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Obama to Defy Senate, Appoint Cordray

President Obama will ignore Senate objections and appoint Richard Cordray to lead the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, according to the Associated Press.

Obama will make the appointment even though Republicans have blocked it and the Senate is technically in session.

But the White House has concluded that the “pro forma” session is merely a ruse to keep him from making recess appointments, and that for all practical purposes the Senate is in recess.

The move is certain to create a firestorm – an possibly a court challenge – over the standards governing the separation of powers. It’s the latest demonstration of Obama’s resolve to ignore Congress as much as possible and govern by executive authority.

46 Responses to Obama to Defy Senate, Appoint Cordray

  1. Curious that he would leave himself open and vunerable to a charge of acting outside the powers granted the President. Americans as a whole might not understand the ins and outs of high finance, but we understand a grab for power. Add on to that charge that his wife “likes” being adressed as “your excellence” and you have a powerful anti-Obama campaign theme.

  2. He is also showing no loyalty to, or even memory of, being a senator…so much for that cynical little ladder-climbing interlude. Present..present…president, sure why not…I am outta here.

  3. First step on a very dangerous venture we must get him out of office or we
    will be in great peril of the loss of America as a free constitutional country and
    that’s just what he and HRH want. Torch wielding villagers prepare!

  4. Not only this, I want to know about the new deal when the military can label any American citizen on American soil a terrorist. They can detain the citizen without formal charges. What is really bothersome about this is the military has always been considered neutral as far as civilian issues are concerned.

    • Mention this too when you call your Republican Senators to tell them to GET BACK TO WASHINGTON NOW! I can’t believe Republicans voted for this. We can’t trust ANYONE. Time to start over. Replace ALL Congressmen in both parties and the Senators we can on this round. It will take another four years to cleanse the Senate. This is our only hope.

  5. It reminds me of a scene from “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

    Everett: It ain’t the law!
    Sheriff: The law? The law is a human institution.

  6. Gaming the system has become an art form. Both parties do it. Our political class cannot be trusted at all. Both sides are in it for their own personal gain. The people are just spectators in the game they created which has nothing to do with good government and everything to do with who can best pull the wool over the eyes of the electorate.

  7. I suppose, if I were in his position and absolutely positive the Senate didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to support impeachment I’d do it too. There isn’t a great deal we ‘conservatives’ can do, even if the House were to vote impeachment (there are enough grounds) he would get a pass.
    A trial in the House would keep him off the campaign trail, but at the same time would be declared a ‘racist’ event. Guess there is now “win/win”.
    So then it comes down to the House cutting off the funds, not just for the Consumer bureau, but for the entire Government (except defense), and to make darn sure the people are made aware of why its being done with minute by minute press reports.

    • I kinda think that ship sailed already. He collects way too much info for
      his own personal use openly imagine what he and his minions do out of
      prying eyes? We have no DOJ on our side the fix is already in sadly.

  8. Republicans need to get back to Washington and gavel in and out EVERY day. Forget the court challenge. Republicans always lose the press war. They should just tag team the Senate floor and gavel each day. They should do this quietly and with out press discussions. They will only have to do it for one year. This is a no brainer. Contact you Senators and McConnel/Kyl. They need to be prodded. I have already contacted them and my Senator (my other is a democrat so why bother).

    • “They need to be prodded” ??????
      What type of ‘prod’ might you suggest ?
      I can suggest many.
      I get tired of folks telling me to contact my senator, or my representative.
      These parasites are being paid by us to uphold the Constitution.
      Would you suggest we send send them one ?
      Perhaps we should call them and read it to them over the freaking phone !
      You go ahead and just knock yourself out contacting your representatives or senators.
      In my experience, they don’t give a sh*t what you think until election time and then by cracky they are the soldiers on the battlefield lookin’ out for my constituents, (the fools that can’t see through the facade I have thrown up for twenty years).
      Term Limits Dammit !

  9. I find it interesting that people (including myself) have blamed the republicans in office for being inactive and ineffective for years. Why wouldn’t they be, we’ve shown the exact same behavior in the past haven’t we. We didn’t care what happened in the legislature as long as it didn’t effect our personal lives…and now here we are.

  10. I don’t understand how Obama can make a recess appointment when there is no recess. If he gets away with this, what is next? And how can we complain, because he’ll have the military round up and hold everyone that disagrees. I have never feared for our country as I do now, and I surely remember the cold war with the Russians. That in itself was scary, but nothing like Obama.

    • You don’t get it….there will be no ballot box in November and even if there is, the fix is in and he WILL be re-elected.You don’t get it….there will be no ballot box in November and even if there is, the fix is in and he WILL be re-elected.

    • I haven’t seen him pay anything yet, have you ?
      I have seen this Country pay dearly for putting him in office.
      He’s livin’ the dream baby.

  11. if memory serves, “executive power” was a dirty word when Bush was president. now that Obama’s in there, apparently it’s ok.

    please Lord, can it be November 2012 now?

    • I’m becoming increasingly discouraged about the Republican nominee’s chances this fall. All I kept hearing and reading about all day (in MSM circles) is how it’s a “weak Republican field” and “Obama was the winner yesterday” and how he’s “looking out for the little guy” by making this recess appointment, therefore he wins on that, too! It’s like they all got their talking points and dutifully parroted them to the masses.

      Even Lou Dobbs on Fox News was saying how the economy is beginning to improve and the Republican nominee won’t be able to use Obama’s economic record to run against him in the fall. What in the hell is he talking about??

      With the unwavering MSM in his corner, I’m very worried.