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What Slur? Lauren Bush Vacas with Beatle Paul

Looks like Paul McCartney has gotten a pass from Lauren Bush, niece of George W. Bush, for his East Room anti-Bush rant.

I mean, you can’t really participate in the Jet Set and not concur that W was a grey matter-less bonehead. Even if he’s your uncle.

The fabulous Lauren Bush, high fashion model married to David Lauren, son of Ralph Lauren – making her Lauren Lauren, a move that I hear drew rave reviews from Boutros Boutros-Ghali – was photographed vacationing in Jamaica during the holidays with Paul McCartney and his new bride, Nancy Shevell.

Remember this tribute from Paul to President Obama?

I happen to know George W. Bush is an avid reader of thick nonfiction tomes and has probably plowed through more books than McCartney has even heard of. I’d like to visit the McCartney estate library and see what’s there. “The Musings of Bo Diddley,” and so forth, I imagine.

Here are some shots of Lauren in her Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Little Polka Dot Bikini, hanging with the McCartneys. I hope she gave McCartney a piece of her mind.

Sure. And let an unpleasant moment interfere with all the fabulousness of hanging out with the Mop Top?

No way.

36 Responses to What Slur? Lauren Bush Vacas with Beatle Paul

  1. I had looked at those pics in the Daily Mail UK, my source for what’s happening, and I thought i’d be wearing a caftan if I looked as bad as some of those people did in a bathing suit but then I’m not an eccentric billionaire.

    • Did you see those shots of Steven Tyler? Ew. Come on, Keith, families are not particularly loyal–mine won’t even read my sites–pishtosh, so not interested. You have to just laugh.

  2. What still amazes me is the fact that, when given the choice of standing up for what is right, or being in the “popular” crowd, how many people would rather be “popular.”

    Just look at the difference in this WH and the most recent. I guess it is more fun to be popular than to do the right thing. Sad.

    And Granny, you are right. Some of those in the photos either looked like beached whales or like that hadn’t had a meal in six months. Thank God I’m broke and really don’t care about being in the “in crowd.”

  3. I wish celebrities would stay away from politics. I want them to entertain me, not give me their uninformed political opinions. They’ve got to know it turns off half their potential fans … Oprah for instance never really recovered forcing Obama on us. Tom Hanks recent movies haven’t done well either. Sir Paul is not even a citizen, how dare he criticize a former President, whether I agree with him or not. /rant

    • You are absolutely right about entertainers and politics. Used to love going with the family to the movies every Friday night. Haven’t been to the movies in years. First because it costs so much, but also because I wouldn’t plunk a wooden nickel down to see these elitist Hollywood types preaching their ideology in their anti-American message movies…

  4. Saw that but I think Lauren is more a Lauren than a Bush. Besides Paul’s
    is too vain and stupid to realize or care. I doubt Lauren would jump to Uncle
    George’s deffence. Paul’s bride was a 1% meat eating Republican now she’s
    a lefty vegetarian but they both have no problem being part of the evil 1% I
    belive the whole bunch are hypocritical idiots. Only reason Paul’s still heard of
    is sadly the two most talented and interesting Beatles are dead!

          • Paul’s Mrs looks a bit skeletal in those pics not a brain in the bunch! Money doesn’t make you smart or even wise Heather Mills ring a bell. And the Queen must have been having a bad
            crown day when she knighted only Paul hey there were four
            Beatles and when he was Knighted the only one missing was
            John so they should all have been knighted cause of the 4
            George Harrison was the most charitable in fact he started with
            the Concert for Bangaladesh on the early 70’s way before Geldoff
            and Live Aid! Can you tell I like George best?:)

  5. That chick in the pics needs a sammich and a shrink to overcome her quite obvious eating disorder. As to Paul? Screw you. From someone who has quite handily been the recipient of the fortunes provided by capitalism, he crows about a Marxist. Pile of dung.

  6. Any one has the right to criticize the president whether he’s a citizen or not. But, if you are like Sir Paul, and your best shot is a cheap shot, informed by your own ignorance, you end up looking like a buffoon. Sir Paul is a buffoon, regardless of his contributions to popular music in the 60’s and 70’s- 40 to 50 years ago!

  7. Nothing is more heart-warming to Americans than listening to a British billionaire make stupid jokes about a former POTUS while standing in our WhiteHouse. Next to that moment, is anyone who thinks they’re famous, but has to be identified as sharing genetic markers with someone who actually is world-wide famous, giving their opinion on anything.

    OT: Bo Diddley
    MrsO’s late father was known by the nickname of “Diddley” and Bo, the dog, was named following that reference. So MrsO says.

  8. I also wish celebrities would stay away from politics. But since they don’t, we’ve cancelled HBO, stopped going to the movies, don’t watch much TV and haven’t missed it a bit.

    • We won’t even watch HBO on the Free weekends :) The Hollywood press blames the economy on poor box office performance, but I think it goes deeper than that. I used to go to any movie Tom Hanks was in, not any more. Same goes for Speilberg and some of the other high rollers.

      After 20 years, I’m cancelling my Entertainment Weekly subscription because I’m sick and tired of their liberal spin on the industry. For instance, Tower Heist got a bad review because Trump Tower was used as the tower ! (You didn’t know til the end credits when it stated The Tower was portrayed by Trump Tower). I thought the movie was great fun but the reviewer made it about her hate for The Donald.

    • I don’t mind violent shows (Breaking Bad) but sometimes I lose the thread. Last weekend, we have free Showtime and after two yrs, I watched a Dexter–and he was still murmuring away internally on why he was so cold and always killed people and how he didn’t want his son to be like that…murmur, murmur–Two yrs later! Get used to being a twisted murderer and hypocrite and liar or not–make up your mind!

  9. I don’t care one little bit what an English musician thinks about Bush, but at the mention of ‘bikini’, my mouse was propelled all by itself like a ouiji board and clicked the link. Egads! Someone get that girl a cheeseburger!!

  10. She is the daughter of Neil Bush. He admitted in his divorice trail that many women come to his room in a hotel in China and knock on the door. He couldn’t say why they were there, but he did let them in. Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.