Obama’s greed runs a campaign in need.

  13. Pathetic. I wonder if at some point Messina will latch onto the idea that there is a reason the “faithful” are not eager to pony up? What a group of delusional fools in the current regime…

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  19. People actually find this surprising after the wreckage his policies have caused? He campaigned on distribution of wealth and “shared sacrifice,” yet we see him and his cow of a wife taking lavish vacations we’ve only seen on travel channels–ALL on our dime. We seen ludicously lavish parties that cost taxpayers millions–yet WE must sacrifice. We see the president making lame, weak excuses for using Air Force 1 to go to campaign events preceeded by a 15 minute “policy speech” that JUST happens to be in the same town he has one (or more) of his $40,000 a plate fundraisers. Yeah, yeah, you ignorant, blinded Libs will say “all presidents do this.” True–but nowhere NEAR the abuse this man does–Mr. I’m ENTITLED because I’m Black. And the fact he is not raising what his campaign thinks he should, we will see the number of these jaunts dramatically accelerated–at OUR cost, mind you.

    Yeah, yeah, they are supposed to pay for use of Air Force 1, but they only pay the equivalent of a first class ticket on a commercial airline–and only for him, not the vast entourage. Not a bad deal if you can get it.

    If Obama were a Republican doing this exact same thin, the Demoncraps would be HOWLING about the unfairness and cost of these campaign trips. Obama’s hypocrisy, arrogance and narcissistic attitude knows no bounds. It is breathtaking.

  20. …just like Stalin ordered his soldiers shot if they didn’t walk into german gunfire fast enough…..

    Get on the devil’s team and he will use you until he uses your dead body.

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    1. How very true, his day job consists of golf, basketball, vacations, flying around in his private jet or helicopter, taking Moochelle for a ‘date night’ that cost more than most of us see in a month, oh yeah, forgot the daily campaigning and all at our expense. What a guy (or maybe maggot is more appropriate).

  22. Someone please tell these guys, “Where are the Jobs promised?”
    We’re broke because Obama couldn’t fulfill his promise to us. So now what? You guys want more money? Yous give NOTHING and you wnat more of our money? You guys suck!

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