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Rick Perry To Stay in the Republican Primary Race

Rick Perry tweeted minutes ago that he will head to South Carolina to continue his presidential election campaign.

Here’s the tweet:

And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State…Here we come South Carolina!!!

Coming just as news broke that Michele Bachmann would withdraw, it appears Perry has calculated that there may be an opening for him to pick up some of her support.

What’s more, Perry probably believes that Santorum is a weak standard bearer for the conservative cause, and that there may be an opportunity for someone like Perry – who unlike Santorum, has extensive executive experience as the governor of Texas – to challenge for conservative votes.

Perry also maintains a war chest far larger than that of Santorum, who will be in a race to raise cash and organize in an incredibly brief time.

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19 Responses to Rick Perry To Stay in the Republican Primary Race

  1. I’m glad that he didn’t give up the fight.
    There is a large segment of people in this country that can appreciate the fact that he is not a ‘slick talker.’
    His success as the governor of Texas puts him miles ahead of the remaining candidates IMO.
    Go for it Rick !

  2. Correct me I’m wrong but isn’t he the only candidate who is a veteran? Former AF C-130 pilot.

    I’m glad he’s staying in and hope he picks up some momentum in SC.

  3. I always felt that Perry never had a chance. Not because of his stances, nor his lack of debating skills, but plain and simply because he was the Governor from Texas. The voting population is not ready to take that again, no matter how qualified he might be. Maybe unfair, but true.

  4. Your analysis is excellent. I think you have mined out very close to the exact thought process that probably took place in the Perry braintrust.

  5. Perry or Newt are the only current standing candidates that I can excited about. It has to be someone that can fight back – both the media and the Obama Lie Machine.

  6. With Bachmann out, I believe he is the last conservative standing. Oh wait…Hannity is on right now..Looks like he wheeled out McFossil for a discussion of his endorsement of the flipper.

    It appears they have him sitting on the NY yellow pages. He looks as big and uncomfortable as Mitt…

    • and only one “My Friends”…Sarah Palin up next followed by Herman Cain…a trifecta..Just great..this is the best my party can offer..

      “So it’s not surprising then that I get bitter, clinging to my guns, religion and memories of great Conservative leaders of days gone by with antipathy to people in my own party who label themselves as true Conservatives while using the failures of BHO as a way to explain away their frustrations.”

      A note from my attorneys: This is not a real quote..I am just pissed right now..I am sure I will feel better tomorrow

  7. I like Perry and am glad that he is staying in. I was at a luncheon yesterday for a local candidate (the woman trying to unseat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) and people said that Perry didn’t stand a chance b/c he wasn’t a good debater. I said that Obama was good at that but it doesn’t mean that we have a qualified person in the WH.

    I have a great deal of trouble understanding why importance is placed on characteristics that aren’t important. I think it is important that he has executive experience.