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Obama Hosts Fundraiser at $45,000 per Ticket

President Obama Monday evening collected a startling $45,000 per head at a Washington fundraiser to benefit his campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and Democratic state election efforts.

The press was barred from the event, a “roundtable discussion” at the luxurious Jefferson Hotel, but invited to cover the more egalitarian fundraiser later in the evening, which featured tickets starting at $100 and a performance by singer Sara Bareilles.

The White House has put on a big show of its small donation collections, last week displaying for all to see Obama having lunch with winners of a raffle in which participants needed to pony up only a $3 contribution to enter.

The White House Monday night used its usual excuse for keeping the press at bay – one also used by the Bush White House – saying that Obama was not making formal remarks at the event for high rollers. But the “openness” Obama White House had pledged to change business as usual. And it’s hard to imagine that Obama had no opening statement for the “roundtable” and just launched the proceedings with something like, “What’s on your mind?”

The White House did not release the names of the $45,000 ticket purchasers. It said the money would go to the Obama Victory Fund 2012, which is a joint project of the Obama campaign and the Democratic Democratic National Committee, as well as the Swing State Victory Fund.

The Swing State Victory Fund is a new operation set up by the campaign a few weeks ago that “will allow supporters who would like to contribute to individual state efforts to elect the president and Democrats up and down the ballot,” an Obama campaign official told The Hill in a statement last month.

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      1. TIm, I am an ex Marine, small busness man, landlord and home owner here in NYC. I take in handicapped animals and support all my local soup kitchens by serving up meals a few times a week. Even though I dont believe in religion I do try to teach my kids both science and religion and let them make up their minds. I want our gov. to be more responsible with our money. The democrats are buying votes without any consideration for our kids futures. If at this stage of the game you cannot connect the dots, then its ignorant idiots like you that are ruiing this country and thus, YOU are the anti American. If you cant see the bigger picture by now, then you truly have earned the title of “Liberal Obama voter”.

        1. If you want the government to be more responsible with our money, why would you want to elect the people (Republicans) who came up with TARP? The GOP is owned wholly by Wall St., and every time they are in power they enact policies that lead directly to bailouts. (Remember the S&L scandal?)

          1. Mr. Chairman…you’re being intellectually dishonest here. TARP was also passed by a Democrat controlled house.

            As a side note, the treasury has recouped all of the money given to the banks…plus a hefty dividend. That may have been the federal government’s most sage business decision ever.

          2. Not sure how you can call TARP a Republican idea, when it came from Hank Paulson, one of Schumer’s Wall Street cronies and Treasury secretary to Bush. Yes, Bush was a moderate who bought Paulson’s chicken little scenario, but it was the Democrats who controlled both houses of Congress the last two years of his presidency. The Democrats pushed through TARP, which was nothing but a slush fund. By the way, did you hear about Obama’s new Chief of Staff, Jack Lew? He was a hedge fund executive on Wall Street who made lots of money on mortgage defaults, and he personally received $900,000 of that TARP money from Citibank. If you don’t think this little $45K-a-ticket soirée wasn’t attended by bunch of Obama’s Wall Street cronies, then I’ve got some beachfront property in Arizona you might be interested in purchasing.

        2. Finally some common sense…thank you! Those that continue to drink the cool aid will never be convinced this guy is doing anything wrong. I’m so sick of hearing how the Repubs. are owned by Wall Street, the facts are more money goes to the Dems then ever go to the Repubs from WS. BO continues to court the “wall street” money while bashing the hand that feeds him. I don’t get!!!!!! All I know is he’s got to go…

    1. Because Candidate Obama promised he would be more transparent than Bush. Remember Hope and Change ? Free ponies and endless rainbows? I do, now we’re stuck with someone worse than Bush :(

  1. Hypocrite he bashes the 1% ll day for the huddled masses then showers and
    goes and takes $45,000 a plate from them at night why does the media let
    him get by with this BS. No questions for Skippy? Very dangerous when the
    media are willing co-conspirators. Of course Big Sis is watching journalist now
    I wonder who’s already been given waivers? We already know the answer.

  2. What is shocking is not the lack of transparency in this administration ( we have grown accustomed to that ) but the fact that there are still those willing to pay that kind of money to see a man who is all hat and no cattle.

    1. Seems like investing in Obama, Inc. has been quite lucrative for some. 45k can get you millions for your company, an Ambassadorship, personal Czar, or any of those wonderful perks money can buy. If you’re lucky to be in the 1%. ;)

  3. Lots of politicians have kept the press out of their “fundraising” activities.
    Castro, Chavez, Stalin, Lenin…

    but never fear, the Amerikan press corpse will still sit at His feet.

  4. I hope Obama can be deported once he’s given the boot this November. What a repulsive, lying, thieving, disgrace to our country he is.

      1. Tim, the hate will not eat his soul. What will eat his soul, along with a multitude of other citizens, is this “president” getting elected again. What an utter failure. Electing him was a social experiment. It failed. The zeal to elect the countries first “black” president was a joke. He should not be judge by his color, but by the content of HIS character (and qualifications as well).

      2. Yeah Tim, I hate how this country is going broke. I hate how the debt seems to rise a trillion here and a trillion there every time I turn on the news. I hate how we’re told to do as we’re told by the government and to ignore what we see. I hate seeing how my four children might have a worse future than their parents’ for the first time in American history. I hate how TSA wants to embarass and harrass old ladies and watch arabics walk on by (I’ve seen it). So yeah, there’s PLENTY to not be overly joyous about with Obama. And before you blame it on racism, I was hoping for Herman Cain.

    1. Hey there no longer, dont you know that “OWS” stands for “Obama’s Witless Stooges”? If those Occupy puppets really wanted to sock it to the “billionaires who don’t pay taxes”, why not go after GE? A gigantic company that paid ZERO taxes last year, and owns some fabulous property at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, a stone’s throw from Zucotti park! And owns NBC and MSNBC. Oh but that’s right: GE’s chief douche — one jeffrey immelt — is buddy buddy with Obama. And is on his council of economic advisors. And gives him a flood tide of campaign money, not to mention drooling, bootlicking “tingly leg feeling” “news” coverage

      don’t expect ANYTHING from OWS — they’re sniveling infants. THe only force for good is the Tea Party and constitutionalists like Ron Paul

  5. Just look at the “transparency” this regime is expressing…..another promise kept by Barry—–NOT!!!! One & Done! Barry, kids, Mother-in-Law, MOOCH & the POOCH all need to be put to the curb in 2012!!

  6. So the Messiah wouldn’t release the names of his donors….probably because the vast majority work on wall street. The occuCraps should be sitting up tents across from the White House.

  7. This man has no honor, decency or ethics. It is time for Obama and his pernicious minions to go – they are destroying this country and refuse to take responsibility for our dire economic issues. Wake up, America – before it is too late!

    1. I guess paying for a dinner gets around that caveat. You are paying for the priviledge… ack… cough… (sorry, I just threw up in my mouth) to have dinner with him. At least that’s my guess. Your mileage may vary.

    1. The reason the press was not allowed is actually very simple. There was one chance in infinity that there is an honest reporter (I choke on that appellation) somewhere who might get in and tell the truth to the public. God Forbid!!

  8. Barack Obama will be a one term president no matter how much money he is able to squeeze out of the 1% he pretends to hate and despise. God bless America and protect us from our enemies inside and outside our government. Barack and Michelle………. history will not be kind to you.

  9. Oh geez . . . what’s the phrase I am trying to come up with ? ? Oh yea ! LIMOSINE LIBERALS . Billionaire & millionaire LIBERALS !
    I thought they said that only conservatives were RICH.

  10. Oh come on guys, it’s all smoke and mirrors! He won’t tell who was there cause NO ONE was there. He’s trying to make us believe he still has all his wonderful supporters to keep him in office!

    Okay, I’m the one person here who looks for ponies in poop, kay? But I can dream can’t I?

  11. Keith Koffler, the Obama campaign has not yet rec’d your $45,000 payment. All of your colleagues sent their money in….please hurry, your table is still available. You will be sitting next to George, Wolf and Keith O.



  12. When anyone else does the same, the media rounds up the usual suspects, i.e.: Jesse, Al, Louis to grouse about what could be done with the same amount of money.

    Like hundreds of thousands of Americans, my technical support job was sent offshore while the majority of new openings are filled with college students working part-time. I’d be happy to earn $45,000 a year again, but thanks to the president’s obsession with youth and his re-election, I’m a member of a demographic that offers no tax incentives to employers under the Work Opportunities Tax Credits program (over 50 years old, no criminal record, never took public aid other than unemployment insurance, never used drugs, willing to take a drug test).

    Hope can only return to America if we change presidents.

  13. Limos, Limos, everywhere! Lobster, Caviar, Vineyard vacations and plenty of Golf!! WOW attacking the GOP is a helluva industry for community organizers! You switch from poverty pimping to GOP bashing get nothing done but line your pockets and you’ve got yourself a nice job plenty of job security for you and work on your golf swing.

  14. Actually, that is a pretty fair price for a pay for play prez. I mean look at the chance you will get billions back on your bribe. Think Solyndra, think Corrupt Chicago Crime Cabal.

  15. Wasn’t it just yesterday that Carney Barker lied once again saying 0bama wasn’t campaigning yet because he didn’t need to? So what is fundraising if not campaigning? What else was on the campaigner-in-chief’s schedule yesterday? Governing, much? Anyone who pays attention knows that the w0n has never stopped campaigning.

  16. You know I used to really like peas but now everyone I see has Obama’s face on it:( Guess it’s ok if they’re creamed peas all smushed and icky.

  17. It looks like Obama’s day doesn’t even start until 10:30 in the morning, and some days he has only one event scheduled, and then it’s off to the golf course, or eating ribs and cheeseburgers, or going on Leno’s show. So who exactly is he calling lazy? Did I not hear him say that Americans have gotten lazy? He’s just a typical half black who can’t get his lazy butt out of bed at 6:00 AM like most of white America. And if you don’t like my attitude, too bad, he’s the one calling us white folks lazy, and furthermore he called a white woman a pig wearing lipstick, he ought to take a look at that woman who’s always jammin’ ribs in her piehole.

    1. IIRC, a salient characteristic of neurosis, and apparently also of progressive thought, is to ascribe one’s own motives and failings to others, i.e., seeing in them the things we are not proud of about ourselves.

  18. Good for him!

    Glad to see our President is raising money for his re-election.

    In case you haven’t noticed, Kieth. The GOP is doing the exact same thing.

    Nothing to see here.

    1. Tim, maybe we all wouldn’t be so mad about the fundraisers if he actually WORKED once in a while. Most of America accomplishes more than he does all day by the time he rolls out of bed.

      And as for the Republican nominees, campaigning right now is their job, none of them are working for the government while they’re out campaigning.

    2. Your right Timmy, nothing to see here. Obama and his administration have been a train wreck for the country. Glad there are people out there like you that think everything is peachy. Keep taking your meds and watching MSNBC.

  19. Obama’s Osawatomie Kansas Speech on December 7, 2011 primarily advocated the redistribution of wealth. Redistribution of wealth is the basis of Communism and Socialism.

    Charles Krauthammer, MD is an American Pulitzer Prize–winning syndicated political commentator, and physician. His weekly column appears in The Washington Post and is syndicated to more than 275 newspapers and media outlets. He is a contributing editor to the Weekly Standard and The New Republic. He is also a weekly panelist on the PBS news program Inside Washington and a nightly panelist on Fox News.

    Dr. Krauthammer is probably the most respected and intelligent of all the political pundits on television. He said this article was an insult to Teddy Roosevelt, and it would be more appropriate to compare Obama to Hugo Chavez.

    Do you remember when Obama said he wanted a “national security force”? Not the national guard, but a civilian one that has not sworn to uphold the Constitution? On July 2, 2008 in a speech in Colorado Springs, Barrack Obama called for a police state.
    Here it is in his own words:

    Three questions. Why would he need his own private army? If he gets a second term, will he have his own army.. What will you have to do for them to knock on your door?

    Did you ever see video of the officers of the Third Reich swearing allegiance to Adolph Hitler in 1934.. The oath pledged personal loyalty to the person of Adolf Hitler in place of loyalty to the constitution. Sound familiar?

    If you desire to continue living in a free and democratic country. PLEASE get out and vote regardless of who the GOP nominee is. Turnout is the only thing that is going to stop BHO from changing this to a Communist State within the next five years, if he is reelected, we will be living in a bankrupt Communist state by 2016. As Ann Coulter said, Jeffery Dahmer would be better than what we have. This is going to be the most important election in the history of this United States, and it is going to be so close, that turnout will determine if we remain a democracy, or become a Communist state.

    “Communism is a philosophy of failure,
    The creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy
    Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”
    Winston Churchill


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  22. WaPo reported only 25 people paid $45,000 for that fundraiser and only 700 people attended the $100 event. I thought his high dollar fundraisers used to draw 40 or 50 people instead of 25.

    Obama has 3 fundraisers tomorrow in Chicago. MO has 4 events this week in VA. And Carney says “He is not engaging particularly aggressively in his reelection campaign.” Hogwash!

  23. So, did anyone ever swallow that bs about “transparency?” When you’ve got the media in a state of perennial servitude, who the hell’s ever gonna challenge anything you say…..custom made for “the Chicago way.”

  24. How is this possible? The FEC sets a hard limit on campaign donations of $2500 per individual, so how can Obama get away with get $45,000 per plate for his campaign? I guess they, ahem, split it among 18 Democrat campaigns? FISHY. But then, so much of what they do is of questionable legality…good thing they have the partisan media to carry their water!

  25. Yor freedom for sale! Your freedom for sale! Step right up and buy a real piece of the American pie. Buy one politician and get the second one free!

  26. Raffle tickets at $3 each for lunch with Barry – laughable

    Obama speaking without a teleprompter – painful

    (…you can see where this is going!)

    Buying tickets on the Titanic at $45k a pop – PRICELESS!

  27. and you believe that this guy is for the “little” guy? This guy is only for Obummer (himself) and for sale to the highest bidder.

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