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Obama Plays the Race Card

At a Washington fundraiser Monday night, President Obama subtly played the race card, suggesting that Republican presidential candidates would deny people opportunity based on the color of their skin.

Here’s what the president said during the event before what a press pool reporter described as “an enthusiastic crowd of young supporters in ballroom of Capital Hilton Hotel.”

Everything we fought for during the last election is at stake in this election. The very core of what this country stands for is on the line — the basic promise that no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from, this is a place where you could make it if you try.  The notion that we’re all in this together, that we look out for one another — that’s at stake in this election.  Don’t take my word for it.  Watch some of these debates that have been going on up in New Hampshire.

The phrase “no matter what you look like” is a clear reference to race. Obama is indicating that if he loses the election, opportunity for those who are a certain color or ethnicity will be denied. He completes the thought by pointing to the debates in New Hampshire, associating the Republican candidates with the possibility of racial or ethnic discrimination.

This is not the first time Obama has used such a formulation. In remarks Oct. 12 to a group of Latinos, Obama said:

I believe America should be a place where you can always make it if you try; a place where every child, no matter what they look like, where they come from, should have a chance to succeed . . . I still believe in that America.  I believe we can be that America again.

The implication here is that under George W. Bush, America became less of a place where one could make it “no matter what they look like.”

Michelle Obama, during an October fundraiser, also suggested Republican victory would lead to discrimination.

Will we be a country where opportunity is limited to just the few at the top?  Or will we give every child — every child  — a chance to succeed, no matter where she’s from, or what she looks like, or how much money her parents are?  Who are we?  That’s what’s at stake here.

Obama’s comments Monday night are the latest sign that race, which Obama – much to his credit – and others were successful in minimizing as an issue in 2008, will become an unfortunate part of the 2012 campaign.

Some, including the Wall Street Journal, have accused Attorney General Eric Holder of practicing racial politics by attacking state voter ID laws as harmful to minorities. New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal last week ascribed racial motivations to political attacks by Republicans against Obama. Rosenthal and others have suggested that Republican candidates are sinisterly using code words for race in their remarks.

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  1. This is what you get with a person who has no shame, pride, morals or core beliefs. This poser in chief is an embarrassment to the country and world.

  2. When has Obama NOT played the race card? His whole life has been a race card! This article is about as informative as “Oxygen is Good For You.”

  3. The President of the United States is BLACK! Do these people not know how foolish they appear when they say these things…yes, I realize who he is addressing.

  4. The debt of this country has now passed the total income of this country. Obama is going to ask congress for another 1.2 trillion dollars in the next few days. His plan for this country is to make it a third world country. If he is re-elcted he will do just that. Impeach him now before the election.

  5. “no matter where you come from, this is a place where you could make it if you try”
    The point he obviously missed in this line of BS is the word “TRY”. When people are given something for nothing why would they “try” for something by working for it? All they need to do is create more reasons to be on the dole in order to get more. When incentive to improve one’s lot is taken away by well meaning but misguided policies there is no incentive to improve. Look at the social engineering this country has tried for the past 40 to 50 years since LBJ and his “Great Society”. More people on welfare, some families having the second and third generation on it. Is this how people “TRY”? Most people of my generation learned from their parents that in order to succeed in this life one had to work and earn success. Now we have generations that learn that to succeed all they need to do is give birth to illegitimate children and the “man” will pay you more money. That lesson is learned quickly and soon those newest children give birth to their own income earners. Truly a sham of what this country used to be about. Now Obama trumpets the tired old line about people being held back because of what they look like. If that were true for other than color only the gppd looking people would be rich or successful. Where would Helen Thomas, Nancy Pelosi and a host of other women be?.

  6. Not the first time Obama has played the race card and darn sure won’t be the last. When you have no record to run on what else can you do? We working Latinos sure will not be fooled.

  7. I see the race reference. That is easy. However, I also see the socialism reference. “The notion that we’re all in this together, that we look out for one another”. I don’t see anything in the Constitution about being “all in this together”, “we look out for one another” That’s the community organizer / socialist coming out in Obama. Clearly he has never been able to separate what the Constitution allows our government to do, and what community organizations, charities, and churches would like to do.

  8. Hey Barry, who plays cards anymore? Your argument requires guilt to be effective. No one is guilty Barry! No one cares about you because you do not care about anyone but yourself. Just face it Barry, black or not, you are a failure.

  9. I’m a minority but I don’t see it like that..I’m an American first, an native American second. It bothers me when someone uses the race card because it just means their personal argument is weak. As I remember Republicans are the party of Lincoln an they have been the first out of the two parties to brake old race stereo types.

    The first in US History:
    African American/Woman Secretary of State,….Condoleezza Rice
    African American Supreme Justice…. Clarence Thomas
    Spanish Attorney General …. Alberto R. Gonzales
    African American Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff….Colin Powell
    Italian American Supreme Justice…..Antonin Scalia
    Jewish American Supreme Justice….Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Republicans are not about affirmative action, but more for the right person seen fit to run a post.
    One word for the Obama Administration…hypocrite!

  10. How is Obunga going to play the race card when he has to show up at a federal courthouse in Georgia on Jan. 26 at 9am to produce and show the documents listed below so that he can run for president in the state of Georgia?

    Obunga has to produce any and all birth records, certified long form birth certificate — certified school/university registration records — certified immigration/naturalization records — certified passport records — and redacted certified SS-5 applications under the names Barrack (Barry) Soetoro — Barrack (Barry) Soebarkah — Barrack (Barry) Obama — and any and all combinations of thereof and any other names used.

    How is Obunga going to play the race card to get out of all of his fraud?

    I wonder how the news media is going to report on all of this NEWS WORTHY information that the publice is entitled to know about?

  11. Our President playing the race card? I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked that he would do such a thing. /sarc off/ This is what the Dem’s were counting on when they named him their candidate. Who would dare condemn a (half) Black man for anything? He can do what we want and no one will say anything for fear of being called (Gasp!) racist.

    Bzzzt! Wrong. Thanks for playing our game.

    ABO (Anybody But Obama) in 2012.

  12. Pointing out another race-baiting or racial-demeaning meant-to-be-provocative statement by Obama is like pointing out yet another lie of his.

    But he, the Democrat Party — particularly its black members — and the once-mainstream media have so overused the race card, they may have already negated everything Martin Luther King Jr. and others of the original Civil Rights Movement accomplished.

  13. I live in Honolulu Hawaii – Since Obama has been president, the local democratic government has made racist comments toward the White & Latino population. I know how most of the locals think, they usually tolerate other races in public but don’t really like them. Seeing how Obama lived hear, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t a racist too.

  14. When you can’t make a counter argument play the race card. We’ll be hearing this all year long. The more you hear it the less effective it becomes.

  15. Why should we want a campaign where race isn’t discussed? Whites have payed trillions in reparations to blacks over decades now, trying to close the income gap, the home ownership gap, the educational achievement gap, the crack cocaine sentencing gap. Our kids, and now our grandkids, face racist pro-black affirmative action policies in government contracts, the workplace, university and even bank lending.

    Black crime as evidenced by the FBI’s statistics continues to be a tsunami of domestic terror, and while it’s true that most of the victims are black, many whites are caught up in it, and all of us pay for the army of police, parole agents, social workers and prison guards needed to attenuate it.

    I for one would love to see these topics discussed. I agree with Eric Holder we are a nation of cowards who tremble at the thought of having a frank discussion of race in America. Why?

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  17. As long as obama is allowed to spew his divisive venom, and hate of whites racism will always be an issue. It makes money, it gives minorities an enemy although it is just a facade set up by the likes of obama, je$$e jjjackkk$$$on, al the quota maker $harpton, charlie the sham artist tax dodger rangel. It is pretty obvious the only people having problems with color are these pathetic leaders, everyone else wants to work together, to get along, wow, we can’t have that! The producing taxpayer must have a different frame of mind, they must get use to supporting the parasites.

  18. as the saying goes … “when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”.
    That’s all BHO has in his arsenal … playing the race card.

  19. Interesting Obama’s playing the race card because, as we all know, he was elected simply because he is black. Had he been a white senator with two years of experience in the senate, voting mostly Present, Hillary Clinton would be President. I’m amazed, still, how many people voted for him without looking at his experience, or lack thereof, and his past associations which are, in my estimation, frightening and tell a lot about his as a person. I’ve always maintained that he’s unqualified and incompetent to be President. I pray he’s a one term president!

  20. The Obama’s are the racists. He uses race to divide the nation. Michelle is just plain prickly and has big race chip on her shoulder. Everyone is too PC scared to address the issue because the left will pull out the race card regardless of the situation. Keep in mind that the first black congressmembers were Republicans back in the eraly 1870’s. Right about the same time that the Democrat party was establishing the KluKluxKlan

  21. I guess that by voting against Obama is going to make me a racist,I guess I’ll just have to become a racist cause there is no way that I’d vote for an Person like him,Hateful,lying race baiting boob that he is. With all his faults I never considered him color challenged until now. If he is the best that the black race has to offer,blacks will never Equal to Hispanics.The man has no work ethics,just a boob with someone else’s credit card refusing to relinquish it.

  22. Yes, well perhaps with a new president the unemployment rate for Blacks will indeed disproportionately sprial downward to at least the levels they were at when he took office. Oh. That’s a good thing.

  23. Unfortunately, Obama accomplished to where he is by what he looks like via affirmative action. Whose place did he steal at Occidental and Harvard with his below average grades? I mean he does not know how to read ‘corpsman’ even when it is ‘flash carded’ to him or distinguish ’57’ from ’50’.

  24. If not for the race card, Barry and Michelle would have no cards at all. And you know what the real tragedy of this idiot’s presidency is? He had an opportunity to be a truly historic President. A President to finally heal the racial division in our nation once and for all. A President to finally end the bull crap victimization mentality that’s been going on for decades. A mentality that is being used as an excuse to hole an entire class of people back from acheiving their potential. And he’s failed. Utterly. In fact, rather than heal, he’s expanded, he’s legitimized this division and this mentality…all because it has worked so well to explain away his many failures. It truly is tragic. Rather than rise up and be a truly great President, he’s compounded his incredible failure with stereotypes and excuses. Pathetic.

  25. Did ya catch the pictures of Barry playing touch football on the beach in Hawaii. I guess he thinks he’s JFK. JFK used to play touch football with his family. All poor Barry has is SS forced to play with him for the photo op. Shame, if Barry had vacationed in Indonesia or Kenya then the photo’s would have had a more genuine family feel to them. BHO is no JFK, for sure.

  26. when does he not play the race card, this man is a racist his wife is a dirty c*** and his polices are destroying the UNITED STATES. HE IS THE EVIL IN OUR LAND AND NEEDS TO BE BURNED OUT

  27. How does he think he won in 08? Everything he has accomplished in life was given to him because of his race…and now he wants people to think this is a Racsist country. We have a whole generation of blacks that have never been discriminated against, never been denied a seat at a lunch county, never had to sit in the back of the bus, yet are given everything. They get in line first at Colleges and Universities, they get special treatment for jobs, loans, and housing. If anyone is Racist, it’s Obama and his wife.

  28. This is worse than appalling. The implications of such comments is telling the left that everyone with conservative principles are racists. In the workplace, leftist union members and those favorable of democrat politicians can stigmatize an unsuspecting conservative very easily by telling their liberal cohorts that a person is conservative. Although the facts are that those of the democrat party are truly the only real racists. And to think Presient Obama was elected to represent every American citizen?

  29. It is so sad that Obama’s own subtle code words of racism will be so effectively received by those who are constantly reminded that whites and Conservatism equals racism.

    Whites in America (unless you consistently proclaim your loyalty to the Democratic Party) will never be allowed to rise above the shame America’s forefathers heaped upon them by those who cling to the past as a free ride into the future as reparation for a debt that can never be repaid and never forgiven. Moreover, any inroads made to balance either real or perceived inequalities can never be retracted because to do so would be yet another clear example of the continuing racism handed down father to son, mother to daughter ad-nauseam.

    Isn’t it interesting then that not a single active conservative politician can be shown to have uttered any racist comments, yet they all are painted as such by those who do so themselves on a regular basis?

    It’s time to call a spade a spade.

    The racist in the room is not the person being accused of being racist, but the racist accusing another person who they seek advantage over that is neither earned or deserved.

    I spent a lifetime teaching my children that racism swings both ways and that they should avoid it at all costs. So imagine my surprise when it was visited upon them first hand by those whom I taught my children to be most respectful toward. Yes, racism exists in America. But I dare say today it is more often than not harbored by the accuser than the accused.

    Mr Obama fits that category quite nicely.

  30. I will tell you this I am sick and tired of our uniter pres. playing the stupid race card. Our nations highest office is held by an african american and yet he still platys this game. He has lost the independent white vote this time.
    It is sickening. also do not forget that african americans that are conservative or republican do not count in his amerika!
    ques Seriously why do they refer to themselves as African Americans when it should be a kenyan american or a Libyan American I am a Chech American not a European american

  31. The real racists in thsi country are the ones that “play the race card” fist and as many times as possible. Rather than running on his dismal record and his failures, Obama has fallen into that trap of being the one to play his card first.

  32. Obama has already used up all his race cards. He isn’t holding anything in his hands, which is why he’s going to get filleted in the next election.

  33. I would have thought he’d wait at least until July to play the race card. Based on this comment and the attitude of the ABC debate “moderators” (Stephie and Ms. Sawyer) this is going to be one nasty, petty election.

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