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Obama Taps Latino Activist as a Senior Aide

President Obama today announced that White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Cecilia Muñoz will be his new chief domestic policy adviser, installing a longtime Hispanic activist in a senior position just as the campaign season ramps up.

The appointment is a sure sign to major Latino organizations that Obama intends to get serious about immigration reform if he is reelected. The president will need Latino leaders not only in his corner but bursting with enthusiasm in order to help him get out the Hispanic vote.

Obama in his first term put immigration reform on the back burner, choosing to spend his political capital on the stimulus bill and health reform instead.

Asked about the effect of her appointment on Obama’s relationship with Hispanics, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney answered simply that she is the best person for the job.

Well, she’s not.

Here’s what she’s done, according to the White House.

Prior to joining the Obama Administration, Muñoz served as Senior Vice President for the Office of Research, Advocacy, and Legislation at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the nation’s largest Latino civil rights organization.  She supervised NCLR’s policy staff covering a variety of issues of importance to Latinos, including civil rights, employment, poverty, farmworker issues, education, health, housing, and immigration.  Her particular area of expertise is immigration policy, which she covered at NCLR for twenty years.

As you can see, her experience in domestic policy focuses on Latino issues. She is an immigration activist, not a domestic policy expert.

Even in her current post, which is supposed to be about the administration’s ties to state and local governments, Muñoz is the White House point person on immigration.

She’s a bright woman, and will probably do fine in her new post. But she’s not the best person for the job.

36 thoughts on “Obama Taps Latino Activist as a Senior Aide”

    1. Militant is putting it mildly. Organizations of whites with “The Race” in their name are usually called skin heads and are infiltrated by the FBI.

    2. :La Raza is indeed militant. Fits right in with Our Dear Leader’s Community Organizing, Alinsky-ish, Van Jones-loving true beliefs, which at their core are not quite in synch with the Founders.

  1. Wow! Race cards being played everywhere. Not only is the president now using it himself, now he appoints a member of the National Council of The Race. Ugh.


  2. MsMunoz was born in Detroit where her father was a automotive engineer. The family was from Bolivia and were legal immigrants.

    What the heck is wrong with the MSM, the progressive radicals, and the WhiteHouse? we’re not interested in gay rights, immigrant’s issues or class/race warfare. Americans need jobs, relief from high fuel prices, and a strong military coupled with a federal government that will enforce the laws of our land.

        1. Damn. I was looking up politicians who changed their names and Obama isn’t even mentioned. The lengths they go to cover for him, even something inconsequential.

  3. Looks like Michelle is building her little ark for the future of her America well I
    imagine it will have other name. Wonder how she’s going to banish all we very
    dangerous Catholic’s? No room on her ark for us just her special selections.
    Sadly it’s not so funny MO is one dangerous woman. Remember ‘all this for a flag?’.

    1. Sorry, but I am not keying in on her despite that book–he is the man in charge, he is my focus, he is responsible for everything on his watch, which began in Jan 2009…He is the supposed big brain, the savior–it’s all on him!

      1. I really think she is a very bitter woman and thru him is getting her revenge on all the perceived wrongs done in her eyes. He is a willing
        participant but I still believe she wields a lot of power can you see him
        saying no to her ‘suggestions’?

          1. That’s just it we don’t know what goes on or with who in this evil
            bunch of I don’t even know what to call them because we’ve
            never had a President who didn’t like his country or most of it’s citizens.

          2. Moochie-butt is to Barry as Hillary was to Bill.

            Except Moochie-butt won’t have to worry about Oval Office Closet shenanigans…unless Reggie comes back. heh heh

  4. Well he’s been a really big hypocrite by taking $ from the 1%. Then he played the race card again and today a appointment of a Latino for votes. He will do
    anything to get elected and with no media scrutiny in fact media doing his
    bidding it’s a very dangerous mix. We normally would have the DOJ to
    protect us but they are more apt to harm us this time voter intimidation will be
    rampant and ignored.

  5. Who can ever forget Obama’s immortal words just before mid-terms on the popular Spanish-speaking radio talk show in Los Angeles – “Punish your enemies at the voting booth” !What a low-life! He really is pond scum!

  6. “Hispanic activist” — person who puts the interests of one group of Americans — who share a genetic background — ahead of all others and works to benefit them alone.

    Sounds racist to me.

  7. A whole bunch of new illegal Obama voters. Hubris. I’m hoping that the old adage — the bigger they are, the harder they fall — is true.

  8. Cecilia Munoz is an open borders advocate who believes illegal aliens should enjoy the same rights as American citizens. She also served on the U.S. Programs board of the Soros-funded Open Society Institute. With this appointment Obama is telling us that he has no intention of protecting America’s borders.

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