In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama’s Historic Firsts

37 thoughts on “Obama’s Historic Firsts”

        1. This list should be the Republican candidate’s talking points.Maybe they will sink in to enough voters to fire him….and then prosecute him and the crew.

    1. Harry Reid hasn’t even proposed a budget in three years…no way he’s going to let impeachment proceedings go forward. The best Boehner could do about Obama’s most recent extra constitutional action is get one of his staff members to write a “strong” blog posting. Wouldn’t doubt if Boehner is still on vacation — sipping umbrella drinks at some tropical paradise.

  1. He’s also the first president to have an American citizen killed for terrorism without a trial AND the first to sign into law the ability of the US government to jail an American for an undetermined length of time if terrorism is suspected.

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  3. First President and First Lady who really don’t like America.
    First President to make one of his first accomplishments to go around the
    world to bow and apologise for his country.

  4. Keith, it is not a mess in Obama’s mind, rather it has been a success in progress.
    He is systematically accomplishing the destruction of the very fabric that is America.
    He is laughing at us, and so is his wife.
    He is dictating laws to a weak congress with an Atty.General that is obviously a liar.
    He has 45 czars that stand ready to invoke any whim he so desires and can carry them out behind closed doors.
    Either by fiat, or executive order, Obama is sitting in the catbird seat and he knows it.
    He is going to run this horse until it drops.
    The Senate under Harry Reid will do anything possible to dissuade any attempt by the House to stop the socialistic movement that is being orchestrated from the executive office.
    Boehner is not up to the task.
    Welcome to 2012 folks.
    It’s going to be interesting to say the least.

  5. Thanks, Keith!
    Readers, click on “read the entire list here” link above. The additional “firsts” for the POTUS from Doug Ross, along with those added by readers, will make your head S-P-I-N…! Plus, a few of the DemWit comments will let you know that BHO followers are woefully ignorant of how dangerous he is to those who are working day and night to protect our “Constitutionally Protected Rights”. That’s YOU and ME! Get involved in making sure that BHO and the Dems are NOT re-elected next Nov 2012! jb

  6. the last one, companies disclosing donations prior to getting gov’t contracts, is at the top of the list of dictator-type style. Tow the party line if you want to get the gravy.
    The returns for his friends in the solar industry are mind boggling, much better percentage than Princess Pelositox got off her Visa IPO

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  8. The first President to determine that asking for proof of birth is racist.

    The first First Lady who:
    Was never proud of her country until her husband was elected President.

    For the first time in modern history;
    Americans are afraid of their President’s intentions.
    Americans are arming themselves, fearing street violence.
    Americans are afraid for the future of their country.

    1. First time America has had a President who dislikes his ‘subjects’ openly as does the First Lady. First President who doesn’t know if he’s
      Commander-in- Chief or Commander-and-Chief or that there are only
      50 states not 57!

  9. It’s not his fault because children “Inspire” him:

    This vid cuts short his additional compliments to the students which were: “you are the wind beneath my wings, shoot for the stars, who’s Mom’s got $3 bucks?, the lyrics from “High Hopes” concluding w/ a traditional Hawaiian hula complete w/ hand gestures that roughly translated to ‘K’mon-a-wanna-leigh-U'”.

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  11. The first president to order a clandestine explosion of an oil rig for the purpose of raising support for his “Destroy the American Economy” policy.
    The first president that was not a natural-born citizen of the United States of America.
    The first president to engage in jihad against America from the inside.
    The first president to actually be more of a terrorist than Obama bin Laden ever was.

  12. We have to get O.bama Out of Office. Whoever the Republican nominee is, EVERYbody has to support him. Keith Rush, Sean, Beck, Savage, Levin, Steyn, Quinn, Pags… You MUST hammer O. relentlessly!

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