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“Impeach Obama” Banner May Fly Over Super Bowl

A group of anti-Obama Facebook groups are planning to fly an “Impeach Obama” Banner over this year’s Super Bowl.

The groups, Impeach Obama Tea Party, Stop Obama Now-San Diego, and Boycott Oprah, say they recently flew the banner over the Rose Bowl Parade Jan. 2. Here’s a video:

Whether they can actually achieve their next goal is unclear to me. I assume, given the potential for terrorism, there are serious overflight restrictions with respect to the Super Bowl.

The game will be played February 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Short of the Super Bowl, the groups plan to do Impeach Obama banner flyovers of various cities and other sporting events. They are also be considering expanding their purview with an “Impeach Obama/Holder” banner, adding Attorney General Eric Holder into the mix.

It looks like they plan to continue flying the banners over the next year.

Or, I suppose, until Obama is impeached.

454 thoughts on ““Impeach Obama” Banner May Fly Over Super Bowl”

      1. Sorry Ann – The banner flyover will be the hit of the event and with this great PR – everyone will be looking for the flyover with great anticipation. Bravo for those brilliant patriots !!!!

      2. The only Idiot is you if you believe Obama has help this country in any way.

        As long as the plane fly’s over any part of California it means that the Tea Party has influenced at least one or more people, that may vote against Obama in the next election.
        Impeachment is not good enough for me, A trial for committing Treason against the United States would be much better in my book.

        1. DING DING DING, you are the winner. But while we’re at it don’t forgett the rest of the crimminal gang, Bush,Clinton,Cheynee,Rummfield,Ashcroft,Congress, Senate. Well let me shorten the list, all of the polititions. From caost to coast there aren’t even 50 honest Congress members or Senators in these United States. Ron Paul 2012.

        2. I totally agree with Troy..Obama SHOULD be brought up on charges of Treason. He has done everything he can to undermine our Freedoms afforded by our Constitution and anything else he can to bring down our Great Country. He is completely screwing up our military and our health care system. If he wants to live Socialist he needs to get out of this country and take his Socialist ILK with him! We the People, in the end, WILL call the shots.

        1. Gee, Tom get out much? I’ve seen + been to MANY events over the years and domed shows NEVER have air coverage. Know why? There’s a dome!!!!!!

      3. They don’t fly in the restricted airspace – idiot!

        They soar along the main hwy entry routes to the events, while the throngs of people are in traffic (for miles, often).

        They should fly a banner that says: ” HONK to IMPEACH OBAMA !!! ”

        Then, when the msm don’t want to film them, the viewers will hear them!!! How they gonna ‘splain dat???????

        Honk loud & long, Super Bowl fans!!! Let your Freedom RING !!!

        1. Love the honking idea!
          Dome or not, if they fly, it will be televised (it is news, after all) and millions will see it.
          Don’t forget about all the people OUTSIDE at the pre-game tailgate parties.

        2. Terika…the TRF is 30 nautical miles. That equates to 34.50 statue miles. Hard to see a sign from that distance. But, they do have up until this particular TFR goes into effect which is 1600 hrs or 4 pm eastern time.

          1. For clarification, I was referring to the area surrounding the actual stadium. Considering Indianapolis is around 360 sq. miles, you are correct in that thee is a LOT of road miles from which this banner could be seen.

          2. And, gotta consider the size of the lettering, too…

            12 ft high per letter!!!

            Wahoo!!! ” Yippee Kye Yay, M-er F-er ! ” ~ Die Hard

      1. Nah…he will just attribute it to us toothless hillbillies who cling to our guns and religion.

        “So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” ~Barack Hussein Obama

        1. Susan this is a prelude to another American Civil war. Are you ready for that.? Obamas Marxism must be stopped at the ballot box before its too late. Americans have brought more guns since Obama came to office than at any time in the history of the Republic.

          1. One of the Campaign Songs for Abraham Lincoln was called “Hoist Up the Flag”. One line in the chorus of that song says:

            “By ballots or by bullets, that flag shall ever wave.”

            Is peace so dear that it must be purchased with chains?
            Is freedom so cheap we will sell it for peace?
            If the answer to either is yes, you deserve neither.

          2. What is the matter with you? Can you not see that the real Obama was covered up until the america-haters and dole-dependents idiots had voted him in to office? This latest move of circumventing the constitution is the act of a wanna-be dictator. And people like you would probably have no problem with that as long as you get “what’s coming to you” and are protected from the big, bad people that believe you should actually reap what you sow.

          3. Amy I couldn’t have said it better! Obama’s is controlled and has no alliances to America. Their agenda, strip away your rights and constitution, dumb people down and turn them sheeply, and keep them dependent on gov.

          4. Recess appointments date back to G Washington. W made 171 recess appointments. BO is certainly worthy of criticism but this latest impeachment movement is just another stunt to undermine him over baseless assertions. Why can’t BO opposition mount attacks against him that are legitimate?

          5. Connie-The point being that, yes, he was elected by the ballot. And many of us have no doubt the slimey-azz dems will steal the 2012 election, no matter what the actual vote is. They will either steal it with voter fraud or BO will find some “crisis” to declare Marshall Law and cancel the election all together. Therefore, we are locked and loaded and ready to rumble.

          6. You really think “BO” is going to declare “Marshall (sic) Law?”

            You’re tin foil hat is on to tight.

            By the way, Obama is going to win next year – in a landslide if Rick “Frothy” Santorum is nominated by the GOP clown car.


          7. Keep dreaming Frank, a Gnat would beat Obama in 2012.

            2012 = ABO (Anybody but Obama)

            Heck, after the DOD act, even the liberals are furious with him, allowing US citizens to be detained in the US without a lawyer indefinitely.

          8. It would be a good idea to brush up on your spelling skills-martial law, perhaps??? And are you advocating shooting the President or Congress, because it sure sounds that way to me.

          9. Connie, honey,
            if you have been paying attention, bo and his community orgs (acorn and its ubiquitous splinters) committed voter registration and voter fraud, in turning real losses to hillary (in the primary) and the gop (in the general) to criminal victory. It doesn’t matter what voters do now… it all hinges on who COUNTS the votes !! Sal Alinsky and his perverted commies are truly proud of bo. …so should you.

          10. By the way 0bama as already LOST,he can’t WIN today,Next week, or Next Nov 4 2012. He can’t get the needed states to win the election,Mickey F Mouse could run with Donald “dumb @s s” Duck as his running mate and they will beat 0bama. Coal,oil,Border states,along high unemployment states and the 5 states that the DOJ have a Law Suit against Will NEVER VOTE 0BAMA. Along with that the DEM party will take the strongest HIT in the HISTORY of there PARTY!

          11. Since the USA was founded the nation has undergone a number of changes. The FF and the colonists that agreed with them risked death and being marked as traitors for their beliefs, today they’d be viewed as terrorists. And in fact today more and more is being invented about them that labels them as terrorists, I say invented because the majority of it is revisionist history. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, and yet many feel that today’s Democratic Party is closer to his ideals. It isn’t. Lincoln never advocated a welfare state which seems to have become the Democratic Party line. In fact its the Democrats that most supported Jim Crow laws and the like in the time following his death.

            I am tired of listening to so-called intellectuals argue about how the Democrats are so much more progressive than Republicans when in fact its the Republican Party which stood for the most evil institution in American history, while the Democrats tried to curtail it at every turn following the Civil War. Is it too much to ask people to open a history book? Make that an objective history book. Not something from some talking head who is trying to paint history as they would have liked it to be.

          12. I made a mistake above, I said for, where I meant against. My apologies to anyone who will most likely misunderstand this and point at it.

          13. Connie. I agree with you. Obama won fair and square. But this story was linked from Drudge. I’ve never seen so much hate spewed by people. I can’t wait until this election gets here. I’ll be voting for Obama. He was dealt a horrible hand. They think the economy was booming in September of 2008 when, in reality it was tanking in a once in a century kind of way. You would have thought that the country would have rallied behind Obama in the early days. Nope. In fact, when looking back, the tea party found its legs in February of 2009. Amazing. They never gave him a chance. Overall, I think Obama is doing a pretty good job. It will be a close election.

          14. Concrete – Yes, Obama did win. In fact, he reminded us of that fact in the beginning of his term when he decided that he didn’t want to listen or compromise with anyone. “I won.” That being said, just because he won the election does not mean he is above impeachement. Impeachment of the President is provided for in the constitution. However, considering you plan on voting for Obama again, I can see how your knowledge of the constitution would be limited.

          15. Doing a good job? Unemployment has for the first time gone over 10% for over a year. Under Bush it stayed below that and in fact his average for all his terms in office was under 6%. Obama will be lucky if his is under 10%. No one is saying that the economy was booming in 2008, but what they are saying is that Obama’s economic policies are making it worse. Name one job the stimulus package actually created and sustained. I can name hundreds of jobs it created and then floundered in a month. Solyndra should not even need to be expounded on. Operation Fast and Furious. Refusing to uphold standing immigration laws, and when the states try to, attempting to sue said states. Libya. Obamacare, which a number of economists have stated requires the GDP of the nation to grow 7% annually. Our GDP growth last year was I believe 1.1%, with projections pointing downwards as the government continues to spend money it doesn’t have.

            The only reason it would be a close elections is because of people like you who think the man is good while ignoring his policies. However, more and more people are waking up and seeing that his policies are in fact worsening the standard of living for people. A number of those college students that supported him last time have found out that there are no jobs for them as they graduate.

            Now with Obama ignoring the Constitution it will get worse. And that will hurt him the most come the election.

          16. I cannot believe your logic or lack of logic.
            Good job at what, raising the debt, wasting tax payer money, destroying jobs, taking away our freedoms, spending tax money on vacations for him and his family?
            Or how about the time spent playing golf while we have wars going.
            People like you should not be allowed to vote until you learn what obama has done to destroy this country, that is his aim.

          17. Odumba threw parties in the White house every other week for two months while unemployment was above 9% if you voted for Odumba you are a idiot.

          18. Concrete head–you go ahead an vote for the idiot that has caused taxpayers 8 trilllion more in debt in 3 years and see how much more you will have to pay because of this illegal idiot. My entire family will cancel your pathetic vote.

          19. Concrete – you believe Obama is doing a pretty good job…not just average..but pretty good….this is your chance to tell us what he has done to warrant such praise. you cant use the race card because (according to you) what he has done is pretty good. Please tell us what he has done in 3 years to help me , you, and the rest of America

          20. Concrete, yes, dear, speech with which you disagree is by definition “hate”. Really sucks that 1st ammendment, doesn’t it? If you want real hate, tune in any left wing radio or TV station, some of that really is hate and not just differing opinions.

          21. He took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. YET George W AND Barak H Obama have both destroyed the US Constitution!

            First Obama declared that Congress is powerless to constrain his conduct of the Libya war which is a violation of the War Powers Act and is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

            ALSO Obama claimed authority in the future to commence war – making a mockery of the rule of law!

            Also reinstating the unconstitutional Patriot Act. Also signing the NDAA bill that allows indefinite detention, torture and murder of US citizens.

            The DICTATOR has shown nothing but contempt for the rule of law and MUST GO!

          22. Connie you are not too bright, you don’t seem to see what obama has done to our country and our freedoms.
            Some people realize there was a lot of corruption in the last election, it is still being looked into.
            I bet you don’t even know why our founding fathers put the remark that you must be a natural born citizen in our constitution.

          23. What is the matter with you – Traitor! People like you are responsible not obama – one look at him and you can plainly see he never should had been President in the first place!

          24. get over it?
            Just one recent assaults on our liberty and freedoms:
            How much of the NDAA’s indefinitely detainment of Americans without warrant, legal recourse or rights of any kind do you enjoy? Bill passed on the anniversary of the Bill of Rights (cute) and signed by King Obama on New Year’s Eve while nobody was looking, signed in private. Check out the executive orders that ensure martial law and take over. duh Hitler and Stalin loved guys like you

          25. Which is the difference between you and I my friend.
            When they repeal the 2nd not only will I be ready but it will be “game on”.

          26. Same here! If they even try to repeal the 2nd amendment they will have to send a small army to every gun collector in this country and there are not enough military and police personal in this country could do it, never mind willing to fight against their own civilians who have supported them all these years!

          27. A solid majority of police and military would join in defense of the 2nd and/or would simply not obey any order that attempts to disarm Americans. It’s no secret that a majority of police and military lean towards Constitutional conservative/libertarian values.

            We know what our oath is to, and it is not to a person, but to our foundational principles of freedom.

          28. Stopping Osama Obama cannot be done at the ballot box if you vote for the standard neo-con Republican. Only Ron Paul will fight for our freedom and liberties, the other candidates are bought and paid for by wall street and defense contractors.

          29. Could the Libertarians step down from their soap-box please? Its tiresome to listen to how good of a President Ron Paul would be. When the Republican caucus comes to my state I will not vote for Paul for one simple reason. I’m quoting from Alfonzo Rachel at this point but, “in the end Libertarianism imposes the will of the minority upon the majority.”

          30. Espy, Libertarianism would hold more to the value of “live your life as you please with the rights you were born with as long as the way you’re living isn’t encroaching upon the rights of others.” That summarizes a core principle of what our nation is built on.

            I’ll end with this and I’m quoting Ronald Reagan at this point but, “the soul of conservatism is libertarianism.” ;)

          31. agreed, Ron Paul is America’s only hope. Europe and other countries are relying on us to stop the banker occupation and hijacking of America!

          32. You better take another look around there Doc. We are already in the prelude of a civil war. Frankly, I almost welcome one if that is what it will take to get our country righted and redeemed from the socialist activities of the past 40 years. That, and kicking the Federal Reserve System out of OUR treasury.

        2. I just realized that in that quote, Obama uses the same lie that liberals perpetuate constantly…………..he said “anti-immigrant sentiment.” Liberals use that talking point to brainwash those uniformed into beleiving that those of us opposed to “illegal” immigration are somehow oppoed to legal immigration also. This is purposeful manipulation of the facts.

        3. I’ll bet on those hillbillies over Marxist wimps…. ANY DAY!

          As for “Clinging to Religion”… On your last breath…. What if YOU are wrong?


      2. No, he won’t cry. He’ll just issue an executive order nullifying his own impeachment, the same way he deals with all acts of Congress that he disagrees with.

  1. I believe Lucas field is an enclosed stadium pretty tough to get a plane in there, although I applaud the groups conviction and message.

    1. The stadium has a retractable roof that opens up – doubt it would be open in the middle of winter, but it is the Super Bowl so who knows..

      1. yes it will be open, the weather is predicted to be very warm and dry this year with above normal tempatures through out the whole winter,….andI hope they do all see it,…..its about time someone does something to stop this communist socialist traitor from destroying this country

  2. Even if they did have permission to flyover (which they won’t), the cameras won’t show it.

    More effective would be having 6 people in a row holding up and spelling out giant NOBAMA letters :D

    Or, paint the letters on their bodies in true football fashion.

    The last NFL game I attended in person, security was as tough as the airlines, gotta be able to work through that ;)

    1. “More effective would be having 6 people in a row holding up and spelling out giant NOBAMA letters”

      And the media would leave the “N” out of their camera focus and call them obama supporters.

    2. A first time viewing for me…I went to the Alamo Bowl last week and was sitting near one of the ramps. It was where law enforcement tended to sort of make their presence known without blocking anyone’s view of the game. The San Antonio cops were obvious with their usual dark uniforms and familiar sleeve patches. But there were others with dark t-shirts, khaki tactical pants and body armor vests that said POLICE in large letters. Right above the word police was “Department of Homeland Security” in much smaller letters.

      Was a comfort to know that Big Sis was keeping me safe. A little unsettling that we now have another federal law enforcement agency. How many exactly do we need? Every cabinet level department? Each agency?

    1. The F-16s will be cut.

      Obama is replacing them with ultalight aircraft armed with paintball guns, and pictures of Debbie Wasserman Shultz painted on the wings…

      I dunno – it scares me!

    1. Seems like a waste of money to me–but you know what a buzzkill I am. Today in the WashPost (fie on you, NYT), the letters are all about how the meanie Republicans want high unemployment and all the news on that front is unicorns and flowers thanks to Obama. Well, I haven’t seen one unicorn out here!

      1. Star, You know WaPo, NYT, and LAT get their marching orders from the WH. Wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for any of them to suddenly become fair and balanced. At least these groups are speaking their mind, while they’re still allowed to.

  3. Peter Courtenay Stephens

    What we really need is a Citizens movement to arrest the Congress and all member of the Executive. A citizens arrest. The whole lying, cheating, stealing and enslaving lot.

    1. VOTE LOUD 2012!!!

      Embarrass Obama.

      Take Senate.

      Increase House.

      Then good Democrats like Nunn will return and kick the Marxist like Pelosi and Reid out of leadership.

      Bringing the true American loving Democrat party back for legitimate political American competition again and we as Americans can excel again.

      Ohhhhhh You leftist don’t want that?

      After 2012… who cares!!!

  4. Interesting since the Super Bowl is at night, the roof will be closed, and I am sure Indiana Homeland Security won’t allow anything (with the exception of maybe the Goodyear Blimp) flying anywhere near the stadium.

    Well-intentioned but money wasted.

  5. In our opinion, the following info is more than sufficient for impeachment (stop and think about it–if you or I did anything remotely close to what BHO has done, we’d be fired from our job and maybe even in jail):

    “List of Obama’s Lies”

    “Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2011”

    “President Barack Obama’ Complete List of Historic Firsts” (ht to Keith who posted this yesterday)

    Take all this info into consideration and we have to ask–where the heck is Congress and why aren’t they upholding their oath of office???

  6. Impeachment – that’s for people that believe in the rule of law. Our country is beyond that now. The president nor the legislature believe in the rule of law anymore….get with the program!


  8. Frankly I’d rather see them use the money to file some lawsuits instead. At least doing that has a chance of accomplishing something. Flying a banner isn’t going to accomplish a damn thing. There are “Impeach ” bumper stickers and billboards around all the time. Even protesters shouting it out. For every president. They never amount to anything because they are forceless.

    Just seems like a waste of money to me. Money that could be used more effectively to try to stop or at least slow this bozo.

  9. Flying banners? Why hasn’t one of the totally weak and gutless Republicans introduced legislation demanding the Marxist-in-Chief be impeached for his clear and obvious violations of the Constitution? If the American people weren’t so weak, gullible, and completely stupid, they would see the desperate need for another major political party. Short of that, the only recourse “real” Americans have is another American revolution. And this time, no more mister nice guy!

  10. They should make available pennants with that logo on them for fans to wave, thus avoiding any “terrorist threat” accusation for the flyover.

  11. ” WE can’t wait ” for that to even start. Can we ????
    They already are flying the banner through Drudge Report.
    and…. WE are going to STILL cling on our Guns and Religion
    more than ever.
    In Liberty.

    1. They already have. The Super Bowl and any major/college level sporting game has a TFR or Temporary Flight Restriction over it. You can’t fly over the arena or within a radius during it. Fighter Jets will protect the Super Bowl area, as is common.

      1. The TFR is only in effect from 1600 hrs to 2359 hrs. Which means….all the tailgate parties that start at least 4 hrs ahead of time could very well see this plane. Don’t forget the throngs of people who travel to the Super Bowl. You can bet plenty of people will see any such display.

  12. What is it going to take for the men and women in the GOP to manup and
    start doing something about Obama’s new power trip? He needs to be sued
    impeached and investigated! He needs to be the subject of every editorial
    page at least the ones he hasn’t bought and carry his water! If we don’t stop
    him this is the beginning of the end of America! And I would add Holder and
    the mysterious Michelle to the list too!

  13. As a pilot, the rules state very directly this is not allowed. If it happens, they will be met by military F-16 Fighter Jets and ordered to land. The area is restricted by a TFR, or Temporary Flight Restriction over any major sport arena without pre-written approval by the FAA. Helicopters and aircraft participating directly with the game are allowed.

  14. It’s about time! A second plane with a follow up banner stating: “THEN GIVE HIM LIFE IN PRISON” would really be a nice touch!

  15. Let’s face facts, all you a-holes who don’t like Obama are pure racists. You’re boy Bush didn’t exactly make it easy for the next President, whether it was McCain or Obama to succeed; because they would have to spend the first four years trying to clean up Bush’s mess.

    1. True that. If anything Obama has just been ineffective, he hasn’t done anything more extreme or harmful than Bush did. And the next president will probably just keep the same things going.

      1. And I guess if they get their garbage Republican candidate in office, they’ll blame everything on Obama. Are people this stupid that they think the President changes things so much in not even one term? People are just extra motivated to find things to blame on Obama, because they don’t like him for certain reasons…

        I don’t love Obama, he’s been disappointing to me. But I’m not stupid enough to think that he brought some sort of new era upon us. We’ve been headed down this path for DECADES.

        1. Agreed. This was a mess that has been snowballing long before Obama ran for office. It doesn’t matter if a Democrat or Republican sits in the Oval office. Political infighting amongst the parties is tearing this nation apart. It’s a damn shame that the Tea Party and Republican sheep can’t see the truth and would rather blame Obama.

          Face it folks! ALL politicians are to blame for the current state of the nation!!

          1. And snowballing even before Bush ran for office. This all started in the 80s, when we began the process of repealing a series of regulations that were designed to keep banking and investment separate.

          2. Toxic mortgage loans from years of government intervention in the housing market is what caused the 2008 crash. The housing bust all began with the passage of the Community Reinvestment Act during Jimmy Carter’s term. Bill Clinton kicked it into gear in the 90’s with the help of a community organizer named Barack Obama. In 1995 he was an ACORN lawyer who sued Citibank, forcing banks to make loans to deadbeats who would never pay them back. Bring in Fannie and Freddie, one of Obama’s biggest campaign donors and cash cow for many of his fellow travelers, and what do we have? A big fat bloated government that Obama continues to grow…and grow…and grow.

          3. Simplistic view of a complex problem. A view that is predicated on finding a way to blame Obama, not looking at the overall picture. There is simply no way that you can lay the blame for a systemic problem at one man’s feet, even if he is the current president. Years of credit expansion and failure to monitor banking correctly led to the crisis, not just our loaning practices.

          4. Obama isn’t entirely to blame for where we are. His ideology is. We could go back 100 years to the beginning of the progressive movement and Teddy Roosevelt if you really want to know where it all started.

          5. Agreed. There’s always been a lot of infighting but you know who kicked it up a notch? Limbaugh. Limbaugh spent three hours a day five days a week for 8 years hating one man – Clinton. When the smoke cleared, Clinton turned out to be a good President. But our country has been divided ever since. I really do think he’s had a hand in all of this division.

          6. Amazing circle jerk, guys.

            So we’ve been going down this path for decades, and it isn’t Obama’s fault if he comes along and pours ACID on the wound, degrading us before kings nad queens, bowing to despots, and flipping off every decent liberty loving American? Pull your fat heads out of your asses.

    2. Hey stupid you are a retart when you say things like that……That Dammed racist card is getting old,……and isn’t going to fly in this next election…..and it was not Bushes Faul,… was that dammed dirty rotten pig Barny Frank and that bitch Nancy Pelosi that cased the collapse of Fannie May And Fannie Mack……so stop your dirty rotten lies

      1. I am sooooo tired of being called a racist. Cracks me up though. However, since it is a new year, I have decided that I am going to act like a liberal and name call all the time. No Obamabot has any interest in facts and reality, so why bother? I have declared that if you agree with Obama you are seriously lacking in the intelligence department. That’s just the way it is. There is no argument out of it. If you like Obama, you’re a moron. Case closed and over….no more discussion.

    3. Thank you for admitting that we are right and you leftist NObama fellators are WRONG. You delusional moonbats only throw out the false accusations of racism when you know you’ve already lost!

      I know it will come as news to you, but opposition to socialism isn’t racist!
      Your marxist NObamessiah took over a bad situation and set out to make it worse. Imagine the country as a house on fire. He’s been frantically pouring gasoline on the flames since being put in charge. Obviously those of us who are sentient and sane are upset about that and have been begging him to stop, even trying to convince him to switch to water. While you MORONS who support him insist on calling everyone pointing out how wrong he is racist because you have no other argument.

      1. Cute. Only thing is, the joke is on you.
        They don’t fly in the restricted airspace. (Dome area).

        They fly along the major hwy arteries leading to
        The events!!! While the throngs of fans are in traffic
        enroute to the events!!!

        They should fly a banner saying:

        ” HONK to IMPEACH OBAMA ! ”
        They would be seen AND HEARD for MILES/HOURS !

        Let Freedom Ring, Baby! Yeah!!!!

  16. If DHS can determine that a cupcake is a suspicious terrist device, then I don’t see a private plane being able to approach the Super Bowl Game without a SAM or two being used to ‘protect the American people’ from such terrorist acts.

      1. he bows to the leaders of the Muslim world, doesn’t listen to the American people and marches to the beat of his own drum instead.

        Not to mention that he’s a Kenyan who shouldn’t even be in the position he’s in.

        1. So because he is of Kenyan ancestry he is a traitor? Seriously? I thought this whole birth certificate issue died.

          Bush was no better, started a war under the false pretense that Iraq had WMD’s and when it was proven that was false we kept on fighting in Iraq for what?

          1. …still havent seen a full set of “college records” for Barack Hussein Obama… and they say he is a GENIUS!!!
            I like to ask Obama sycophants; ‘What was Obama’s GPA at Columbia & Harvard Law?’ They never have an answer… they just rude and nasty and call me names. I think its a fair question to ask about the so-called ‘smartest President ever’.

          2. Actually, it’s not a fair question at all…why the hell should we know his GPA? Do you know the college GPA of your favorite politicians? They probably call you names because you say things this stupid.

          3. Most every politician releases their college transcripts when requested unless, like Obama, they have something to hide. He lied about being a constitutional law professor, so it’s not much of stretch to believe his purported brilliance is just as fraudulent.

          4. Obama’s degrees were obtained by claiming that he was a foriegn student: we will never see his transcripts. They say he’s not an American. Whether he is or not is moot at this point: he’s a pathelogical liar. He isn’t even sexually honest.

    1. I wonder who the last President was who didn’t get called a “war criminal” or a “traitor.” If Obama’s a traitor, Bush stabbed our country in the back by allowing his administration and their corporate influences to start a war that has cost us so much money and produced NOTHING!

  17. It’s been 3yrs. Stop acting childish. the tea party is causing gridlock and the American people and the economy is suffering. We need to move on. You can’t have it your way 100% of the time. The tea party refuses to compromise/negotiate on anything, while the rest of us suffer. Maybe next time the democrats should say ‘No’ all the time to a republican president and see how things go.

    1. No party can have it completely their way, I agree with that. However, when Obama first met with the Republicans he told them “I won” and he’s had that attitude ever since. It’s his way or the highway. He lies that Republicans won’t work with him and his Obots and the LSM carry those lies for him.

      1. He also said Republicans had to ride in the “back of the bus”. The Republicans tried to be part of the Porkulus and Obamacare process and they were shut out. These acts taken by BO resulted in the tidal wave election of 2010 which ushered in the Tea Party. You libs have no one to blame but YOURSELVES!!

    2. Your gridlock is my standing on principle to keep further damage from being done to our country and our constitution. Personally I think it would be a great thing if Congress and the President were not allowed to pass any laws, make any new regulations or create any new departments for the next 10 years! After they repeal NOBAMAcare, that is.

    3. Dan, you are correct. It has been “3 years” and look how far down the Socialist road BHO has taken us. Were the patriots at Concord being “childish”? I think they were very brave men who were willing to stand and fight for their communities and families against an oppressive tyrant (sound familiar?). The Tea Party is not causing “gridlock”. We are desperately trying to keep this country and it’s people from changing into the Socialist/Communist society BHO and his minions crave.
      “Compromise”? Please tell me how to “compromise” with a madman who wants to destroy everything you treasure. No, you don’t “compromise”. You dig in your heels, you stand shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and sisters and you FIGHT for the rights your creator endowed upon you.
      There is no right way to do the wrong thing.

  18. I am a conservativ e and this small man obama has destroyed the very values that this country is made up of and I want out before he able to do further damage. I would support any organization that is willing to GET hi OUT!

    1. Actually, it is NOT Obama nor Holder nor Napolitano nor Bush nor Cheney nor ANY politician who has done that. They merely flap their gums. It is your fine friends in “Law Enforcement” who ALL have taken an oath to “…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution…” who HAVE destroyed this country. If any significant number of them had actually HONORED that oath, where do you think this country would be right now? Instead, they grovel before their Masters and then do WHATEVER they are told. No matter how foul. No matter how unconstitutional. “Law Enforcement”? Hell, no! Thugs with Guns. May they rot where they belong for what they have done to this country.

    1. Bush was the terrorist. Started a war in Iraq under false pretenses and how many good American men and women lost their lives or are injured for life as a result? Who’s the real terrorist?

      1. Where have you been, under a rock? That “Bush lied” garbage has been disproven in so many ways. Get over the lie you are trying to perpetrate. When Bush went to war, he had the backing of the entire congress except for you know who and the intelligence community of the entire world. If that is false pretenses to you, you have BDS.

        1. So Bush had the backing of Congress to go to war over flawed intelligence and risk the lives our servicemen and women, and somehow he’s exonerated? Do tell?

          You’re telling me that Bush didn’t lie about the WMD’s that were never found in Iraq and were the pretext to the whole invasion of Iraq to begin with? You’re obviously delusional and the one whose been under a rock.

          1. Yo Dingaling…We were attacked and Bush retaliated, end of story. Your hero Barry has attacked, bombed, risked lives, spent money, in wars that never should have occurred. There was and is no reason for his actions, other than his intolerable arrogance and stupidity. He is a dictator in no uncertain terms, doing things without permission, changing laws, putting in puppets to do what he says…and you think he’s great. Well, you then are just as dumb as the rest of Barry’s cult followers on their way to total destruction. Open your eyes and mind…listen and learn!!!

          2. End of story? Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. To use your phrase, “open your eyes and mind… listen and learn!!!” Seriously.

          3. Obama is doing everything liberals cried that Bush would do, on steroids. And you have the nerve to tell us to listen and learn? Your buddy Obama supports the muslim brotherhood, prove now that he doesn’t. Your buddy Obama sat in a church that preaches black liberation theology – did you look it up? He comes from THE MOST racist background a black man can have, and you voted for him? WHY?

          4. And what Did Nazi Germany Have to do with Pearl Harbor? In the words of FDR ” germany first policy is the best policy for our country”. So Bush Saw a imminent threat and he took it out. Just as the lefts hero FDR did… What you say to that?

          5. Remove your empty head from your commie ass and look up the definition of the verb to lie.

            For President Bush to have lied about the WMDs, he would have to have known that the intelligence was wrong. But out of the entire world, only 1 intelligence agency was saying that Iraq had no wmds before the invasion… to guess who that was?

            Iran. Are you claiming that we should’ve ignored the rest of the world and listened to Iran?!?!!?

            Or do you believe that President Bush is omnicient and knew things that no one in the worldwide intelligence community knew?

            BTw, look up the facts. TONS of banned materials were found in Iraq. You far left LOONs are the delusional ones here.

      2. I think Huffington Post (and MSNBC?) still has a ‘Bush terrorist’/’its all Bush’s fault 4 years later’ comment section… you might want to check them out.

        1. You resort to making childish statements about my choice of screen name, but the fact I’m making valid points and speaking the truth frightens you doesn’t it?

          I’m neither pro Democrat or Republican. I see the bigger picture and that is that all politicians are cheats and liars. Bush wasn’t a great President and so far Obama hasn’t lived up to the hype either, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to call Obama a traitor or the N word like someone else on this board did.

  19. One problem is that the game is in a dome and with the Obama Network televising the game the chances of it grabbing any air time are slim at best.

  20. Mein Führer Obama’s pledge:

    “Look, I’m at the start of my administration. One nice thing about the situation I find myself in is that I will be held accountable. You know, I’ve got four years. A year from now I think people are going to see that we’re starting to make some progress. But there’s still going to be some pain out there. If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”

    His three years are up and in every major economic category the country is worse off today than it was when he took over.

  21. Like the MSM will EVER show it.

    I follow the NHL, not football, but pray to GOD that the Superbowl is on FOX.
    That’s the ONLY way you’ll ever see it on TV…and then about a 10% chance.

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