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Obama Hosts Fundraiser at $45,000 per Ticket

President Obama Monday evening collected a startling $45,000 per head at a Washington fundraiser to benefit his campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and Democratic state election efforts.

The press was barred from the event, a “roundtable discussion” at the luxurious Jefferson Hotel, but invited to cover the more egalitarian fundraiser later in the evening, which featured tickets starting at $100 and a performance by singer Sara Bareilles.

The White House has put on a big show of its small donation collections, last week displaying for all to see Obama having lunch with winners of a raffle in which participants needed to pony up only a $3 contribution to enter.

The White House Monday night used its usual excuse for keeping the press at bay – one also used by the Bush White House – saying that Obama was not making formal remarks at the event for high rollers. But the “openness” Obama White House had pledged to change business as usual. And it’s hard to imagine that Obama had no opening statement for the “roundtable” and just launched the proceedings with something like, “What’s on your mind?”

The White House did not release the names of the $45,000 ticket purchasers. It said the money would go to the Obama Victory Fund 2012, which is a joint project of the Obama campaign and the Democratic Democratic National Committee, as well as the Swing State Victory Fund.

The Swing State Victory Fund is a new operation set up by the campaign a few weeks ago that “will allow supporters who would like to contribute to individual state efforts to elect the president and Democrats up and down the ballot,” an Obama campaign official told The Hill in a statement last month.

130 thoughts on “Obama Hosts Fundraiser at $45,000 per Ticket”

  1. Obama, like so many democrats believes he can buy and cheat his way into the coming election…oh that is what his handlers did last time. Well okay, guess they will do it again, and as many have already stated…the country will finish the slide into oblivion.

  2. Hypothetical: Person types a seditious remark about barry and then deletes it before submiitting. Next, that same seditious thought about barry still resides in said person’s mind. Can said person be prosecuted for that?

  3. It was a “fund raiser” – raising funds from people and NOT big corporations who are buying the politicians on the right who will do their bidding and make laws to favor their greed and profits. When one looks at what the Republicans are promising for America and our people, THAT transparency scares the hell out of our citizens.

    1. How do you know if they won’t release the donor list and press was not allowed in so unless you attended I think your point is meaningless.
      We have no idea who was there none at all.

    2. Sony, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft Corp, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Citigroup Inc, General Electric, Morgan Stanley all contribute 100s of millions of dollars and sends their reps to these dinners.
      Obama leads the list of money grabbing politicians from corporations.

    3. Are you blind? 45,000 dollars for a plate of dinner still has to come from a 1%er. In case you can’t connect the dots, that’s the same as a “one percenter”

      As far as big corporations, do you mean the millionaire overseers of Solyndra or John Corzine who don’t know where 1 billion dollars of his clients money went to? Those kinds of corporations?

      You use the word “transparency” to defend Obama?

      Hey I don’t like any of the bastards on either side, but at least I’m willing to reserve my defense for someone honest, if he exist. I don’t see one yet. And you sure as heII can’t use the word honest in the same sentence with Obama, unless you epitomize Sycophancy.

  4. I’m so happy he’s focused on JOBS… All those waiters must be getting large Tips!! He’s back working hard after his last vacation. Maybe he’ll go another vacation now.

  5. The cold hard truth is this: ALL politicians are crooked liars and theives. There, it’s on the table. We, as Americans need to READ and take action according to the rights our CONSTITUTION gave us and evict all government from office and appoint new blood into the system and make it punishable by death to misuse or abuse the offices that held and no preferential treatments given to office holders (Do you get paid from any job that you have had for life, preferential health care at no cost,free special insurance for life, security, or any other perks?). Both sides are crooks… Ross Perot was probably one of the few that could have helped the country and we didn’t elect him. This country has gone to hell on a hand basket already and until we, as concerned Americans, do something about it, we can all kiss our butts goodbye. This government system cannot be trusted as it stands today as we know it(corrupt), end of story.

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