In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 11, 2012

9:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:10 am || Holds roundtable on “insourcing” jobs; EEOB
12:15 pm || Delivers remarks on “insourcing” jobs; East Room
2:55 pm || Departs White House
4:00 pm CT || Arrives Chicago
5:00 pm CT || Delivers remarks at fundraiser; UIC Forum, Chicago
7:30 pm CT || Delivers remarks at fundraiser; private residence
9:00 pm CT || Delivers remarks at fundraiser; private residence
9:00 pm CT || Departs Chicago
12:45 am || Arrives White House

All times Eastern excerpt as noted
Live stream of Carney TBD

45 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 11, 2012”

    1. Just what my first thought was William. Any one want to put a wager that one of the residences is the Ayers/Bohrn’s or that good ol’ Bill & Bernardine will be in attendence? Thought so…

      Where’s Mooch?

      p.s. to William – Roll Tide Roll!

    1. Suzie,

      What? You don’t like him using tax payers money to campaign for re-election.

      You must be a racist!

      I can’t wait for the Republican leadership to call him out on this……..oh, wait….:-(

      1. My background is in Accounting, much of it on the sales and marketing side, so it just disgusts me to see money wasted. I just cannot imagine why so much money is needed to convince people.
        Actions speak much louder….

        1. Just saw that “Book of the Week–The Obamas” to the left here… Does it go into any detail about how an apparently straight woman managed to marry a homosexual man with a lifetime membership to one of Chicago’s finest Gay Clubs? Or, how he reconciles his homosexuality (he and Rahm Emanuel, both members) with his Muslim faith? Or, how they both, he and Michelle, lost their law licenses because of real estate fraud under an alias he was using, and they were surrendered to prevent further consequences? Having a professional license as a BSN RN, I KNOW you don’t voluntarily get called before your profession’s punitive organization without a suspected cause. If you prove your case, you keep your license. If you don’t, they often let you voluntarily surrender your license–permanently–to avoid further repercussions or prosecution. Until the right prosecutor gets appointed in the right administration, or by Congress, people, this is what is running our country. And the Social Security Administration has already confirmed that the Social Security number he is using belonged to a man who immigrated from France in 1927 and died in Hawaii–where by the way, his grandmother worked in the probate office, and it wasn’t reported to the Social Security Administration. My husband died of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma on the 28th of August. He didn’t get the disability check for that month because he died 2 days before the end of the month. Amazingly, his death was reported so quickly that it was processed and the check didn’t come on the 1st of September. Who got the Social Security cards for his illegal aunt, uncle, and any of the rest of his illegal relatives? This man, and all those aiding and abetting him should be in prison. Lord… if he gets re-elected I’ll be tagged red or blue…might make it to the FEMA camp–might not.

  1. That sound you hear is my head exploding we have no President! We haven’t
    since GWB left the building. The WH to the Obama’s is just a B&B by the way
    where is HRH?

    1. How well stated. He will go out and earn money for his campaign, as usual, the campaigner in Chief. His one accomplishment other than dividing the country at every level (race, class, party) is about to be overturned by the Supreme Court, and he is jet-setting on the tax payers’ dollar, so he can continue to do the same thing. It is sad what he has done to this country, and that there are still the “mindless” out there that would vote for him again–regardless of his past which he pays millions to hide, or the fact that he is racist and his entire agenda has been about handouts for those with their hands out, too sorry to make something of themselves. Well, I used to be middle class. I am having trouble as a nurse keeping enough work to pay my own bills, but they get their taxes. I wonder what happens when their aren’t enough of the “broke” still working enough to keep up the sorry.

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  3. another fund raiser for the do nothing in charge clown does this F-ING guy ever and I mean ever to anything this is totally a waste how can good hard working americans not vote this bum out of office this year my god where is the Congress and the Senate on stopping this outlaw administration,wake up all you voters and get this piece of garbage out of office

    1. Oh YES…! He socializes banks and major corporations, destroys the capitalist infrastructure to lay the groundwork for socialism, bows to the keeper of the Islamic Faith (Saudi King), and apologizes for America and their pride all over the world… And, that’s just in the first 3 years…. Imagine what he will accomplish if he is elected a second term!

    1. I think it is no more than a photo op to show him ‘working’ with others.
      You know brainstorming like he does 24/7 and 365 days oh no that’s golf, vacations, parties and fundraising. This does not include secret stuff;-)

      1. Remember, the first thing he thinks about is jobs when he wakes up in the morning and the last thing he thinks about before retiring for the night.

        Focused like a laser beam!

        1. Chance to say the J-word and pretend he gives a flip. What is insourcing–limiting jobs to those which can’t be done in India–such as handing a burger out a window?

  4. OK people hers the real truth a fake Birth Cert ,no school or medical records not even his passport,went to a muslim school,does show he was a forien exchange student at the California college meaning not a US Citizen,refused to put black panthers on trial for voter intimidation in Philly PA,has had over 70 fund raiser in the last year George had 29,plays golf around the clock,throws hugh parties weekly ,always on vacation,another fund raiser tonite in Chicago the city of thugs never heard rev Wright spew any of his hate towards Jews and Whites (RIGHT) most corrupt Administration since anyone can remember and the california Soladyine scam he was in bed with ,wants to lower our militay spending ,refused to stand up against the Mosque close to ground zero,has never visited Israel while every other standing President has done so since Israels creation but hes been to Eygpt,Turkey,Africa,Irqo,Afghanistan,Indoneisa,but will not visit Israel anyone catching on to who this man is (NOW) yes he Hates the (JEWS)and yes he has been to many amny Basketball games does his best thinking there I guess tell colleges to cover holy stuff prior to his visit how dear he ,doesthe name Barack Hussian Obama sound ,French,German Italian,no hes 100% Muslim a snake in the grass vote this F-ing piece of crap out of office in 2012

    1. You saved me the trouble of listing ALL that…And, he is a Muslim. His wedding band disappears every year during the Fast of Ramadan. Always in the jewelry shop “for repairs”. Now, I ask you… Just what the hell can you do to your wedding ring EVERY year, at EXACTLY the same time to cause it to be in the jewelry shop? Oh and let’s not forget that HE said…”John McCain doesn’t question me about my MUSLIM Faith, he uh…” and then he was corrected by the interviewer…”Don’t you mean your Christian Faith?” “Er, yes, my Christian Faith.” During the Fast of Ramadan, Muslim men cannot wear ANY form of jewelry–even their wedding band. Anyway…because you laid out the fact that he was an exchange student… He received the Fulbright Scholarship–for which you have to produce a passport, and birth certificate, as well as other paperwork to even be considered. But, having produced ALL of the necessary paperwork for it, he now has tried to convince us he is an American. NOT! Not even in actions. And, as a grandmother, I can tell you when and exactly where my two grandchildren were born… and I believe his Kenyan Grandmother when she says he was born at the hospital in Mombasa Kenya, and proudly tells us she was present at that birth. Call me a birther. It’s true–and the facts will come out. I am patient…

      1. I noticed the wedding ring off once, really it comes off every year? Wow, I’ve got a very nice wedding ring with stones all the way around, it got cleaned once and I stayed in the store with it. From what I’ve seen of his ring it’s a plain band…. hmmmm, things that make you go hmmmmmm!

        1. Yes, it comes off every year, and some observant member of the White House Press Corps, finally asked him about it last year. The answer was that it was “in the jewelry shop for repairs’. Every year since he’s been President, during the Fast of Ramadan. And, how many Muslim prayer dinners has he attended? How many has he hosted at the White House? And, he considered canceling the National Day of Prayer, and he didn’t even recognize it, as previously it has been recognized. There was note taken of that,as well. My educated theory is that his only purpose for ever entering a Christian church is that he was being groomed for politics, and his handlers knew that his chances were slim if he was Muslim. There was an Imam in 1995 who said we were going to have a Muslim President–and it would be sooner than we thought. He would not elaborate. I think he was in the loop about Obama. And, something else that I have thought about is that OBLadin kept referring to “their mutual friends”, and meetings with Obama before he was “anybody”. It keeps me searching. Rumor has it that Obama was recruited as a CIA operative because he spoke the language, and they got his half baked A$$ into Harvard–he sure didn’t get in there on his own merit. He admittedly failed in school, and stayed drugged up. There is so much more–some known, and the break-in at the passport office–conveniently–because when he went to see his mother, in the 70’s, he could not have gone on an American passport. He had to have used Indonesian or other because we were not welcome in Pakistan, and Americans were not permitted there. Everything about the man is a lie or a shadow. He has spent nearly 2 million to keep everything about himself secret, and they get upset (the liberals) because Romney said he has no plans to release his tax returns to the public? It isn’t required. Technically, I could care not care less about their tax returns. And, what illegal act did Obama and Michelle get caught at to have to “surrender” their law licenses? I have a hunch. I think it is associated with his alias as Harrison J. Bounell, and that aliases involvement with real estate fraud. My two cents.

    1. kind of scared about what the “medical school initiative” could mean. Does not sound like something that will be good for practicing physicians or those that hope to practice medicine in the US in the future.

      1. I am a nurse, and the Obamacare has all but put home health nurses out of business. Barely working enough to make it. Guidelines, regulations, and too many new welfare recipients on an already overtaxed system. They’d rather put you in a rehab or institution than send you home with nursing care. Institution upkeep after they are no longer paying the “full” cost, is about 100.00 a day. Welcome to rationing, and you better believe if it is fully instituted that Obamacare has “death panels”. Oh, they won’t kill you, but they will decide if you are of enough worth to society to keep you alive.

        1. Very true Helen. Too bad the masses can’t see the writing on the wall. Remember, “We have to pass the bill to find out what is in the bill”!!!!

          1. Today our govt even admitted that hosp admittances, elective surgeries and doc visits are way down because of “unemployment and uncertainty.” Yes–we can’t afford even copays! Wow-revelation. Now the doctor calls and says your health plan says you have to come or no more pills.

          2. That HEINOUS woman. And, the huge gavel.I have never been so disgusted. People keep saying we need to have a congress that cooperates. We didn’t send the overwhelming numbers of republicans to the House to get them to compromise away the rest of America. We sent them as a roadblock to stop the idiocy until we can send reinforcements to the Senate in 2012, thereby making it impossible for Obama to pass another law in his socialist agenda–IF we are unfortunate enough to see him in office again. Did the Democrats compromise ANYTHING? One more thing… The American Socialist Party no longer runs a candidate for President. They quit after changing their name to the Socialist Democrat Party–now the Progressive Democrats, and said that the Democratic Party had “adopted all of their tenants. What controlled Congress until we replaced them…? Progressive Democrats. What does Obama “profess” to be…? A Progressive Democrat. They are Socialists, and the silent, conservative majority stayed quiet and polite, and may have slept too long.

  5. When I first saw this, I thought he was busting his buns for a change. Then I read the fund raising lines. He is consistent, I’ll say that for him………

  6. If by “insourcing” jobs he means bringing them back from Asia, fat chance this “round table” will be anything more than a photo op. Like everything else, his actions speak louder than his words. It’s impossible to bring jobs back to America when his wacko environmental czars are doing everything they can to kill American jobs.

  7. Tough morning for HRH she’s going on CBS to be grilled by Gayle King about the book and ask some really hard hitting questions:) LOL!!!

  8. I’ve seen it said before but it bares repeating. He did all of this in a term where he’s trying to get elected to a second term. Can you IMAGINE what he’ll do, if he wins that second term, and doesn’t have to worry about getting elected again. He’ll make Castro and Chavez look like amateurs!

    1. Yes I can… It will have been nice knowing you as either a dead former American, or one of the future Americans residing in a FEMA camp…Comrade.

  9. He holds an important Roundtable for 2 hours to come up with solutions?
    I’ve been in conferences for 2 hours and we haven’t decided what we are having for lunch.
    How can you have a Roundtable that lasts just 2 hours and think you have an solutions to complex issues?
    And then report on it immediately after?

    Not possible. It’s called: Have a meeting for the sake of having a meeting so you can have a Press Conference and tell people you are working on a solution.
    That’s not how things ought to be done.

  10. all of this mans life is a fraud its like he never exsisted and them came out of no were 400 students do not remember this lying muslim no good dirt bag from college i guess there all wrong and i did look at his year book no picture every thing about this man is a lie of a fraud he is taking us down slowly but in Nov 2012 we will right the ship and rid America of this piece of crap

    1. Hopefully, that is going to change. He HAS to appear in court in Georgia to PROVE his eligibility to be placed on the Georgia ballot. Motions have been in progress. He was told that he best show up when the time comes. He also is going to have to bring documents. Hope he tries to purger himself. You are absolutely right! He is a mystery–except for what has fallen out of his mouth while campaigning. And, everything he has is stolen ID, or fake. the court started January 26, 2012. No one is covering it much. I am posting the blow by blow link here…
      Obama eligibility court case..blow by blow:

      The mainstream doesn’t want it to get much attention…

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