As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || ABC New Hampshire Republican Debate

I will attempt to live stream the debate here, but if I can’t you’ll at least be able to comment below in real time.

The fun – and it should be fun – begins at 9 pm ET.

UPDATE: I can’t get the feed. Hope while you watch on TV you’ll hang out here and let everyone know what you think as the debate rolls along.

12 Responses to Live Stream || ABC New Hampshire Republican Debate

  1. Fox has already ordained Romney has their candidate. The marching orders have come from the top causing each Fox commentator to diminish the other pretenders to the throne. Romney is the worst candidate that the repubs can push. With McCain’s affirmation of the Bay State’s former governor the omens are obvious, 4 more years of putrid rule by the infection that is already in the WH. MD

  2. Newt Gingrich kicked the media right in the ass in regards to the Obama administration bigotry against the Christians/Catholic Church/Protestant. Diana you act like your Brain Dead as you do what your told is politically correct and that’s what you do. George Steffanuffigus you or Diane Both looked liked whipped pups and rightfully so. The media is one sided and American people are sick of it, you heard the clapping response to Newt setting you strait as being anti American Christian. Ron Paul is a Wacko, Huntsman dingy, Santorum is ok, Newt Gingrich is ok my choice, Rick Perry a Good guy, Mitt ok but not my first choice and last the three asking the questions are sneaky and not to be trusted. We as Christians want freedom for all men and Women, you have seen what Muslims want there women are treated like dirt/dogs, they hate and want to kill anyone who is not Muslims/islam so why would Obama support them. We need to get Aggressive and defend our Heritage and Faith in God.

  3. Question on corporate tax to high all candidates agree needs to be lowered. George Snuffaluffigus says why not make it Zero, what a smart ass wuss

  4. Remember how I said this was being wired by the media? This morning, the AssPress headline was “Jobless trend key in elections–Unemployment drop, not rate, can boost incumbent.” This is just FACT now… Plus–in the front section of the Gannett AZ Republic, almost all stories were AssPress, except for the usual Giffords orgy of remembrance, which is almost daily. Papers will use more and more of the AssPress party line because they can’t pay their own reporters.Also their story on the book about Michelle–first, this was an AP story not the Times, that was pointed out first. Then a few details of clashes. Then a large section on how great she was anyway.