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To the Victors: Lunch

The winners of one of President Obama’s donate-three-bucks-and-you-might-get-a-meal-with-me raffles got their prize today and had lunch with the president at a DC restaurant.

From the pool reports:

Motorcade rolled to restaurant on P St. called Scion, arriving at 12:26 p.m. The president is scheduled to have lunch today with four campaign supporters.

The attendees are:

  • Kathie Toigo, early-childhood special needs teacher; Yerington, Nevada
  • Bill Blackwelder, Army Reserves, Afghanistan war veteran; Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Val Grossmann, postal worker; Westminster, Colorado
  • Scott Zoebisch, firefighter; Atlanta, Georgia

What? No bankers? These don’t exactly look pulled out of a hat to me.

Pool was allowed into restaurant for a short spray. Scion restaurant is described as having Asian-influenced cuisine, located at Dupont Circle in Washington. Lunch menu on its website includes burgers, crab cakes, and a lobster Reuben sandwich: prices for entrees between $9.95 and $18.95.

Potus had taken off his jacket and had his shirtsleeves rolled up. The restaurant appeared to be empty of any other diners. Potus and his four supporters were at a table in the middle of the room with only place settings and filled water glasses.

Potus was engaging his supporters in small talk, asking about their children and where each was from, how long they had lived there.

One supporter said he had a question to ask the president from his 6-yr. old, but he did not ask it with pool in the room.

Pool was ushered out after a minute or two and is holding near vans. There is a small crowd gathered on the street corner across from the restaurant.

No word on what they ate. I assume NOT the lobster reuben, which is what I would have ordered, assuming the candidate is paying.

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  1. Now why would I think if you were stupid enough to want to dine with Obama
    It would be at the White House a real honor the people’s house after all you
    pay for it and the additional $3 fee to dine with him? Guess don’t want the
    peasants even those who love us seeing what goes on there or using the
    good dishes. Boy those folks personify rubes!

    • They probably aren’t–they are probably excited, sort of apprehensive, this is a huge honor, a memorable day in their lives and to him it’s nothing. I hate to say that…it’s so cynical. It’s not like one of them will be a people’s czar, speaking for the electorate or anything, what we want, need, dream, try to do, feel.

      • Big mystery where was Michelle food to pedestrian or did we leave her at the bar with a good bottle of vodka:). Sadly you are right they will
        remember this day as special.

        • It is special in a way–I just wish this wasn’t so staged, so fake…that some of the dragging feeling of dread and fear could be communicated. Well–maybe they don’t feel that…I don’t know. I may be projecting.

    • I was going to ask the same thing, but then I realized it’s probably becasue it’s a democrat fundraiser. It would be an even bigger slap in the face to us to allow the WH to be used for fundraising. Well, more than it already is…

  2. So on a Friday at lunchtime the whole restaurant is empty except for 5 people. Even if they order the most expensive items on the menu the restaurant has to be losing hundred, if not thousands, of dollars in business. I guess the restarurant can’t say no, but wow. Way to look out for the little guy again.

  3. What, no Moochie ????
    Can you just imagine how she could have connected with the common folks if she had been there.
    Oh Moochie, you have missed an excellent opportunity to ‘mingle’ with the poor and downtrodden.
    Perhaps you had many more important things to accomplish.
    Perhaps you wouldn’t have been able to constrain yourself from enduring an environment where you were not the star, without chastising Barry for something that he ate .
    Perhaps you too are a charlatan.
    Perhaps ????

    • she was scarfing cheetos and coney dogs, telling her seamstress that she SHRUNK her clothes, and firing all her peons (court, ladies in waiting) that disagreed that she is NOT getting as fat as Oprah, for heaven’s sake. (if she believed in heaven)
      Hey Oprah is a big fat size queen, so why I cannot be one and jusst as admired is amyster to me….(not a real quote)

    • I thought the chance to watch The Wife and The One both eat was the contest. Isn’t it interesting that The Wife let herself be dangled over the peasants’ heads as part of the prize and then didn’t show.

      Stood up by the FLOTUS. Let them eat cake out of my sight, she cried.

    • Better to eat lunch with a convicted felon, an illegal, or a crack addict. Then again, I guess that is about the same as eating with Barry (except for the convicted part).

  4. Once again a tinge of arrogance…on one level he is running for his job as prez and as such this is a job interview…I don’t hire people who come in and take off their jacket to immediately get comfy.
    Secondly for the Pool Reporters…Cute touch One supporter said he had a question to ask the president from his 6-yr. old, but he did not ask it with pool in the room. Note: 6 year olds don’t vote so who cares?

  5. Did anyone actually see them eating? Whats with the cheap entrees? Oh wait, I forgot, plebs either don’t know how to eat the fancy food or they couldn’t fully appreciate it as can The Communist and his Frankenstein Bride.

    • Seriously–how were they chosen? I saw a show on HGTV on choosing a winner of a fancy decorated condo and they went nuts trying to make it random. Divided all paper entries into boxes of a certain set number, then numbered the boxes, then also took the computer-generated entries in the same number-batches, then drew between all those and then…I don’t even remember, but it seemed random. The woman was a nice grandmother in Baltimore who had entered twice a day throughout–I am sure she is not moving out of paid up house in Charm City to move to Chitown with a big condo fee…but I think she can net millions selling it–at least enough for taxes and a carefree life. But this–it looks like they handpicked grateful people…maybe I am not being fair.

  6. I know he’d have too much class to do it but……..Imagine if G.W.Bush decided to have a little lunch at the same place at the same time for about 20 disabled veterans…………

  7. Wasn’t this supposed to be a dinner??? There were hundreds of emails from the royal couple – the MOOCH even said she was anxious to meet the winners. They even sent a seating chart – a round table with the community organizer on one side of the winner and the MOOCH on the other side.

    BTW, which battleground states were these hand-picked winners from?

  8. Just saw a photo. Such class…a restaurant with placemats and paper napkins. Straws in the water glasses. I guess the “winners” got their money’s worth if they could order whatever they wanted from the menu.

    Anyone know if Barry’s campaign pays their airfare to get to D.C.?

  9. With the exception of the war vet–aren’t they all “union” workers???

    And he threw in the vet for good measure (especially since he just announced downsizing the military–gotta make sure he can keep their votes for 2012 so why not parade a vet out)–he’s despicable–did MO approve the menu before hand or was she there too–can’t see her passing up a free meal?

  10. Keith,

    Can you explain how the “pool” system works? And who writes these sanitized, homogenized, non-offensive-jello pool reports?


  11. They returned the press pool to the “holding vans.”

    Keith, did they put back on your leashes and collars? Did they bring out any scraps from the diners’ plates to feed you?

    How can any reporter with any self-respect sit in what an administration calls a “holding van.”

  12. I’m sure “candidate” Obama whipped out his Visa card to cover the meal, that is if it still worked. Otherwise, we ALL paid for the meal.
    The list of “winners” almost sounds like Interior Secretary James G. Watt’s infamous observation, ” I have a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple.”