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Michelle: Race Behind Portrayal in New Book

Michelle Obama today said a new book alleging that she influenced President Obama’s choices on policy and staff was part of a long running effort to portray her as an “angry black woman.”

The book, “The Obamas” by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor, reports that Michelle was critical of President Obama’s senior White House aides, regarding them as insular and insufficiently devoted to the president’s vision of “transformative” change. Michelle was in particular concerned about former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and believed the president needed a new team.

In an interview with CBS This Morning, Michelle said she had “never had a cross word” with Rahm but didn’t deny that she had found his leadership problematic and acknowledged that she in general made her views on matters clear to the president.

But the first lady also said the book’s author was trying to titillate by amping up the drama and was associating her with an unflattering racial stereotype.

I guess it’s more interesting to imagine this conflicted situation here and a strong woman and a – you know, but that’s been an image that people have tried to paint of me since the day Barack announced, that I’m some angry black woman.

Michelle was magnanimous toward former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who cursed the first lady during a staff meeting, calling him a good friend and saying, “we could go day to day and find the things people wish the didn’t say to each other.”

Here’s the interview if you want to take a look-see.

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      1. I can’t due to medical reasons I am blind in one eye and fear watching
        Skippy could cause me to lose sight in my one good eye. I have a note
        excusing me from watching:)

    1. What these fools don’t get is that many of us have a couple of working brain cells and just because something is written in a book, said on TV or the internet doesn’t mean we’ll buy it hook, line and sinker – but in this case, the woman IS a angry black woman..walks, talks as they say.

  1. I don’t need to watch the video to know she is angry based on her thesis, her life and her jobs. Doesn’t hurt that she sat in Rev.Wright’s church for 20 years. She said she was black, I don’t see color of skin, only content of character.

    Like her husband, does not handle criticism well either, but criticism doesn’t make one racist.

    1. Good point.

      It’s the content of her character that’s being criticized.
      MO has been called out for bad behavior and she can’t take it.

  2. See, here’s the problem – I don’t see why she had to put the “black” in the angry. I just see her as one angry women who only in one time in her life was ever proud of america. (Her words- not mine)…..
    I personally am very proud of America, all that it stands for and the people that give their lives every day to defend it.

    1. MO didn’t have to put the “black” in the “angry.” She played the race card for sympathy, as in “everyone’s picking on me.”

      Michelle Obama needs to be a grown-up and accept responsibility for her own bad behavior.

      1. Why does she remind me of a child sitting on the back porch singing to herself:
        Nobody love me,
        Everybody hatees me,
        might as well eat some worms,

        She needs to to get over herself.

  3. There she goes: “My chief of staff talks to his chief of staff (…)” and so on. How many governments at the WH? Like all cheap things 2 for the price of 1.

  4. MT for re-redistribution

    I was married to an angry woman for 15 years. I know one when I see one. She sure looks like an angry woman. And she just so happens to be black.

      1. MT for re-redistribution

        Funny thing is, by experience, she is probably telling the truth. She doesn’t know she’s a total bitch. She probably thinks she is the epitome of elegance. Just walk away from people like that. Nothing good can come from being in their presence.

  5. Michelle Antoinette’s own bad behavior is the reason for the
    the portrayal in Kantor’s new book.

    Attention, Michelle Obama: The race card expired Jan. 20, 2009. You can’t play it anymore. It will be rejected.

  6. Ok now Michelle is saying the New York Times is painting her as an angry black woman since Jodi Kantor is a writer there. Perhaps Jodi read her scathing college thesis that proves her point beyond a benefit of the doubt.

    1. Well, first–the NYT would never say anything against the Obamas, hello? Maybe Kantor was truthful or shall we say, candid, but the Times–nah. The Daily Beast scrambled around making excuses for her–she should satisfy herself with that.

  7. If the shoe fits…

    Wonder if Jodi Kantor realized the firestorm she would be starting with this book. Has anyone heard from her since the revelations about the lavish Halloween party and Michelle’s behind the scenes bridezilla behavior?

  8. I was done in 10 seconds, right after she brushed off “all of those books” as not worthy of her attention..mmmkay. This comment is proof that a person can not appreciate a higher intelligence in others due to the limits of their own. – that’s the only explanation why anyone would utter such stupidity and expect people to believe it. This woman is seduced by her own reflection.

    The presidential election can not come fast enough.

  9. Did Oprah’s girlfriend ask her about the Alice in Wonderland extravaganza??? Not only is this woman a harridanm according to 99% of all reports and videos of her campaign speeches, she is also a SNEAK! Why else would she try to cover up her excessive indulgences? The Kantor book is only the tip of the iceberg….hopefully more tales will emerge regarding her everyday activities!

    I would have sub-titled THE OBAMAS with THE HEDONISTS!

  10. She should talk–posted this yesterday about MO (sorry for the repeat, but we have to keep repeating the “facts” because we know that BHO/MO/Lame stream won’t):

    Undoubtedly, BHO/MO have never heard the saying, “When You Point A Finger At Someone Remember You Have 3 Pointing Back At You”. Stop calling us racists for doing our duty as citizens of this great country because we question your administration’s policies; your excessive spending/partying/vacations when so many Americans are out of work and our country is going down hill fast!!!

    Obviously, racism is something they have engaged in for quite some time:

    “When Michelle Obama worked in Mayor Daley’s City Hall in the early 1990s, she was “distressed” by how a small group of “white Irish Catholic” families — the Daleys, the Hynes and the Madigans — “locked up” power in Illinois. . .Mrs. Obama worked in the Daley administration between Sept. 16, 1991, and April 30, 1993, according to City of Chicago personnel records. . .She particularly resented the way power in Illinois was locked up generation after generation by a small group of families, all white Irish Catholic — the Daleys in Chicago, the Hynes and Madigans statewide.”

    So why is it alright for BHO/MO to make such ignorant remarks and no one calls them out on them, but when you or I question the administration’s policies; their partying/vacations, etc. we are called “racists”?

  11. Obviously there’s a vast right-wing conspiracy amongst the reporters over at the New York Times who have had it in for this couple since day one. The Times has a long and well-documented history of attempting to derail the Democrats and race baiting.

    1. Sounds like something another angry woman said after her husband was caught red-handed. She used to reside in the people’s house too.

  12. Mooochelle will be even more bitter when she and her $$$$$$Stuff are sitting on the curb outside the WH next year.
    She will no longer be proud of her country because it will still be there even after she and Bam tried to destroy it.

  13. To be a bit serious who would have thought that having a President that was a
    person of color would set race relations spiraling backwards at an alarming
    rate. Should it not have been a good thing but I guess it depends on who’s
    shoulders you put that responsibility. Proud American’s or one’s with an
    agenda that’s not so good.

  14. This I think is backfiring big time been reading comments on CBS site not at
    all good very negative. Think they’ve played the poor me /race card one time
    too many. Perhaps they will see American’s are on to them and are already packing their bags. Someone thought this would get some good PR for HRH
    but I think it’s made it worse. Really CBS Gayle King? This was a campaign ad and if the GOP were smart they might drop a hint or two or at least a well written article.

  15. My dear grandma used to say, “If ten people tell you you look sick, maybe you should go see the doctor.”

    Well, there have been more than ten people, including her husband, who have said Mrs. O. is an “angry, black woman” so if Granny was right, and she usually was, unfortunately, I think the “ABW” designation is apropos.

        1. Star, Yeah, Perry did do Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and I thought it a good film also.

          I know a lot of “folks” may not appreciate his talents, but most of his films I have enjoyed.

  16. She didn’t have a cross word with Twinkle Toes Rahm.

    She didn’t have to. Slumlord ValJar did all the dirty work to those who
    angered Queen LaBeefa.

  17. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
    Abraham Lincoln, (attributed)
    16th president of US (1809 – 1865)
    Maybe Michelle should check out some of her husbands favorite Presidents
    gems of wisdom you are an ABW and we aren’t fooled! To be blunt I guess if
    you’re that miserable it sucks to be you dear.

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      1. Simply “A Modest Proposal” If you want to read the actual short here it is:

        Swift was a master at satire, unlike Carroll, who may have in fact been a pedophile and grooming Alice Liddell with his stories in “Wonderland.” Which makes me question the entire Alice in Wonderland party at the WH. Not only over the top, but given Carroll’s proclivity for spending hours on end alone with Alice Liddell, one has to wonder about the entire Wonderland story. And if Carroll was in fact grooming her, why is the WH having a party that celebrates this kind of man?

        Then again, I have spent way to many years investigating these exact type of people, so I have a tendency to see shadows where there are none.

        1. “Uppity” is one of those loaded words. I looked at a variety of defninitions online and they all seem to center around putting on airs above one’s social station —

          I can’t convict MoochMORE of that one. She is a noveau riche woman and acts that way.

  19. this is the same Michelle whose thesis was called “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community”? her whole life has been about racial resentment and the politics of gender, class, and division. it’s the Alinsky way.

    Mooch: if you don’t want to perpetuate that Angry Black Woman thing, why don’t you stop being angry?

    her thesis, btw, available at , would have benefited from a good editor. one of my favorite gaffes comes early on, where she refers to herself as a future “alumnus.” as all good Latin scholars know, Ms. Obama is an alumna of her college.

    1. thanks for sharing, Denise! I hadn’t seen this. Toby Harnden is a wonderful writer–I always like his columns when I come across them.

  20. I strongly suggest that people actually read the book and I would include the First Lady in my request.

    The book is if anything flattering to Michelle and her presumption that it is filled with invective is just plain wrong. It is one writer’s take on what she believes she saw and while the late night comedy issues that have come up are discussed, Ms. Kantor tries very hard to show the Obama’s side of those incidents.

    I keep reading the reviews at Amazon as they trickle in and wrote one myself and suggest you all go there because it is a four or five star book with quite a few Valentine reviews by readers.

    I just hope we are not at the point where anything but flat out praise is considered to be racist or sexist or whatever. That is not what is going on here and yet you really have to read the book itself to see that.

    1. Charm school won’t work for this fellow. I’ve seen his comments on other blogs. He believes everyone who disagrees with his hero is a “redneck cracker” racist.

  21. I finally watched that clip (SrDem got to me)–and I completely don’t believe she never read the book or coverage. Her comment to Gayle that “you will have to tell me what’s in it”–come on, does anyone on earth believe that one. Anyone? [Crickets]

  22. So basically Michelle O says it didn’t happen and then Gibbs verifies that it did.

    I found a great Daily Mail article from 2008 that describes her Princeton thesis as “angry” politics. Yeah, she’s been perceived as “angry” for quite some time.

    Stereotypes are based, after all, on realities.

  23. Michelle Obama is working overtime to remake her image, much like the Clinton’s tried to do when they were in office. The woman is who she is regardless of the media spin. She is a very angry, self centered, self aggrandizing woman who happens to be black. If she want to help herself, then explain the background a bit revealing why she lost her law license, or how she overcame her husband’s philandering with Vera Baker…you know the subjects covered and hushed up in the effort win election.

    1. Excuse me for being a little late to this party. Was reading another story about Moo then saw this one.

      You might want to revisit the Vera Baker thingy. The media DID cover it…tried to make it a bit of a big deal. Funny thing is that it was designed to make Barry look like quite the ladies man…Remember the pic of he and Sarkozy and the unnatractive young woman’s butt that Barry was supposed to be lusting after, while Sarkozy smirked? All trying to bolster what a “ladies man” Barry is.

      All just to cover the fact that he was didddling the actor Kal Penn (among others), but Kal was the boy of the moment around this particular time.

      Obama is very much on the down low. Rev Wright ran the d/l club at Trinity Church and set up that peculiar marriage between Barry and Moo, indeed an angry black woman that no other professional, hetro black fellow would even entertain marrying. Marriage of convenience, but by the looks of it, quite troubling to Moo.

      Don’t believe me….google is your friend. The list is long: Bill Frist (yes, you read that right….had all the tongues a wagging in the Congressional Black Congress when Barry was first US Senator), the two murdered guys from Trinity, Kal Penn, Reggie Love…well there is more…you’ll soon find out if you do even cursory googling. Not to mention his well know rep with the older gay men in Chi….early ’90’s at Man’s Country “spa”…He and Rahm went there ALOT. Barry has/had quite the thing for older white dudes. He also likes those Pahhhhhhhhhhkeeeeeestahhhhhhhhhnees, too.

      The media is covering for this creep. Seems like the worst kept secret in the world…but not a peep from the MSM and Limbaugh, Hannity, etc., I’m sure feel they can’t “go there”. Eventually the truth comes out. It always does.

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