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Live Stream || Obama Announces Daley Out, Lew in

The briefing had concluded.

16 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Announces Daley Out, Lew in

  1. If the Obama ‘Chicago punk crew’ disrespected Daley… is it possible that an old-school Chicago thug politican like Daley would be ‘pissed’ enough to make life difficult for Obama in 2012? :-)
    Just curious because I still dont understand how an empty-suit, wannbe messiah, not-so-smart, nobody like Barack Hussein Obama was allowed to rise so fast in the cess-pool Chicago politics…

    • IL resident here, I believe Obama rose with the help of the crook Resko and Governor Blago, (soon to be fellow inmates) Mayor Daley was sort of on his way out, and I am probably oversimplifying because that cesspool of Chicago politics is mind-numbingly complicated.

    • There’s an old saying about how no one from Chicago was ever elected to the Presidency: by the time it came to the Election, everyone was under indictment.

      • There are lots of deceased “folks” in chicagoland who mysteriously stay active as registered voters and are manipulated whenever the political machine needs them….thats just one of the many tricks of shameful corruption practiced by these people .. this is the kinda stuff our enemies successfully use against us.. enemies like china, russia, the murdering muslims & brutal thugs spanning the globe.