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Obama Gets High With David Letterman

It surprised me that they would do this on the air. I’ll bet the Republicans are thinking about using this against him.

8 Responses to Obama Gets High With David Letterman

  1. Now I know why I never have and never will watch Letterman. Sure it’s a joke, but our campaigner ‘and’ chief demeans the stature of the office by acting like a celebrity whenever he appears on these shows. I don’t care who else did it before him.

  2. Jeez, he’s 50 freakin’ years old, Ivy-league educated, and this is the BEST he can do?
    Really? I have an opportunity in my practice to confront the occasional Pot smoker with “You know that is a blood drug. Some poor Mexican National died getting this drug to you or else died trying to prevent it from crossing into our country.” You should see the color drain from their faces. Priceless.

    • Obama is mentally impaired,no doubt. His memoirs may contain a portion that state he has smoked M in the Lincoln bedroom and snorted C in the Oval Office. His thinking is skewed, so the possibility that these actions occurred is realistic. I notice many times he cannot cope with questions put to him, therefore he either confabulates or redirects them. How many brain cells does he have left, I don’t know. A more important question is how many did he start wit? Mark Davis MD.

  3. CBS anchorman “sex pest” horny David Letterman smears Republican Sarah Palin and her daughters. The height of liberal hypocrisy. Obama is welcome to him. He is nothing but a bloody clown…………