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Is Obama Courting Dead Voters?

One of my dad’s favorite sayings was, “Live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse.”

How about a corpse that can vote?

An outfit called Project Veritas – run by James O’Keefe, who made the videos that brought down ACORN – ran a little experiment in New Hampshire Tuesday and found that without voter ID requirements, dead people were offered a rare opportunity to participate in the political process.

Because you see, Mssrs. Obama and Holder, states want voter ID laws not to prevent minorities from voting, but to PREVENT THE DECEASED FROM VOTING.

Attorney General Eric Holder has been waging an increasingly aggressive campaign of late against state mandatory voter ID laws.

Because he’s concerned about discrimination. Against zombies.

Dead people have long been a major Democratic constituency, given that Democrats mostly control the big cities where such voter fraud – and other types – tends to occur.

Now, if Republicans could somehow swing some of the dead people vote their way, everything might equal out in the end. But it’s just statistically inescapable that since the population tends to be more concentrated in Democratic urban strongholds, the cemeteries have a greater population of fresh corpses as well.

Check out this revealing video.

H/T to Ace of Spades, where I first saw this.

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  1. Memo to Eric Holder: NEW VOTER CENTER RULE: All British-sounding voters to be strip searched and relieved of hidden cameras. Make this and Exec order#the next one.

  2. Okay, so zombies are allowed to vote ONCE.

    That seems fair.

    After all, the living only vote once, most of the time.

    “Live free or die — and vote either way.”

  3. This is nothing new. It was happening in Albany NY with Corning machine when I was kid growing up there. I am sure it happens everywhere.

  4. My deceased mother in Arkansas, who was a lifelong Democrat and voted absentee, passed on about a year before I re-married. She and I had lived together at the same address for almost three years.
    After my marriage and moving into my new husband’s some, my mother received constant literature from the Democratic Party…she never lived at that address.
    Fraud?????????????? I reported it at the time but never heard anything…because I was employed as a public school teacher I did not go public…but I wonder if she is still voting.

  5. Eliminating the casting of votes for the recent dead is only part of the ID voting system. The ID gives proof of age and residence and that’s the part that MrHolder is worried about; many inner-city people move from place to place without any address form changes, don’t have legitimate jobs but work in cash only enterprises, and college students won’t take the time to go back to their hometowns to vote or ask for absentee ballots.

    Most of us aren’t familiar with the lifestyle of the inner-city poor and can’t imagine not having a valid ID. They don’t work in a business, don’t drive (or drive without a license), don’t have a library card, their phones are in other people’s names, don’t fly, don’t cash checks and even if they had an original valid ID, they’ve since moved to another place, precinct, or city. You don’t need a valid ID card to get government assistance, or SocialSecurity, you only have to provide a legitimate birth certificate and a SS number.

    So, yes, MrHolder is right; many people don’t have a valid ID as required by the many states, but it’s not in any way racist, or sexist, or ageist or any of those things. Valid ID’s are easy to get, but you have to do something on your own to get it.

    1. srdem65 – Great Observations/Comments! Thanks!

      Registering to vote is the first step. It is not rocket science. In my state, every HS Secretary has voter registration post cards so the parents and/or 18 year olds can register/make address changes when enrolling from another school/precinct immediately.

      Registering puts the voters’ names in the precinct roll books. In my city/county, VOTER CARDS are mailed asap to the addresses provided. As srdem65 notes: Getting “valid ID” means citizens will be allowed to vote, but ALSO proves those persons are willing to make the EFFORT “to do something” to insure they’re able to do so!

      As an Elections Supervisor for many years, it is my job to do everything humanly possible to make sure that all citizens are allowed to vote in the correct precinct ONCE they are identified.
      It is the responsibility of citizens “to obtain and provide” ID..!
      Start spreading the importance of Voter Registration and Voter ID now. It is NEVER too soon to get the process started!

      Sadly, the majority of Dems & AG Holder & BHO treat all of the American citizens as if we “need them to hold our hands” because WE are so “incapable and helpless and needy” and SO ON! AG Holder & BHO continue to INSULT the CITIZENS of our Great America!

      My experience working with people of every socio-economic background in urban/suburban/rural America has provided me a special connection to what is in the hearts and minds of ALL Americans – and it is FREEDOM and LOVE of America – and the WORRY that the “changes by POTUS WH Adm” will continue to erode their HOPES for remaining Land of the Free and Home of the Brave! jb

  6. Bravo James O’Keefe and the young patriots who work to expose the corruption of the left. They brought down Obama’s ACORN. Unfortunately, like the cockroaches they are, ACORN just reorganized and changed their name. Makes me wonder whether Obama actually did win the election fair and square, with all the crooks in the Democrat party who endorse voter fraud.

    South Carolina’s voter ID law that was supposed to go in effect on 1 January was deemed unconstitutional by our corrupt DOJ who said it discriminates against black voters. How ironic the same bureaucracy that spits out a ridiculous regulation requiring photo ID to buy drain cleaner, won’t hold the privilege to vote to the same standard.

    1. A I recall, the DoJ’s rationalization for it’s decision was that there were some 290,000 potential voters that currently didn’t posess proper ID to comply with the new requirement – that sounded really good, until SC lawyers looked into it and more than half of those people either moved out of state or had died.

      But then again, to Democrats you can move out of town for years but still qualify as a resident to run for office (Rahm Emanuel) and being dead shouldn’t prevent anyone from voting (Kennedy’s Presidential election in Chicago)…

  7. I had to show an ID just to return an article of clothing to a department store.

    I am astounded that no ID is required to vote (PA), but you do have to sign your name.

  8. I teach Forensic ID Document Fraud and it amazes me how simplistic it can be to require proper ID to cash checks, board a plane, buy alcohol, drive a vehicle… Yet integrity in voting, something so many Americans gave their lives for, is thrown aside for political expediency. After fighting 3 years in Iraq for their vote, we may as well be a third world country.

    1. Thank you for service to America FelixVet. The integrity in our voting process began disintegrating back in 1993 when Bill Clinton signed the Motor Voter legislation into law. This authors of the legislation (Cloward & Piven) actually attended the signing ceremony.

      We will survive these frauds and criminals as long we stand together as Americans. If we can convince like-minded people to research the candidates and make an effort to go to the polls and vote, we can elect people with principles and values to office who can make real change for the better.

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  12. I feel really sorry for the gentleman at the end of the video, who really thinks the system is working. What happens when he finds out it’s broken? Is it like finding out there’s no Santa? Or will he chalk it up to an “anomoly” and keep going?

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  14. My family has been part of the Chicago Machine, 1st Ward, since 1915. They’ve helped bring many people back from the dead to vote for favored candidates. Did it with Kennedy. Did it with Obama. Will do it again. They are plugged into all levels of government and the universities and many have “phantom” jobs set up by the machine as rewards. If anyone doubts that the dead vote in Illinois, you need to wake up.

  15. Did the people working in the election have the birthdates of these voters?
    You can see from the screen that most would be very old people yet noone seems to notice.

  16. Sounds like a bunch of hating teabaggers to me … Obama beat McCain by SIX MILLION VOTES … let me repeat that, because I know most of your ilk are slow … SIX MILLION VOTES … I guess they were all fraud?

    Sounds to me like you are just mad the Supreme Court didn’t install McCain as President, like they did Bush. Too bad, so sad …


    1. SIX MILLION? Wow, that’s a lot of votes, and just as soon as we reform the electoral process and seat Presidents by popular vote I promise, I’ll be real impressed…

      Did you know that SC just found 953 (IIRC) dead voters in the GOP primary? They’ve handed the info over to the Justice Department – the one that said SC couldn’t require ID from voters.

      Before you get too excited, realize that the SC Primary is ‘open’ anyone registered to vote can participate… Including Democrats.

  17. Obozo is by far the biggest lying,thug ,crooked no good bum to ever sit his ass in the oval office, in November we will eject this Muslim loving lying pig from office

  18. Until we put people in prison for voter fraud there will continue to be voter fraud with no fear of reprisal. My father was was a WW II prisoner of war and I am glad he is not alive to see what has happened to our country. People have died to keep our country free and these vermin have no soul and will do anything for their next meal regardless of how they get it. Perhaps the republican party needs to start doing what the dems do letting the dead vote. How long would it take for the dems to cry foul and demand voter id.

    1. Dems would complain ONLY when it became obvious the GOP was better at it than them, until then, they would likely consider themselves to have a ‘first to market’ advantage in voter fraud.

  19. I thought Romney did real well on Tuesday. I do believe Santorum was a double digit ahead of Romney week before the primary so any win was and should be greatlyappreciated. Also winning 6 states out of 10was an accomplishment. GIVE THE GUY SOME RESPECT!!!!!

  20. If the dead, the illegal immigrants and all the Disney cartoon charactors voted Republican, the Democrats would be the one’s proposing the ID law!

    Democrats do not want to loose the votes of the people who are not legally supposed to vote!

    End of story.

  21. I am thinking between the dead voters and illegals and Socialist will be the only way he will win.
    But of course there are the people that gave him money ,such as the Saudis and Sosos, but Soros may be one of the dead come next election so if the dead can vote he will sure try.
    After all he is using Barack as his puppet to run our country,he has screwed up Evey other country he has had any part in.
    Don’t believe me, don’t be lazy LOOK IT UP.

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